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Manny Pacquiao

I'm SICK of Waiting Around

For Floyd Mayweather

8/4/2011 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Manny Pacquiao
wants a judge to declare him the winner in his ongoing legal war with Floyd Mayweather -- claiming the Pretty Boy has been LYING HIS FACE OFF to get out of being deposed by Manny's lawyers.

Manny filed the papers yesterday in Nevada as part of his defamation suit against Mayweather -- in which he claimed Floyd falsely accused Manny of using steroids.

According to the documents, Manny's camp offered up 24 dates for Floyd to be deposed -- but Mayweather kept coming up with excuses as to why he couldn't show up for any of them.

Manny claims Floyd often blamed his intense boxing training for the scheduling issues -- but says it's all BS ... because on many of the days Floyd said he was training, he was seen partying at various nightclubs in Vegas and Atlanta.

Point is -- Manny says he's SICK AND TIRED of waiting around for Floyd and wants the judge to issue a default judgment in his favor, making Manny the winner ... and entitling him to damages.

No word on how much $$$ Manny is looking to pocket from the lawsuit.

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manny on steroids period

1176 days ago

Clayton Bigsby    

Maynever is a complete embarrassment to the sport, her homophobic-racist rant on UStream, insulting the American public by burning currency, beating baby mama, beating fans, beating security guards, etc.. Its not just an evil persona projected to try and sell her fights, she actually lives it.

Pac is gonna beat this douchebag in court and in the ring.

1176 days ago


You guys should check fight hype.com online or YouTube and see that Floyd has had an outfit made for the Pacquiao since the first time that ***** refused to take the test. I just hope everybody will get to see all these Pacquiao punches get neutralized by Floyd's aggressive defense in this fight. Like Floyd always, it looks different until you step in the ring with. Manny is great, but not as polished. Sorry!

1176 days ago

Sir topham hat    

Tell *****uiao to stop cheating and maybe Pretty boy Floyd will fight him. *****uiao is using PEDS plain and simple.

1176 days ago

Clayton Bigsby    

Mainstream media, past boxing greats, the general public and serious boxing fans knows Maynever is avoiding Pac. Only dumb ghetto hoodrats=FLOYDRATS goes against conventional wisdom.

1176 days ago

Wacky Jabber    

Why did Floyd invent the steroids accusation in the first place? Remember that Floyd first announced that he will fight Pacquiao after Pacquiao filed his candidacy as congressman of his province. He never expected Pacquiao to agree because the fight would have been in the middle of the campaign period. To his great shock, Pacquiao told his team to start negotiations. Floyd had to make an escape plan and so the steriods lie was concocted. Floyd simply wanted to be able to say that he challenged Pacquiao but his challenge was not accepted. If Floyd had proof, making the deposition would not be a problem. This shows that Floyd is lying. It also shows that his fans are gullible enough to believe him.

1176 days ago


It's funny how many people who don't know what they are talking about are saying Floyd's ducking Manny. Pacquiao refuses to submit himself to the stricter testing that Floyd wants for their fight. First he says no random testing, then says it's ok as long as there is a seven day cutoff deadline before the fight. Then he holds it up and Floyd says a 14 day cutoff but when it came to sign the contract Manny again balked and said it would have to be at least a 24 day cutoff period. Floyd may be an ******* but he isn't the one holding up the fight.

1175 days ago


i truly believe floyd has mental problems

1175 days ago

Clayton Bigsby    

Refusing the test. Thousands of fights and even 39 of her fights prior was subjected to the NSAC test. Then with a possible matchup with Pac looming now demands an RBT test. You think that all of the sudden its a genuine and sincere effort to clean up the sport? GTFOH....Has Pac tested positive for PED's before to warrant such an accusation, or insinuation? Why not with Hatton, ODLH, etc? Put yourself in PAC's shoes, wouldnt you be a little pissed off that someone in your profession has resorted to such tactics. Would you not resort to hardball tactics yourself to make a point by refusing to his ingenious demand. Why cant PAC turn the tables on Maynever and also make ridiculous demands. Maybe address some of Maynever's transgressions in previous fights like coming in overweight for the Marquez fight by implementing a weight penalty. Mindgames goes both ways. Floydrats refuse to believe their douche_bag idol Maynever is a coward. Get your heads out of your arse.

1175 days ago


Manny will take him to the wood shed for a good ole butt whipping.

1175 days ago


Manny says: he's SICK AND TIRED.... its all BS. We all know manny's english is mediocre at best so unless he's just been given a crash course in english, this is another spin from the arum camp AND NOT manny. Whats really disturbing about these developments is that once you start trying to go to court and sue, you leave yourself open to indictments and perjury if your ever found to have doped. Remember marion jones? This is probably the worst advice he's ever been given.

1175 days ago


first this than what happens in the future when they find out manny taking something? why is manny so scared to take the drug test random and 15 days before the fight and a day after..SMH Guilty

1175 days ago

Culture Expert    

Floyd is a fan of Manny.

1175 days ago


Money May all day!

1175 days ago


Damn!!!, Floyd fight Manny or SHUT THE F__K UP!!!

1175 days ago
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