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Casey Anthony's Lawyer


8/3/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

080311_jose_baez_videoCasey Anthony's lawyer says Anthony could be in danger if she's required to return to Florida this week to meet with a probation officer -- telling Matt Lauer, "The last thing we wanna do is put Casey in harm's way."

Attorney Jose Baez appeared on "Today" this morning ... and explained, "We have an issue of safety." He was not specific about the potential threat.

Earlier this week, Judge Stan Strickland ordered Anthony back to Orlando to begin probation for a 2010 check fraud conviction. Baez believes the judge is exceeding his authority by requiring Anthony to return to Florida because the Department of Corrections already certified that she completed her probation.

But around the same time Baez appeared on "Today" -- Judge Strickland officially recused himself from the case ... but did not give a reason for his decision to step down. 

No word on who will replace Strickland --or if that person will enforce his order requiring Casey to return to Florida.


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Casey is in florida.. Baez cant let her out of his site. They havent cashed in yet. If Casey gets a man to pay attention to her.. She will talk.. So Baez's cash cow is right there in Orlando. He wont let her graze to far. They are both broke.. If they cant cash in on this they are soooo screwed... lol

1121 days ago


Shes in florida.. Jus*****ch... Shes under Baez's thumb. Casey is a talker.. Baez and Casey are broke.. They got to cash in.. Baez isnt going to let his cash cow graze to far out of his site.. lol

1121 days ago


I wonder who is the moron footing the bill for her to just sit around and freeload all day. Looks like nothing has changed since she left her parents house. Has this cow ever earned her own damn dime? I don't believe the death threats are real. Death is too good for this baby killing ho-bag. She is gonna get the miserable life she deserves.

1121 days ago


Hey, Genius, I hate to break this to you but Casey Anthony is not safe ANYWHERE.

1121 days ago


Google this:

“I’m Gonna Kill Casey Anthony” Music Video By Infamous

1121 days ago


Let's give her the same care, concern, protection and consideration Caylee got...NONE!

Screw Casey!

1121 days ago


Judge was wrong to amend this order and it wasn't done within the time limit. He was biased against the defense and appeared on Nancy Grace to discuss the case. Enough with biased judges. They must uphold the law. I wouldn't doubt he wants to get his name out there or a TV gig.
This isn't about Casey Anthony but any other person who may face the same predicament.

1121 days ago


Casey Anthony is not safe on this planet! Stupid, murdering, monster bitch!

1121 days ago


At some point this girl is gonna have to be on her own. He special protection will end at some point and she will be recognized by people for the rest of her life because she got away with murder. Time to face the music Casey. Also, Florida taxpayers should be enraged that they are providing security for this murderer with their tax dollars.

1121 days ago


She isn't safe in Fl??. Neither was her 2 yr old daughter!! She wasn't safe in Fl with her own mother!!! Who gives a flying flip where she's safe??

1121 days ago


She DEFINITELY isn't welcome in OHIO!!!!! Send the B1tch to Mexico!

1121 days ago

carmen carreras    

That is the best lawyer in the whole wide earth. If you ever need a lawyer (and yau are in the wrong side) just call him. Sorry to say that we both are from P.R.

1121 days ago

c. morgan    

I am sorry, but, I hope that Casey Anthony pays for what she has done, and, I hope Jose and Linda Kenny Baden and that other group of jerks on her defense team get what is coming to them as well. What goes around, comes around.

1121 days ago


I guess she should have thought about all of this before she lied over and over and when she threw that precious child away and also her attorney should have thought of this when he accused her dad, brother and mother of doing wrong just so he could win a case. I do like what goes around comes around!

1121 days ago


Her daughter wasn't safe in Florida!!!

1121 days ago
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