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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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I'm a teacher and I can tell you that the majority of us do not make anywhere near 75k, about half of that. My hours are much longer than 8-4 and during the summer 'vacation' most teachers have to work another job or attend workshops to implement new policies. Do some research and thank a teacher. Without them, you probably wouldn't be able to write intelligibly.

1142 days ago


Before we woohoo Matt Damon please read...Firing tenured teachers is difficult, intentionally

Info on tenure

Costs in NY to fire a tenured teacher

The rubber rooms: where bad teachers go instead of being fired...and still get paid

1142 days ago


Of course, its a "testy dare anyone ask the high and mighty pesky questions about something they speak out on. If you question the state run monopoly of education, you are automatically considered anti-teacher. If you question others that work on your tax dollar like police about rogue cops that abuse power or corruption, would you be considered anti-cop?

We get that there are good people doing noble work as teachers. We know that part of the challenge of education is the life of students outside the classroom. But we also know the education system fails our children too often. Teachers unions have now become politcal institutions that serve to protect the public monopoly, choose worker interests over student interests, and block any reforms that bring education into the 21st century. In short, the unions have taken professionalism out of the teaching profession...then they have the gall to use children as a front for thier own interests.

1141 days ago

Phillip Sullivan    

We all know someone who is a teacher and we all put our teachers through a certain amount of B/S during those 12 years.
These educators need our support. Matt Damon's comments are right on the money. So it was the reporter's first gig. It was stupid question and she deserved to get lit up for it.

1141 days ago


The reporter needed to think faster. The question was reagarding whether teachers should be held accountable and subject to firing like anyone else for poor performance. Damon turns it around and says "do you think I work hard because of money"? (I am going off memory on this because the video clip wouldn't play when I tried)...How did this become about him and HIS work ethic? Reporters need to quit being so star struck and stick to their guns when challenged. This guy is not Good Will Hunting or Jason Borne...just an actor and an arrogant one at that.

1017 days ago
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