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Ex-NFL QB Joey Harrington



8/2/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington was seriously injured when he was struck by an SUV while riding his bike in Oregon Sunday night.

33-year-old Harrington -- a former 1st round draft pick -- was hospitalized with a broken collarbone, a punctured lung and a laceration on his head ... according to the StatesmenJournal.com.

Cops say the SUV struck Harrington from behind around 8:30 PM. The 26-year-old driver was cited by police for following too closely.

Joey's father says the former NFL player was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

The injuries are reportedly NOT life-threatening -- and Harrington is expected to be released from the hospital sometime today.

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Get well soon Joey. Ive always been a fan and believed in you!!! Missy, Grand Rapids, MIchigan.

1177 days ago


Who said football players are dumb. He showed a lot of smarts by wearing his helmet. Get well soon!

1177 days ago


Poor guy - good for him for wearing a helmet but this just highlights the problem with not having bike/pedestrian lanes. I worry about getting hit by cars all the time while cycling or riding - drivers really don't slow down or move over at all.

1177 days ago

The Observer    

@Chrama - This football player's lung and ribs would beg to differ. The helmet didn't keep him out of the hospital. Funny how people zero in solely on the idea that a helmet was worn here, completely missing the point that he still sustained pretty nasty injuries.

1177 days ago


Over the past few years, I've read news stories where car drivers purposely hit bicycle drivers because they are driving on the road and the car drivers don't like it. Sounds like that happened here. That driver should be cited for attempted murder.

1177 days ago



1177 days ago


@ The Observer, it's also interesting that people also miss the potential life threatening injuries that we might be reading about if he wasn't wearing a helmet. I'm sure his family is happy that he is in a hospital bed with "pretty nasty injuries" instead of being in the morgue with fatal ones.

1177 days ago


nobody panic, it's alright,
Chloe Kardashian was not hurt.

1177 days ago


Get well soon. U managed to keep on your helmet on and off the field. SN: that sucks though.

1177 days ago


Following too closely?? So was he riding in the middle of the road? Should the SUV just have stayed behind the bike the whole time? Was he trying to pass? Bikers need to learn that they too have to 'share' the road and move over when a vehicle is approaching. To the poster who said lately people have been hitting bikers on purpose.. give me a break.. from the bikers I've seen and read about it's that they bikers put themselves in danger of being hit by cars because they refuse to follow the rules of the road, they refuse to ride defensively, too many feel they have the right of way under any cir****tance and so many get hit.

1177 days ago


@The Observer... the rest of us "observed" that it ready "NON-Life Threatening" and "Expected to be released sometime today"... If he got that banged up while wearing a helmet, I can only imagine what the story would have read if his unprotected head hit the pavement. Just an observation...

1177 days ago


While I understand that the roads are for everyone, I still never will understand why people ride their bikes at night, on farm roads, on rural roads with no shoulder to speak of...and then at night? Hello, common sense people.

I live in a rural farming community 40 miles west of Chicago. I cannot tell you how many close calls I have seen.
They ride these bikes on the tiny little yellow line, the speed limits on these rural roads is 55, and believe you me, we are not doing only 55, inbetween corn feilds mind you, are meant for cars and trucks and farm equipment. Not bikes.

Is your life worth that bike trip? We can't see you past the corn!! And, then God forbid another car is coming from the other lane, then it now unsafe for all of us.

These people bring their bikes out to us, and THEY create a hazard. I shake my head wondering why in the world they can't find someplace besides these country roads to bike. It is a huge risk, huge!Helmet or no helmet, when a truck hits you, you have not much chance....over a bike ride?

Just not smart....and if they get killed, of course it would the car's fault, and how awful the driver is. Wrong....we are kind of sick of these people from the city coming out to bike by us, and causing us issue.

1177 days ago


Was his dress torn in the accident?

Love from Detroit.

1177 days ago


The thing is the guy is an idiot. He was riding a bicycle on Foster Road where I live and ride my bike. Foster is almost a highway due to the speeds people drive. I ALWAYS ride on the sidewalk. It is posted for 35 mph but cars coming screaming off the highway doing 60 on a curvy road.

1177 days ago


I agree with fgsd - I live in the mountains with many barely two lane roads. The bikers are constantly on the yellow line. Yes nature is beautiful, but that tree makes it a blind corner for everyone. Also biking at night is asking for trouble.

I guess I can say thank goodness for the helemt but, maybe if it wasn't such a late hour of the day and maybe if he had been biking in a better area he wouldn't have made it on TMZ.

1177 days ago
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