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8/2/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802_sheenLooks like Charlie Sheen's character will be six feet under when "Two and a Half Men" returns this fall.

After TMZ reported Sheen's Charlie Harper will be killed off ... and now, according to, Harper's funeral will take place at the beginning of the September 19 show.

The episode will reportedly open with a memorial service attended by Harper's many girlfriends. Charlie's beach pad -- the home he shares with Alan and Jake -- will then go up for sale and real-life celebs are all potential buyers.

According to the report, Ashton Kutcher's character will likely buy the house and somehow Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones stay in the picture.




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chirs romania    

i really don't know what to say...maybe i'll remain to see this sitcom for alan and jake!...rose will be in season 9?:D...pretty damn girl!

1177 days ago


Very sad. I loved the show with Charlie but will not be watching anymore. Sheen's character WAS the show. Not only that, just the fact that kelso is on it now ends it for me. Not that what Sheen was doing off set was OK, but his "bosses" not only supported but encouraged the behavior by not doing anything about it until Lorre got his little feelings hurt and then he ruins the show for everybody. Sheen seems to be on the right track now and I can't wait for his new show to start. Also excited about the roast. How could that possibly NOT be funny?

1177 days ago


Don't like the opening episode at all. Not going to watch it. Chuck Lorre is a big baby. Too bad he could not behave like a man and leave Charlie open to coming back. He just had to kill him off. As for Ashton Kutcher, he is a big over grown man acting like a kid. Lorre does not need Kutcher at all. Jon Cryer and Ryan Stiles are great and can
steal the whole show without Kutcher along with the rest of the cast.

1177 days ago


they just should NOT take charlie sheen out of the show is the biggest mistake ever!!!

1176 days ago


Killing off Charlie Harper and continueing the show is like them killing Batman in one movie, and having another Batman movie without Batman... Sorry...

1176 days ago


I think they should just cancel the show. Without Sheen it will not be the same. I won't be watching. Jon Cryer is very talented and he should have his own show.

1176 days ago


Killing him off seems really dumb, in more ways then one. First, makes Chuck Lorre look petty and confirms every insult Sheen hurdled at him, and shows he didn’t take the high road. Second, it means they’ll be talking about Charlie Harper for longer then they would have normally. If they just said he and Rose stayed in Europe and he left the house to Alan and his son, that’d be the end of it really. But with him dead and celebs coming week after week to ‘buy’ the house they’d drag it out and talk about missing him. Even his mother would be upset at a son’s death and the rest of the family would miss him and grieve for him. It’d be unreal to show the family in tears talking about him at his funeral and then next week no mention of him and cracking jokes as if nothing happened.

1176 days ago


Fail, one year or less fail fail fail. Anyway, Charlie is just being punked.

1176 days ago


Just isn't right, won't be the same!!!!

1176 days ago

Mario SJ    

Charlie instead should be on the run from an angry husband of a woman he slept with, this way his character can still be used. Alan could receive phone calls from Charlie from where ever he's hiding, with no income coming in Ashton is a renter paying rent to Evelyn.
Charlie's off screen exploits could be just a funny without having to have Sheen around.
This way when ever the series does end Sheen can make an appearance at the end.

1176 days ago


What? Jon Cryer with his Barney of Mayberry acting behind will never last. His character is to stupid. Do they not realize that Charlie Sheen made this show. It was his character that kept everyone watching; certainly not the character of Alan Harper. Angus Jones is a better at his young age than that of Jon Cryer. The network should go ahead and take it from air. Without Charlie Sheen, ther is no Two and a Half Men.

1176 days ago


They should have Charlie move to another country and leave Ashton in charge of his house and stuff, that way, it leaves the door open for any future Charlie returns if things can get patched up. Since he is having an affair with Rose, they could move to England or something, and that way it seem more realistic.

1176 days ago



1176 days ago


wow...never before have we had advanced warning of when a show was going to jump the shark.

1176 days ago

are you kidding me?    

thats awful! Why not have him get married and move away somewhere and give title of the house to his brother and bring kutcher in as a cousin or something.
They could have also introduced ashton's character as a long lost brother of theirs, have the mom tell a story saying how she had a kid that only her n charlie knew about, and then when charlie dies he could have left Kutcher the house on his will, and have cryer bum off of him, just like he did with charlie. Having an auction on the house is just stupid. What Ashton s gonna buy the house and then be like "oh its all good guys u can still live here for free"

1176 days ago
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