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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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There are bad apples in all professions. That is also true with the teaching profession. But in general, they do work long hours, provide a very valuable service to their students, and are very committed to what they do. Most of them are not paid commensurate to what they give out. I commend Matt for voicing his views.

1156 days ago

Phyllis Novy    

Way to go, Matt Damon. It is evident that you have more intelligence than most people in Congress and also than most of the media. Thank you for giving teachers the respect that we deserve.

1156 days ago


Sorry but i have to disagree with matt damon about teachers getting ****ty salaries. They start at 45 thousand and some make upwards of 100 thousand for nine months of work in chicago. Sign me up for that. I taught for a little while at a college in indiana and didn't get paid that well my first year.

1156 days ago


Great, an over-educated foul mouthed leftist actor "saying something intelligent". I'd love for him to explain the number of years it took to fire the tenured teacher who showed R-rated movies to her grammar school students. "Why else would someone want a Sh***y job?" Heckova response from someone who claims to be smarter than Sarah Palin, who has a college degree!

There are plenty of bad teachers "Mr. Hollywood" and the NEA keeps them in their jobs. Kids aren't learning anything, and the NEA is turning into an Indoctrination Machine, more concerned with teachers than what's being taught.

Keep your Bourne Identity sequel, jackass. Won't be watching the next installment.

1156 days ago


Lots of teachers that I know and have had, have tenure. And frankly, they shouldnt be teaching anymore. Im glad that damon thinks all teachers are well and dandy cause his mom is one, but theyre not.

1156 days ago


Heres the deal. Teachers in American make squatt. I have family who have left the country and gone to Beijing to teach because 1. teachers are more respected over there and 2 they make a lot more money. In fact my sister in law was attacked by a 3rd grade student while working in the states and nothing happened to the child besides being suspended. Until parents start to teach their children RESPECT nothing is going to change. It comes to a point where the teacher does start to not care. Its because they do bust their butts and get little in return. You tell me how many other employed people have to take their work home nightly, deal with parents that think their child is special and they can do no wrong? No, there is not one. So we as a country need to start giving the teachers the respect they deserve and desire.

1156 days ago


Is Damon on the TMZ payroll? Owned Michelle Fields (yes, that's her name - you didn't bother to do any research, probably why this is in unsigned post) with what? An appeal to false authority, reductive fallacy, or affirming the consequent due to his mother?

TMZ is run by a lawyer. Unfortunately his minions don't have the same knowledge of logic.

1156 days ago


People assume actors are not educated. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck among so many others have degrees. Honestly, you think they only read scripts. I feel that reporter wasn't to bright to ask such a loaded question.

1156 days ago

Joel M    

I understand Matt supporting teachers because they are under valued but he is a little angry and biased since his mother is an educator. Every job should run the risk of losing your job or else the few lazy teachers don't have an incentive to step it up and go above and beyond for our children. Keep in mind that probably 90% r very great and will never have to worry about that. Matt was brought up as a spoiled child believing everyone is entitled to things. I was poorer than dirt and learned I have to set myself apart to keep my job and succeed in life. He's in Hollywood which is more like a mystical world. I have never heard him consider someone else's opinion, he's very hard headed and too arrogant

1156 days ago


Matt Damon is a hothead who is clueless. I HAVE taught school and tenure DOES make many teachers lazy. Let him go sit in teachers' lounges with some of them day in and day out. It is disgusting. Why should teachers have tenure? If they are so "dedicated" and so "hard working" then why do they need tenure? Their "dedication" and "hard work" would protect their jobs. Does any other job in the world have "tenure"-translation: no matter how sorry a job you are doing, you can't be fired? Try that in the corporate or any other world. Also, what about the pay is so terribe, considering teachers have full benefits, matching retirement dollars, two months off during the summer, two weeks off at Christmas, 1 week off in the spring and countless other 1 and 2 day holidays and "optional teacher work days". It is infuriating when someone thinks just because he has some degree of celebrity he can blast someone who disagrees with him with total impunity and on top of that, he really has no idea what he is talking about. If his mom is so unhappy with her salary, GET ANOTHER JOB.

1156 days ago


There are some teachers out there who think that just because they are civil servants that they deserve everything handed to them. One teachers union in PA was fighting to eliminate the $5 copay teachers had on their PPO plan. Give me a break. I homeschool because of the way schools are run these days. Matt Damon doesn't live in the real world.

1156 days ago


THANK YOU MATT DAMON!!!! Teachers appreciate your words and support! We teach because we care! Thank you!!!

1156 days ago


I love you Matt! I have been teaching for 10 years, I have a Masters degree, I have had nothing but great evaluations and I make $42,000 a year. I can barely afford to pay my mortgage! Give me a break to the comment saying teachers make $75,000!! I don't leave my profession because I DO love my job, but it's about time someone spoke highly of techers instead of bashing us.

1156 days ago


Wow,way to go Matt. For once a Hollywood liberal making sense.Of course he was really just being a protective son, but, as a teacher for 24 years, I really appreciate his support.Buy the way, my salary is no where near $75K. And I do teach because I love my job.

1156 days ago


To the commenters that say Matt Damon probably has no education so his opinion can't really be trusted, he went to Harvard. I'm not saying that makes him an authority but come on, don't undermine his achievements because you want to make yourself feel better about the fact that he is an actor and he's still a lot smarter than you.

1156 days ago
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