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Johnny Bananas:



8/2/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV reality star Johnny Devenanzio -- aka Johnny Bananas -- tells TMZ ... he's VERY serious about his beef with "Entourage" claiming, "I'll be damned if some half-ass ape is gonna come and steal my identity."

TMZ broke the story ... the former "Real World" star is threatening to sue HBO over the "Johnny's Bananas" storyline on "Entourage" -- claiming he owns the rights to the name, and never gave permission for the show to use it.

Johnny was out at Beso in L.A. last night ... and told us, "It's not like I spilled hot coffee on my vagina and I'm trying to make a buck off of it ... my identity has been stolen man."

He adds, "I've been on television for the last 5 years, acting like a jerk-off, creating this name, making it a household name, and I'll be damned if some half-ass gorilla is gonna come by and steal my thunder."


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Did he really say "household name"? Protect his brand?!?!?! Morons come out of the woodwork every day.

1176 days ago



1176 days ago


I love Johnny Bananas. I agree with him. I know HIM as Johnny Bananas, and I understand that he does not want anyone to take that name. It's wrong.

1176 days ago


He is a tool. Since when does a wanna be celebrity get the rights to a ridiculous nickname. This dumb-ass site will give him more time to make his five minutes of fame into ten. If people stopped reporting on moronic ********s like this guy johnny no balls that would be great.

1176 days ago


he is right about being a jerk off

1176 days ago



"Household name"?????

Is this guy f*&*ing serious? Pop his name in the running for douchebag of the year. I don't think he'll beat out Nic Cage's bat**** crazy son, but at least he's in the running.

1176 days ago


A household name? Does anyone even know who this idiot is?

1176 days ago


His "Thunder"?? Come on, Entourage may be slipping but this guy is a ******* JOKE!!! He's desperately seeking attention like most of the ex-Real World cast members STILL do after all these years.

1176 days ago


Johnny Bananas took it from the Movie "Super Troopers" which was released in 2001. Who is the real identity thief?

1176 days ago


I'm a huge fan of johnny bananas! he's been around for many challenge shows, and it was originally his name. if you watched the show you would know he IS johnny bananas! <3

1175 days ago


I think its funny that he thinks that Johnny Bananas is a household name. What a loser. And I'm sure Entourage wasn't like "hey that johnny bananas guy on MTV is so cool and popular let's steal his name, i mean it's a household name." Hahahahahaha freaking loser. Go back to the mtv competitions you loser.

1175 days ago


never heard of this guy before. also, "Johnny's Bananas" is different from "Johnny Bananas". this douche is delusional if he thinks anyone outside of high school even knows who he is. it seems he's just trying to suck this for a few extra seconds of publicity. people will be watching Entourage much longer than high schoolers' memories of a douchebag whom has had a super pathetic entertainment career. sorry johnny bananas, you clearly are actually totally bananas. you really should stop humiliating yourself, too. You are looking super desperate. the best thing you could do for yourself is save all the money you might have left and disappear.

1175 days ago

Barbara Paul    

Oh, please, get a life. You were NEVER a household name and the only thing Entourage using "your name" could do is help you. Don't be a whiny loser and say you have to defend your name. Johnny is what, the most common boys name...and Drama does have the forehead of a monkey. I love Entourage and have never heard of you. YOU ARE THE ONE TRYING TO GET MORE MONEY AND RECOGNITION FROM ENTOURAGE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Be a good boy and go back to the obscurity from which you came. MTV's Real World is such a loser of a show. All those reality shows are -- just lame.

1175 days ago


Isn't it the last season of Entourage? Therefore wasn't this guy "Johnny Bananas" for the whole series? If so I think it's just rediculous for this "Real World" guy to sue HBO for something that started years ago....I mean really dude? What's the matter you don't make enough money on that challenge show?!?!

1175 days ago


Get a grip - douche-canoe!
Being a household name actually implies that people know who the f*ck you are. Go up and ask 10 people from the street and I would bet not one of the 10 have ever heard of him.

1175 days ago
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