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Ryan O'Neal


8/4/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after one son was arrested for drug possession on Tuesday, his other son got into a gnarly head-on car accident -- and now, Hollywood legend Ryan O'Neal tells TMZ, his family is "falling apart."

The first son, 26-year-old Redmond O'Neal -- who has a long history with drugs -- pled "not guilty" to  heroin possession and unlawful possession of a firearm this morning ... but Ryan tells us, the kid "has a real problem."

Ryan hasn't seen his other son -- 46-year-old Griffin O'Neal -- in years ... but thankfully, he heard through the grapevine ... Griffin wasn't seriously injured in Tuesday's head-on collision.

All in all, Ryan's still optimistic despite the familial setbacks -- insisting, "We'll come back."


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How many years must a parent be blamed for a child's failures? Until they are 30? 40? 50? Grow up. It used to be at age 18 children were lovingly "kicked to the curb." It used to be at age 18 children knew they were responsible for themselves. I watch Tatum whine and whine and whine and HOW OLD IS SHE????? When do you grow up and realize your life is your life and you are responsible for it? Not 18 anymore.....more like when your foot hits the grave o****e 80 maybe? What an easy out--blame your parents.

1137 days ago


Father, my ass!

1137 days ago


Is "Redmond more of the problem" or is his father Ryan?

1137 days ago


What does it profit a man if he were to gain the wealth of the world but goes to hell?
Satan gives the best first, the worst last.

I'll pray for them.

1137 days ago


Ryan should be voted "The worst father in the world" award. All of his children are f...ed up, and HE is responsable for all their pain and abuse. He didn't even have the dignity to be with his daughter when she won the Oscar because he was so jealous of her. He claimed he couldn't go due to a movie obligation. BS! Haver you ever heard of an airplane, a-hole? You make me sick!

1137 days ago


The only thing legendary about this man is his boozing drug addled life. He has never been a parent to any of the children he sired. He is no more than a sperm donor and not a very good one at that. His only motive for being involved in this drugg addicts life today is because his dead wife left him out of her will. Loser go away.

1137 days ago



1137 days ago


Hollywood legend?? Really?? This guy is a piece of sh*t.

1137 days ago


don't forget tatum! excellent parenting, dirtball.

1137 days ago


Oh poor poor Ryan. It's all about him! He's been a rotten father his whole life. Just the details of his and Tatums relationship are heartbreaking. No, Ryan dosen't care about anybody buy himself. "Left Tatum at the curb" were his exact words, and when he had a new relationship. . . off he went but left the kids behind. How cold and cruel can you be. When you take your final breath Ryan, you self-centered, inconsiderate, unfeeling ba*tard, I'll be dancing in the streets. God Bless your kids because they sure didn't get any love or guidance or anything from your rotten a**. No wonder your children have been fighting addictions their whole lives - it numbs the pain your jerk o**! I wish all those kids well. They never got the love and nurturing that every child deserves.

1137 days ago

PRO US    

Ryan said on Piers Morgan's show that Griffin wasn't his son (anymore) and he won't talk about him. Now, he says he is is son and he talks about him. Maybe, it's time for Ryan to make his peace with all his offspring.

1137 days ago


Can't stand this histrionic, pathetic and self focused man!!He has not been a father to his kids in any way!!Redmond is a drug addict and does not want to change despite the chances he has been given!!This family is a dysfunctional mess!!

1137 days ago


MR. O'NEAL, how can your family "fall apart" when you were not a traditional family to begin with? You failed as a husband and parent of your first marriage then boldly chased a woman who was committed to another man with whom you had a son. According to reports, you actually flirted with a young woman whom you did not recognize as your own DAUGHTER! Is it any wonder your children are so messed up? You are still just a little boy who refuses to admit responsibility for the gigantic failure you have created in the lives of what started out as beautiful and innocent children. Shame on you! You created the damage years ago and try as you may you can never ever unring the bell! Sorry for your children but not for you! Perhaps someday you will actually grow up and finally become a "man!"

1137 days ago

Alan Carver    

Yeah your family is falling apart. Unfortunately for Redmond, he is drug addict and if it's heroin, he is never going to kick that one. Once you get on it, you cannot get off of it, as I know from friends that got hooked on it, and they continuously struggle.

As for your other son that you do not have contact with, well just like Tatum, you have had many chances to be a father, but you sought fame and fortune instead of finding a way to do both successfully, so here you are. Your fame chasing brought you all of this, I hope it was worth it.

1137 days ago

O-C Guy    

Gee, he really isn't clueless. Who knew!?

1137 days ago
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