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8/3/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony now has a 10AM deadline to check in with her probation officer in Orlando tomorrow -- and law enforcement officials tell TMZ there will NOT be an extra show of force for her arrival.

This morning on "Today" ... Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, said there is "an issue of safety" -- but the Department of Corrections Orlando Intake Office says it "does not have the resources to provide extra security" for Anthony.

Orlando PD also says they won't provide security ... and the local sheriff is still assessing the situation.

If Anthony fails to show up by the deadline ... she would be in violation of her current probation order -- at which point, we're told, a judge would likely issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

UPDATE: Casey will no longer have to check in with her probation officer tomorrow, according to members of her defense team -- but it's unclear why there's been a sudden change in plans.

A probation hearing in Orlando has been set for Friday -- and we're told, Casey will NOT be present.


No Avatar


The tax payers shouldn't have to pick up the tab for that! Her sleezy lawyers can protect her.

1155 days ago


if she was that scared for her safty she would not be walking the streets and shopping at old navy.
Taxpayers should not have to pay for anyone to watch this womens safty..Baez is that concerned, let him pay for it.

1155 days ago


who cares, the more we track her via internet more people now. stop doing interviews, stop taking pictures, stop trying to find her. we we stop doing this nobody will be at the court house to watch her walk through the doors and then walk out the doors. To me it is not that amazing to watch someone walk. Why are we giving her the time of day. let her die off somewhere and move on.
This whole CASEY thing needs to die off.

1155 days ago


thats what this judge is doing..this judge wants to be known as the one who put her in jail.the judge knows it will be virtually impossible for her to find a job thus warranting reason to violate her.and by the judge doing that the judge will make a name for themselves.this is your typical we couldnt get her for what we thought she did so we will nag her with this.

1155 days ago


shopping and flying around the country-poor baby, seems whoever is footing the bill for her trips, can foot the bill for security. Life's a b*tch after you kill your child, ain't it!

1155 days ago


Good. If she wants protection let her hire it. If she can't afford it, let her get a job

1155 days ago


who really gives a flying hoot about them I certainly am not interested in what she is doing, as a matter of fact I have no*****ched any shows that speak of her, I love Nancy Grace but do no*****ch, any news channels anymore, do not want to heat what the parasites are up to, my time is too good for them

1155 days ago


The taxpayers paid enough already. I'm sure Baez will find a way to protect her.

1155 days ago


sorry but it seems like because the florida court system lost this case they are being a.s.z oles on purpose...i say phk the judge and prosecutors...all wining lil bitches because they lost this case...i believe she did it...but the system says no she judge prosecutors get your head outta your stupid azzes and let the owman be...she was aquitted...and nothing can change that. they are sore that they phked ones fault but the prosecutors...damn if i ever get into serious trouble i would want her legal team on my side...they made the prosecutors in this case look as lame as they were!

1155 days ago

44 Magnum    

This sounds pretty shady to me. I think the judge that just got booted from this case is a s***bag. I believe Casey before I'd believe any s***bag judge or cop.

1155 days ago


Wait-did anyone seriously think she'd have to show up much less actually SERVE her probation???? Cmon people-this is Casey Anthony! She could be videotaped killing babies and she wouldn't even be detained! This c*%t has a free pass to do whatever she wants without consequences!

1155 days ago

Chun LI    

Baez or Cheney can put on a Superman costume and protect their precious Casey.

1155 days ago


TMZ, stop putting this girl life in danger. It's pathelic, her or someone elses. There are too many crazy poeple out there.

1155 days ago


gee, she no longer has to check in because there isnt enough security for her.. so meaning that someone will be there to try to beat her into a coma or murder her. this woman should have just stayed in jail. and she isnt being to smart by just walking around the streets

1155 days ago


Why, oh why should this waste of skin get special treatment!?! You should have to follow all the same rules anyone on probation is required to follow! Does she not think there are other ppl out there that have committed crimes that should be scared for their safety due to the acts they have committed? Well, they still must comply or go to jail... She should be held to the same standards as everyone else! What B.S.!

1155 days ago
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