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Casey Anthony



8/4/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


You don't have to be Inspector Dax to know Casey Anthony looks different -- but is it her hair color, her new clothes, or ... ?? Okay, fine ... we're talking about her huge BOOBS.

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That was NOT casey Anthony Sorry

1176 days ago

china Doll    

This is disgusting. You people don't have an ounce of morality in your body. You are making a sex symbol of a BABY KILLER. And yo mock NancyGrace while complimenting child murderer? You are disgusting. And I hope each one of you meet Casey in Hell. Giving her money and eating off her noteriety gained only by her crime of killing a little might as well have placed that duct tape on Caylee's mouth and thrown her in the woods to rot....

1176 days ago



The Murdering Mommy Zone

1176 days ago


I propose we give Casey Anthony exactly what she deserves -- nothing. No publicity, no money for interviews or a book or anything else. No purchase of magazines with her in them. She has become an entirely uninteresting person. We shouldn't feed her insane desire for fame.

1176 days ago


She is responsible for the death of her small child, but who cares? She's got big boobs! Great message TMZ...

1176 days ago


A female funbag's first (and most important) purpose is to feed their offspring. It is a side benefit that breasts are pretty; that they are sexually exciting and that they sell magazines or people jerk off to them on your website. There was a child who once held onto Casey's breasts. Her name was Caylee. Unfortunately, as in Casey's own words, what is given can be taken away. When Casey killed Caylee, the crime was not just against her own perfect daughter, it was against all of us. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (--Martin Luther King).

1176 days ago


I am not 100% sure the woman is Casey Anthony. Is she 5 feet 2 inches like Casey Anthony is supposed to be according to court do***ents? If that woman really is Casey Anthony, why would she risk her safety? And why didn't the cameraman call her name? If I were Casey, I'd still be keeping a very low profile. She left jail with a little over $500.00 in her pocket. Is that enough to sustain for about two or three weeks? I guess she has to rent a room, buy food and I cannot imagine that %500.00 would be enough.

1176 days ago


I agree..Seems to staged to have gotten the pictures without an agreement. According to People magazine photographer on Orlando local news these photos were offered to highest bidder.

1176 days ago


I think Baez, is shooting these pics and selling them! Notice you don't see her get in a car or go to a house??

1176 days ago

Master Po    

It cant feel good that the fat housewives of TMZ would lose a hot contest every time to a baby killer. I am guessing thats why all this outrage, cause you dont see this in a MJ topic and he was also found innocent.

1176 days ago

Master Po    

So nancy graceless was calling he "hot mom" I must have misunderstood.

1176 days ago


Well TMZ am done with this site I have waited for you guys to stop putting her on this web site. I have been a fan of this site for years but not no more. You know this was a setup to make her some money. Sad you guys paid for this, I hope everyone who has a child does the same.

1176 days ago


I am outta here until you stop running stories about this lying, stealing, mother ****** killer. SHE IS A WHORE. To put it lightly...and you have given her celeb status. Seriously, this is not anyone with even an ounce of grace, intelligence, or relevance. She actually said that she wanted to adopt needy infant orphans from Ireland, accent and all...she is a loser beyond belief...if you knew her, you would puke on her...and you would **** her drunk...not sober. She smells. Too many late nights with God knows who. She also has at least one STD. This is a family of losers. They all lie and cheat and steal...look at Cindy..she is lower than her murdering daughter. I know them...they are not good people. They look normal, middle class and Casey is a drop out...she is a low life...too cheap to even pay for her own way in life. She pays with sex. She stole every cent out of Amy's bank account while Amy was in PR on vaca....every cent...not a few hundred but every last GD cent. almost $700 - WHO DOES THAT???? A lying baby killer that is who. This vid is staged...I have never seen Casey shop without booting something or using her Mom's credit card to purchase something in a clothing store...never. She is a super baby killing slut. I am outta here until you guys get it right. STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS LOSER.

1176 days ago


Nice segment...making a child killer into a celebrity. Maybe you guys should next do a bikini photo session with Susan Smith in prison.... Disgusting.

1176 days ago


See ya TMZ . Sorry to see you have joined all the other LOW LIFE'S. This woman deserves nothing more then to be SHUNNED . Dirty Litter should be kept off our streets. We need to keep AMERICA clean.

1175 days ago
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