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Val Kilmer's Ex-Wife:


8/4/2011 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Val Kilmer
's ex-wife claims the actor has stiffed her on child support payments  ... according to documents obtained by TMZ ... and now she's going after his property in order to get what she claims is rightfully owed.

Actress Joanne Whalley had two children with Val before their marriage ended in 1996 -- one of the children is now 19-years old and the other is 16. At the time of the split, Val agreed to shell out $27,500 per month in child support.

But according to court documents filed in New Mexico, Whalley claims Val has fallen behind in payment. Whalley doesn't specify how much Val owes ... but she has established a lien on Val's property to force the actor to pay up.

It ain't the first time Whalley claims Val left her hangin' -- court documents show Joanne got a lien on Val's stuff in 2007 after he allegedly stiffed her on child support payments back then.

Val eventually rectified that situation -- and the lien was removed in 2008.

We placed several calls to Val's rep for comment -- so far, no response.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I hate actors with money, who pull this S---!

1142 days ago


Hmm!!...They kids are grown up now, so why can't she move on. And yeah! I hate people who don't take responsibility for their Children.Val grow up and take care of your teens.

1142 days ago


Damn, she sure looks different than when she was in 'Willow'! Time is the worst!

1142 days ago


I think she looks great, she's keeping it like nature intended and she looks beautiful, but HIM... talk about a good looking younger man turning into an ugly fat old man.! And he's obviously a deadbeat too. Stupid man, you're missing out on a family

1142 days ago


Something not right here Val kids live with him and he pays for their upbringing. In fact they go to school in the USA not England. Sounds like Val’s ex is trying to be like Oksana. Val is no Dead beat Dad if the kids live with him and his money goes straight to his kids

1142 days ago


He is a good guy.. leave him alone!! im sure she got all the money she needs... she just trying to run his name through the ground

1142 days ago


Has this guy even worked in the last decade?

1142 days ago


The 18 year old can still finish out the 18th year, but the 16 year old has two years to go for child support!

At least that's the way we do things here in Texas!

1142 days ago


wow thought he was a sh++ packer

1142 days ago


wow thought he was gay

1142 days ago


I want to chime in on this one. I'd hardly call someone who can't come up with 27000 a month in child support a deadbeat. Maybe he's the victim of backwards perception? Let me explain. Having custody of a child should never be a monetary incentive. If you 'want' the child to be with you, you should be willing to pay for the child. Maybe he's having a hard time coming up with the child support because it's a F*CK load of money. Maybe the mom is in fact a gold digger. So what's a gold digger if not a lady like this? It's unreasonable for a judge to think that kind of irrational level of pay is sustainable. Val's not a captain of industry but rather an actor, meaning very inconsistent and unstable with his salary. This kind of insanity makes me want to let out a primal sigh.

1142 days ago


Well the father of my child after we got divorced in 2009 made a payment of $100 in the year 2010 and maybe $500 this year.... Wish these women would stop there complaining!

1142 days ago


What if Val can't afford 27k a month anymore? It's not like he's a big time actor anymore or anything. And come on Child support is ridiculous. No child needs 27,000 a month to live on. I'm sure the mother isn't working or trying to look for a job, how fair is it that just because a guy makes money he has to support the kids and the woman. He should only pay for what it costs to care for a child not a child with a lavish lifestyle. Kids make more than me in 2 months than I take home in a year. This **** is ridiculous!

1142 days ago


what on earth does someone need $27,000 a month in child support for? That's 2 years pay for me at my job. What do those kids need that costs that much. I get that Val was once a rich actor but that seems like an extreme amount of money.

1142 days ago

There's a problem here    

Deadbeat parents, male or female, should not only have everything they own seized for restitution but they should have to spend time in a cage.

On the other hand, there is a certain look about hard core alcoholics and his ex has that look.

1142 days ago
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