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Kris Jenner's Facelift Lawsuit


8/5/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner says the cosmetics company she endorses has NO RIGHT to sue her for getting plastic surgery back in June ... because the procedure didn't affect her face ... it just tightened up some loose neck skin.

The company in question -- called B&P -- sued Jenner earlier this week, claiming she breached a contract to endorse a line of their anti-aging skin care products ... when the famous mother publicly admitted to getting a facelift.

By doing so, B&P alleges, Jenner violated her agreement not to harm the reputation of the company and the product she's endorsing -- an eye care line called "Beautiful Eyes in a Bag."

But sources close to the Kardashian Klan tell TMZ, Kris is adamant ... the lawsuit is BOGUS -- because Kris' facelift didn't affect her eyes in any way whatsoever ... JUST HER NECK.

Kris' alleged agreement with B&P went into effect in March 2011 and was to be effective until March 2012 -- but Kris admitted ... she got the facelift in June.

So we gotta ask ...


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John the Lawyer    

Do these K people have nothing else to do with their time? Poor Bob Kardashian must be spinning so fast in his grave we could generate electricity.

1177 days ago


Shoulda had her nose done, it's hideous. Also, how stupid are these companies that are throwing money at her to be a celebrity endorser? We know every detail of every Kardashian, and did anyone ever know she was a spokesperson for this "eyes in a bag" stuff? Never heard of it.

1177 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

"Beautiful Eyes in a Bag"??? What company promotes that product --- Serial Killers of America, Inc.?

1177 days ago

My ears are bleeding    

She looked better before the surgery her neck looks worse now than it did.

1177 days ago


This is more proof that this family is full of fame-whores who don't use half the products they endorse.

1177 days ago


Im sure the company is looking to get out of a bad deal

1177 days ago


I don't get how they could be so vain (the Kardashians) Get a facelift/neck tuck just for a wedding? Man this family is so screwed up. I would sue her too. Makeup isn't just supposed to stop at the jaw line, it is supposed to go down the neck and sometimes even the chest for blending. So if she did anything to her body that was against contract in a region where most apply makeup, then yes, the lawsuit should go forward especially if the makeup is for anti wrinkle/ageing.

1177 days ago


Biggest PIMP in history.

1177 days ago

Jade Auburn    

Kris is beautiful and she doesn't need any plastic surgery. I'm sure the company is looking to make money and gain publicity from the family. Unfortunately for them, this frivilous lawsuit will get them the bad publicity not Kris.

1177 days ago


She's no Jamie McCourt in the neck department. Just sayin' ...

1177 days ago


Well they've called more attention to a situation that could have passed the quietly. Now you've to look at Kris' lids just because and whoa and behold she's got saddle bags for days...Shame on you B&P!

1177 days ago


i love the new look, it must be "magnum".

1177 days ago


Considering that she had a contract, she should have had the decency to clear it with them first. Greedy, money grubbing nobodies, the whole lot of this clan.

1177 days ago


she still looks like the horrible wicked witch greedy old hag she looked like before... nothing new she is the biggest #1 greeediest woman in the world............. i hate the entire family,.........

1177 days ago


Why do companies keep handing these people money as if they are the IRS? I am so tired of hearing about the worthless and talentless family called the Kardashians.

1177 days ago
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