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'19 Kids and Counting' Family

BLOWING UP $100 Bills

At The Lincoln Memorial

8/4/2011 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803-money-washinton-water-exThe adorable religious zealots on "19 Kids and Counting" were right on the money yesterday in D.C. -- when the family stormed the Lincoln Memorial to fight spiritual bankruptcy ... with GIANT $100 bills.

Patriarch Jim Bob Duggar tells TMZ, he and his family felt like the country could use a pep talk during these hard financial times ... so they handed out over-sized fake Benjamins, inscribed with uplifting spiritual messages.

Jim Bob -- who was vacationing in the capital with his family -- adds, "Our hope in passing them out today was to encourage people to reflect on the things that are most important and to re-evaluate their relationship with God."

Given the memorial backdrop ... maybe $5 bills would have been more appropriate?


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I can't stand this family. The represent mortality at its worst. Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone thought it was cute to pop out 19 kids? BTW, its looking like their 15 minutes is almost up so I guess its time to get knocked up again.

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990 days ago


Jim-Bob said "reflect on things that are most important."

Really?? By passing out fake Benjamins?

Seems the Duggars place ALOT of importance on money.

990 days ago


990 days ago


So to point out the need for more spirituality (their version of course) they pass out fake $100 with uplifting messages? Are they really equating the economy and the loss that many have gone through with not being 'spiritual'? Usually the poorest are the most spiritual because it's all they have. Tasteless way to push your beliefs.

990 days ago


America could learn a lot from this family. They are not getting any hand outs from the government, their children are great kids, they help others by going on mission trips etc. I am sure anyone being critical of this family are the ones that have no control of their children, have nasty tattos, drink, have sex with multiple partner's, wait for the mail to run for their next check, sit behind a computer all day doing nothing, look like fat cows....need I say more. Leave this family alone, I admire the stance they take, if they have 30 children they TAKE CARE OF THEM!!

990 days ago


Okay...I just gotta say this...One of these days one of these kids are gonna go rogue. I mean, they are gonna run from this family like crazy. I'm all for family getting along but where's the individuality? The personal choices? I honestly do not believe they have any. And would someone please wash those girls hair?

Well, if I had to make a choice, it's the Duggars over Kate ANYDAY of the week...

990 days ago


What the hell is wrong with them trying to do something positive when the rest of the world is killing babies, officers killing citizens and so forth? Geez you idiots on here that are commenting negatively about this need serious help.

990 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The Secret Service could arrest them for this stunt. It's illegal to photocopy U.S. Currency, even at that size.

990 days ago

Brian Scott Miller    

Cram those phony bills along with your phony lives up your real A S S E S

990 days ago


Wow... I'm pretty shocked at some of the comments here. I really dont understand why people are so offended by this family. They arent asking anyone to support them, they are not shoving their beliefs down anyones throat (feel free to not take their message or to change the channel)and finally, they arent baby killers, drug addicts, alcoholics, nor do they engage in adultery gay or otherwise.
Yeah, I guess I can see why folks are offended *rolls eyes*

990 days ago


Why procreate all those children? OMG!!

990 days ago


The little guy with the mustache is Ray Comfort. He did all those annoying christian infomercials with Kirk Cameron. He preaches on Huntington Pier quite a lot standing on a soap box.

990 days ago


YOU WANNA HELP THE COUNTRY... TELL YOUR CHURCH TO PAY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

990 days ago


I don't like reality shows that put children on display 24/7 for money. I don't have any respect for these people--if not for TV how would they support these kids? Are they wealthy?

990 days ago
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