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8/4/2011 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804_corbin_bleu_exCorbin Bleu helped make "High School Musical" a huge hit, but the 22-year old star just got sued over a movie he made which raked in a whopping $463 its opening weekend.

The movie "Free Style" -- which clearly you probably never saw -- opened in 2009 with Corbin as the star.

The movie's financiers filed a lawsuit today in Los Angeles Superior Court against Corbin, Samuel Goldwyn Films -- and many others -- claiming Corbin failed to promote the project as promised.

Third Eye Capital and Strative Capital claim Corbin was contractually bound to promote and publicize the film -- but they claim he "refused and failed to perform those services" ... and as a result the flick bombed.

How do you define bomb? According to the suit, "Free Style" made $141,108 in just over a month -- and a worldwide total of $1,321,508. The financiers say they put up more than $8.5 million.

Their lawsuit seeks more than $12 million in damages.


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Sir Boo    

Never heard of this guy.

1174 days ago


1. He DID promote it, there are pictures of him and some of the cast at a premiere
2. It got a VERY limited release
3. I HAVE seen it TMZ, so suck it!

1174 days ago

Mike L    

If the movie sucked, how is that his fault? If he's not booked for appearances, how can he promote the movie? Isn't that more his managers fault then his?

1174 days ago


I do understand how this is his fault. There are lots of movies made. The casts are not always invited by top talk shows to promote their movies.

1174 days ago


It's the bad musician that blames the instrument.
Pick a better script next time.

1174 days ago


Um.. since when can you sue actors for the suckage of the movie?? There have been thousands of bombs and this is the first I've heard where they try to sue the actors for it.

Just tryin to get money.. since their movie clearly didn't make any.

1174 days ago


That's why it's called an investment, not free money.
Research who you're giving it to and if they can deliver first next time.

1174 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

He was in that High School Musical movie? I haven't seen those movies....but I have seen this kid's cd at the 99cents Only store. Had the investors that tidbit of knowledge, maybe they wouldn't have been so shocked. And how embarrasing for Corbin, hope his next movie does better.

1174 days ago


It's annoying when people start their post off with ummmm. Well, ummmmmm increase your vocabulary spelling bee champ.

1174 days ago


That's Hollywood!

1174 days ago


This sounds like a career ender. Hope college is in his plans.

1174 days ago


Maybe he should just use that pretty face for modeling... it looks like his star has fallen

1174 days ago


Hate to inject some facts into the discussion - but the studio screwed up. It released it in Mexico and South America on time promoting it's Latina co-star and made a small but respectable showing but then sat on it for over a year before releasing it in North America without ANY promotion at all, not even web ads - killing any chance of momentum building. But Bleu is at fault? I saw several articles in mainstream outlets where he talked about it.

Also, Bleu lost money on the deal as well, having invested his own money and that of his production company with his father.

Third, I have seen the movie and while it wasn't a great film by any stretch, it also wasn't the worst movie of the year by any stretch. It worked for what it was - to demonstrate a transition from kid actor to adult actor, to show Bleu as something other than the happy singing, dancing kid with the floppy hair. It just would have worked a lot better as a made for tv or straight to video film.

And for a sports-themed film, it wasn't quite as cliche-ridden as I expected. Though it did use enough of them to make the film pretty predictable.

1174 days ago


They can't blame the actors for there financing of a sucky ass movie.

1174 days ago

Throwback kid    

It doesn't look like an acting career is in Corbin's future but all is not lost for this talentless actor and singer. He is young and black and lives in LA, that means he could date one of the younger Kardashian girls.

1174 days ago
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