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8/3/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Does Casey Anthony REALLY have to fear for her safety ... and would any guy actually "do" her now? Psycho Mike from "Loveline" and "Dancing With the Stars" helped answer those tough question. Plus, why would any company want The Situation as a spokesperson? And ... Mike reveals Harvey's workout habits!


(0:00) Charles and Dax are joined today by Psycho Mike -- of "Loveline" and "Dancing with the Stars" fame!
(4:30) TMZ obtained the first pics of Casey Anthony since her release from jail and she looks ... er, top heavy.
(5:45) Is Casey really in danger?
(8:00) So, would Mike sleep with Casey?
(22:45) Mike and Charles unveil their incredibly sly ways of asking Casey if she killed her daughter. Real smooth, fellas.
(31:30) Breaking news ... Casey catches a big break.
(35:00) The Situation just signed a HUGE deal to pimp tuxedos ... so yeah, we're never getting rid of this guy.
(41:00) Gary and Mike share disses.
(42:10) Mike had some issues with his package on "DWTS."
(49:10) Mike goes to the same gym at Harvey ... so he gives us the inside scoop on what the boss man is like in the weight room. 


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How much did ya'll pay for those pictures od Casey?

1179 days ago

Hoopy's mommy    

I'm almost sure it is her. Its so sad. The mom in me thinks she is disgusting! The Christian in me says she will be dealt with by God! I really hope that no one does anything to her, why does someone else need to be locked away or worse.....
God Bless little Caylee Marie xx

1179 days ago


to casey on a date.... you want kids?

1179 days ago


UPDATE!! Judge Belvin just agreed to emergency hearing Friday. Anthony DOES NOT have to show up to probation Thrsday monring.

1179 days ago


I would Ted Bundy style casey:)

1179 days ago

Lacey Jaey    

i think its nasty that your even talking about doing Casey Anthony.... thats nasty. she isnt even pretty. she has alien eyes and monkey ears.. if your reffering to her party photos you can do amazing things with make up... on the note of her getting more attention in the trial for being slender or attractive thats BS.. tons of these cases are big news and people get heated over weither they are bigger or ugly or attractive...

New found fame!!! HA stop following her she isnt famous people wanted the death penalty for her.. thats not fame

1179 days ago


my post didn't go throught. i think it's her because she has a peculiarity with her arms. when hands are at her side, the middle of her arm faces out, not at a 45 degree angle like the rest of us. same walk.

1179 days ago


There are enough crazy people that want revenge for the baby's death, so I'd say Casey has a good chance of being the victim of a vigilante attack. Yes, I know that everyone thinks she did kill the baby, but i wasn't proved. There are way too many people who believe in " an eye for an eye..."

1179 days ago


None of those pics of the so-called Casey Anthony don't look at all like her. Complete phoney. And who cares if she's in danger?

1179 days ago

Jeff Stevens    

The Caysee Anthony photos are a complete fake for two simple reasons. One, is that she would not be in public alone, without protection. The second reason is that there is no attempt to talk to her. Once the body double opens her mouth, your scam is up. **** you ********.

1179 days ago


Casey is mine. :D

1179 days ago


Is she in danger....hope so.

1179 days ago


who gives a **** about Casey Anthony why are you people giving her publicity!!!! I dont get it......

1179 days ago


I hope 2&half men ratings are higher than ever. Charlie through away a wonderful job and awesome pay.

1179 days ago


Why would you want to sleep with something like that? Do you all remember how many people she has been in bed with!
These are only the ones we saw on T V. How many more were there? And you would even think about going there?

1179 days ago
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