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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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en Todo Momento!!    

uh, the last time i checked, teachers were the ultimate fearless super survivors. they are the 'i'll eat a raw dead rabbit off the road' type of person. didn't some preschool teachers actually win 'survivor'?

1086 days ago


Love you, Matt Damon!

1086 days ago


Another liberal idiot out of hollywierd

1086 days ago


Matt Damon is a class act!!

1086 days ago


I haven'*****ched the clip yet, but I can tell you that teachers unions are IN FACT raping this country. Many teachers are uncaring, unqualified, and way overpayed. But then there are some good ones too of course.

1086 days ago


He should've gone into a little more depth, but his idea is there and he's right. Whomever wrote those questions was part of the "10% ****ty worker category" that the camera pulled out of his ass because you'd think they'd have known not to insult teachers in front of one.

1086 days ago


Mr. Damon, I understand the desire to defend teachers just because they are teachers child was a victim of the public school system so before you shoot off your mouth you may want to take a moment to understand why someone would not appreciate teachers just because they are teachers. Disrespectful, lazy and ignorant is the impression I have had of most of my childs teachers.
For those of us that cannot afford the best private schools around we may get a different experience than say a Mr Damon. My child is the most important person in my world and to have had the experience I have had with public schools, there is no anger or disappointment greater. Mr. Damon please call or email anytime and we can discuss my experience.. I would love to share and maybe improve the education we have for our children. Not just the rich kids

1086 days ago


Matt Damon is a self righteous fool! Where are all these great teachers at that he speaks of? In Northeast Ohio, most schools (excluding private) are grading out way below average. Cleveland city schools are constantly being closed. I probably had 3 good teachers my whole life, including while in college. Teachers make a decent wage, they're not getting rich, do they deserve to? They get summers off, paid. Their raises should be dependent upon their students test scores, I'll bet you they'd care then! This idiot had a teacher for a mother, and i'm sure that all of his teachers knew her, and went out of their way for him. SHUT UP MATT DAMON and go make a Bourne movie that's on par with part 1. Dummy!

1086 days ago


Go Matt!! Where we live, we have great teachers and they do a great job with our children and I am thankful for the district we live in. We are not in a "rich" neighborhood or anything either, just average. Our teachers don't make a lot of money. You can pull it up on the website and look at it!! They must to do their job because they love it. It shows in the teachers and it shows in my son!! Way to give it to the cameraman. The bashers can feel how they's your opinion.

1086 days ago


Who is this idiot?? Is he a twink boy porn star??

1086 days ago


Matt Damon is an idiot. To say that teachers teach because they love teaching is ridiculous. In one sentence, he accuses the reporter of generalizing an issue using a huge generalization as his ammunition. What a flaming idiot!!

1086 days ago


I work with Uninon people all of the time.....Tenure is not the answer..Accountability for our actions is

1086 days ago


Matt Damon is such a faux-intellectual turd. On average, individual teachers make more than the nat'l average HOUSEHOLD income. Most of them aren't even worth half that. Kids today are idiots who can't spell the simplest of words. Foreigners know the English language better than the American youth today. Stop pandering to teachers, they have it good enough thanks to their bullying unions (too good, if you ask me).

1086 days ago


Damon is a great actor but he needs to leave it at that. I don't think he realizes the problems in the lack of proper education for so many of our kids. It just takes a few bad teachers, with their tenure, and a union that isn't accountable to mess the works up. Small business doesn't create jobs????

1086 days ago


Wow, that faux "reporter" just got told. I guess she didn't expect to be so completely outsmarted. That's what we called pwn3d.
POLL: How awesome is Matt Damon?

1086 days ago
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