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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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It is astounding how many ignorant comments there are here. Teachers making $75 grand... really?? Where?? How people can blame of all people, teachers, for society's problems is remarkable. The biggest problem with society is that there are people that actually believe this. To every one of the ignorant commentators below; You are the problem. Go Matt!

1143 days ago


Classic - As shown here, Republicans are the "Trash Teachers!" party. You are actually advocating the trashing of school teachers. Way to make a stand. Matt Damon's mother was a public school teacher and his parents were divorced so she did much of it alone. He knows more than you give him credit for but don't let truth get in the way of your hate. He's defending his mother as well as her profession in that interview.

1143 days ago


Thank you, Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so nice to hear someone support us for once!!!!

1143 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

Man...I know most of the people who post here are self-loathing, pathetic losers who are jealous of athletes, actors, musicians and others whose talents lead them to success, but now you are bashing teachers for making $75k a year?

Assuming the right-wing rhetoric is right, that the private sector pays what people are worth and that those who make less are lazier and/or dumber than those who make more, I have to ask: JUST HOW LAZY/STUPID ARE MOST OF YOU? Clearly, you lack the talents to be a star in a given field, but now you're expressing jealousy for people not even making six-figures?

Man...some of you people are truly pathetic. Methinks you are scapegoating "bad" teachers because the reality was you were bad students who don't want to take responsibility for being total failures in your own lives. It's not the teachers' fault that some of you simply were not cut out to make much in life.

1143 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I'm a former public school teacher. Now I work at a college. The reporter is right, and so is Damon. Not all teachers are in the profession for the right reasons. Some, for example, are not comfortable in front of students, but they became teachers because they liked a certain subject and needed to do SOMETHING to earn a living (even if the job doesn't pay well). Some don't know what else to do with themselves because even though they aren't happy teaching, they don't know what else to do. Some teach because they have kids and they like the school hours and vacations because it enables them to spend time with their own kids.

1143 days ago


It enrages that the general public, especially with these particular comments posted, hasn't got a clue about teaching. We are so quick to put the blame about the current mind frame of our current generation's youth onto educators. Maybe it isn't necessarily the teacher's fault, but rather due to inept parenting or just bratty children in general? Children are a cooperative endeavor. You can't rely solely on a household or school and expect great children. So sick of hearing this one-sided argument. I challenge anyone who is anti-teacher to become a substitute and experience what it is like dealing with a hundred or more so kids on a daily basis. I guarantee you'll change your opinions. That's not including: the professional development meetings, after-hours grading, record-keeping, lesson planning, parent conferences, faculty meetings, extracurricular activities, mentoring and tutoring. Shut the **** up, all of you haters.

1143 days ago


I HATE when people say dont insult teachers. Thats a stupid comments. Its the same as people saying "dont insult the law enforcement" blah blah blah. They ARE people too, and there ARE bad ones out there, just because they are a teacher or law enforcement, does NOT make them RIGHT.

1143 days ago


Matt Damon show us how uninformed he is on the subject. What a dope.

1143 days ago


Thank you.I work in an urban the kids and what I teach and do. If you have never been an urban teacher, you have no clue. Also teach 30% ell. Most teachers and people have no clue what it is like to teach in a urban school. Love it.

1143 days ago


teachers are nothing more than those students that barely go through school and couldn't decide what they wanted to do their lives. they teach to continue to have summers off

1143 days ago


Matt's only acting out because his mom is a teacher, and he once again contributes nothing out of his own pocket while doing lots of yelling

1143 days ago


he didn't RIP the reporter. He answered her question.

1143 days ago


I wish people would crying about standardized tests. If teachers teach them that crap, then what's the frickin problem? I was a C and D student in high school and never once failed the standardized tests.

Unionized teachers and their liberal stooges like Damon are only crying because the tests force them to actually do their jobs to be held accountable to a higher national standard.

1143 days ago


Matt Damon is now officially pathetic...

1143 days ago


Actually, that was totally lame. He is WRONG! Teachers/professors DO get lazy when they get tenure!!!!! Teachers/professors should NEVER EVER get tenure!!! Tenure is saying, "No matter how much you suck as a teacher/professor, we're still not going to fire you"!!!!!!

AND BTW, Matt Damon HAD job security....he made $60...0,000 on his first acting gig!!!! All other acting gigs is just surplus!

I wonder if ole Matt thinks actors should be making a teacher's salary while teachers should be making more like a RN's pay?!? I bet you, he doesn't. I bet he wouldn't consider acting so great if he was making $32,000 to $40,000 per year instead of millions of dollars!

1143 days ago
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