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8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Guitar legend Slash took a flight from hell -- courtesy of backed up toilets ... forcing an emergency pit stop. So ... time to share airplane horror stories! Plus, Charlie and Brooke LOOK like model parents ... are they really turning it around? And should Meatloaf stick a fork in his career?


(0:00) Nina's back hosting with Charles and Jason!
(4:45) Matt Damon goes OFF on a reporter about education -- was he out of line or making a valid point?
(6:01) Should celebs stay the hell away from politics?
(16:04) Slash fell victim to a flight from hell -- that involved a backed up toilet ... Evan has all the juicy details!
(21:50) Time to share airplane horror stories!
(29:50) Charlie and Brooke are trying to make it work -- by getting sober and being co-parents. Is this really gonna work?
(39:00) Meatloaf passed out AGAIN after a concert -- is it time for him to call it quits?
(41:00) Music ... and the generation gap at TMZ.
(44:30) Taylor Lautner buys a $200,000 car -- and for some reason, Charles didn't realized how much money is in the "Twilight" movies.
(49:00) Gary went to school with Taylor!


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it was over 20 years ago, but I was the only passenger on a small commuter plane in Marylandd-about an hour flight. I they did not have my luggage!

1125 days ago

some guy    

All I can say is I hope it's true for the kids.

1125 days ago

some guy    

crack babies

1125 days ago


Perhaps it's better now that the Charlie's goddesses are gone!

1125 days ago


For input on Meat Loaf; the man is a tore-down drunk. Check out his tour rider on The Smoking Gun; he has a bottle of Patron Silver and two bottles of wine backstage before/after (the rider is unclear as to when) every show, and that's not counting the two red wines that are supposed to be available in the band room, the red and white wine (one of each) on the tour bus, and the white wine and 750 ML Stolichnaya in the other dressing room. In addition to the Wolff-Parkinson-White, the man is clearly playing with his life.

1125 days ago


Let's not forget (going back to the Seventies) Meat Loaf toasting the crowd in the audience with hard liquor and a speech along the lines of he and his band saluting them. If he has asthma and Wolff-Parkinson-White in addition to being an alcoholic, he's throwing himself over the edge.

1125 days ago


Wolf Trap's in Virginia not Maryland - its not odd for him to have oxygen after shows.

1125 days ago


comment about Meatloaf....some of it is heat related....he has been in ohio/PA doing outdoor shows...its been in the mid 90s and very humid

1125 days ago


i love nina!! and i also have never heard any of those bands...

1125 days ago


It is not odd for him to have oxygen after the shows, but do the math! Performing in largely black clothing in 100-degree weather + asthma + Wolff-Parkinson-White + what is clearly a massive alcohol habit that would easily dehydrate him = disaster waiting to happen.

1125 days ago


Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Valentine's Day, some movie about him being kidnapped and genetically engineered (not out yet?), and then the FIVE Twilight movies

1125 days ago


I was on hold to make a comment on TMZ Live regarding teachers but then you went on to a different topic. I am a Canadian teacher watching your show from Canada, and I must say that the rest of the world really think it is pathetic to think that having underpaid, underappreciated teachers is going to draw the best people to the profession. In Canada, the European Union and Australia teachers are well paid and respected. We are viewed the same as doctors, lawyers and engineers but then that shouldn't surprise you because in Canada, Europe and Australia they also have socialized medicine and a good education and good health care are considered basic human rights.

1125 days ago


The reporter is full it, Matt D he is juat a Good guy.

1125 days ago


@Sara are you serious?

1125 days ago


Nina is funny as evidenced by the constant laughter on TMZlive today!

Don't listen to any of these whiney titty-babies commenting!

1125 days ago
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