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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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The problem is not the teachers it's the lazy parents who see school as a babysitting service. They don't read to their children or help them with their homework and want to get mad at the teacher that their child is failing.

1149 days ago


wow. Matt Damon makes me hot in this video.
good for him!!

1149 days ago


Average is well above the 30's people while not to the 75k. Take into account that the benefit package is NOT included in the average salary. A nice health care package worth over 1k a month, a pension with paid medical, ac***ulated paid sick days (yes teachers with over a year worth of paid sick leave). 189 days of work with 2 weeks of vacation. I do not know of a single teacher in our district who does not have a teaching assistant, yah the people who are grading the test's, extra help with students and running errands. 10year, who gets job security like that else where? Yes, people who are pretty much guaranteed a job if they show up tend to become lazy.

1149 days ago


It's nice the teacher union has a guy like Matt Damon to back them up. I am sure the public school his kids go to has brilliant teachers! Oh wait, oops, my, they don't attend HeadStart and public grade school. I am shocked, stunned at this news. I am sure Ben Affleck's kids mean, oopsie, not him either. Oh well.

Incentives. Lifetime jobs. Teachers generally had that for their efforts. Most Americans in the private sector do not. They have zero lifetime job security. With lower tax revenues, guess what, a lot of teachers today face that same dilemma. Join the line, it starts back there, behind the unemployed engineers, designers, marketing experts, lab techs, landscapers, etc. Take a number.

1149 days ago

truth hurts    

Love ya Matt...Keep it up!

1149 days ago


Selective editing? "Owning" the reporter? Right. I'd like to see the 'rest' of the tape.

ReasonTV is loaded with 'highly sharp' Libertarians and if you let that piece roll, I bet you'd see 'Will' become the 'hunted', try and throw out a couple more big words that aren't associated, then get angry and change the subject like most liberals do.

I've heard Matt Damon talk issues and politics and if I were him, either educate yourself, or shut your pie hole.

1149 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

I love Matt Damon. Someone with more millions of $ than I could count, doesn't have a care in the world, yet he chooses to go out and try to defend working people against the abuse they take from the more affluent element of our society and their own government. Matt could be living the high life every minute of his life, and I love him for comming to the defense of the teachers and other working class Americans to try to make their lives just a little better I know he will succeed, bless him

1149 days ago


Wow, some of you are really uninformed! Matt Damon is very well educated. He attended Harvard University and his IQ is in the genius percentile!!!

1149 days ago


I'm a teacher. Are you aware that if students don't have their necessary classroom supplies, and you're in a Title I school? Guess who buys them? The teacher. How many of you have to buy pens, copy paper, etc. for your workplace?
The most I've spent in a year for school = more than $2,000. I guess you could say I could afford it, except my mother gave me the money. She doesn't know I used it to buy books for our school library.

By the way, we do not get 3 months off, or even 2. It's six weeks where I am. You better believe we need that break, with planning, grading, conferences, taking additional classes to recertify every few years. I have a Master's Degree plus 30 hours, and I still need to take more classes.

Thank you, Matt, for knowing that we take the bad because of the good. When a child sounds out a word because I helped him, that's worth way more than any salary. That's what Matt was explaining to the reporter and cameraman.

You want to know how hard teachers work and who's a good teacher? Volunteer in your local school. Or sub.

1149 days ago


I enjoyed Matt Damon as an actor. I respected him on working with Oxfam et al, but I now LOVE HIM as a HUMAN, because of this stance. I've always thought teachers got the crap end of the stick and not many people stood up for them.


1149 days ago


I just love how people love to throw blame at teachers. Sorry folks, but teachers are Underpaid. 75K I wish... 9-3 Good luck, thats the CONTRACTED hours they have to be at school and does not include the hours they put in at night grading and prepairing for tomorrow or next week. Try dealing with PARENTS that use school as a babysitting service, then scream or sue teachers because thier kids are idiots. Mr Damen is totally on the mark, EVERY teach I know (both in school and my wifes coworkers are there because they love to teach) Are there bad teachers ABSOLUTLY. but my guess is for every bad teacher in the system, there are 100 bad parents pointing a finger at the system. A quality education starts at home, not in the calssroom. If a parent dosent give a damn about a kids education, how is a teacher supposed to compensate for that. Next time you want to bash the teaching profession, spend a week in a classroom and get the FACTS about how difficult it is.

1149 days ago




1149 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I remember 10 years ago trying to go back to school for fun, since that is what the Greek meaning of school is, maybe it was me. I found out in the first few weeks that no matter what your attitude is some teachers pick there "PETS" and there enemies early on, its what keeps them going I guess. I am the wrong enemy to pick though teachers, because I will point out your flaws and make you look like a fool in front of everyone as I leave your class for good. Not all of you teachers are smart, in fact some of you are just secretly HATERS!!!

1149 days ago


Izzy, Are you the one that's still mad because a teacher didn't cut out a shamrock for you in kindergarten? And you didn't like your 6th grade teacher because of her name? And you went back to school and couldn't make it? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you.

1149 days ago


I went to the site "andy's anagram solver" and put in the words Matt Damon. Who knew it was an anagram for "giant angry entitled douche nozzle?" Here are the facts about those who allegedly educate: the pay isn't bad; the benefits are terrific; the work day is short; you get to corrupt young minds with socialist crap. Teachers don't teach because they love being teachers. They teach because that is all they can do. And it should be noted, for the most part, they do it poorly.

1149 days ago
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