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Accused of Ripping Off 'Judas'


8/5/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga Judas
Lady Gaga
's hit song "Judas" is a total rip-off of a 1999 song called "Juda" ... so says a singer named Rebecca Francescatti ... who just filed a lawsuit against Gaga in federal court.

Rebecca claims the similarities between the two songs are NOT a coincidence ... because her former bass player -- Brian Gaynor -- is now employed by a music company that wrote 17 songs on Gaga's recent "Born This Way" album.

Rebecca's lawyer, Chris Niro, tells TMZ, "Though the songs are different styles, the composition is the same and the chorus is the same melody ... [Rebecca] is seeking recognition for what she created."

Francescatti, who sings under the name Rebecca F., is suing for unspecified damages. 

We called Lady Gaga's camp for comment ... no word back so far.




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They sound nothing alike. The instrumental arrangement doesn't sound the same. They have different lyrics.

1173 days ago


donde esta el plagio?
vaya tonteriaa laa tipa esta lo unico que quiere es que se able de ella y que mejor que meter a gaga por medio icono mundial de la musica :)

1173 days ago

shaylyn katsel    

those songs sound nothin alike!

1173 days ago


Lady Gaga is a genius. I am not a little monster. I despise her new music on her album Born this way. But I have to admit that she is great. She can create great melodies in her head. She can play the piano like a pro. She can dance. She can write great lyrics. She got style. She got a superb imagination. So I don't understand why she copies other artists' songs and stage looks. She is way too talented to be a copycat. I think the blame is her music producers and the Haus of Gaga. Her producers bring samples of songs to her and she naively uses them for her own songs. While the House of Gaga copies other artists clothes to dress Lady Gaga on and off stage. She should fire these people working for her because they are tarnishing her legacy. And she needs to take time off and create great music on her own. If she listens to my advice she will come back with a great album that will sell like Michael Jackson's Thriller. And she should not worry about popularity either. A genius' worst ennemy is fatigue. A genius like her needs to sleep a lot to create a lot. She travels constantly and barely has time to sit down and write music. Lady Gaga, please, listen to me. Retire for one year and come back stronger and better than ever. The little monsters if they really love you they will wait for you and will support your new material no matter what.

1173 days ago


Pyrrho: 20 hours ago
while I still believe that Gaga has a great voice and some actual talent under all the theatrics and attention-whoring, she has been losing me as a fan with this album.
The album 'Born this way' is awful. None of the songs on it are good. Most songs are awful. The decent ones are rip-off. Lady Gaga can do better than that. The album "sold" a lot because it was offered for 99 cents in the U.S. and for free around the world. 'The Fame' and 'The Fame Monster' were very good albums.

1173 days ago


Skitz15k: 16 hours ago
AND WHAT IF SHE COPIES!? is the world going to end? NO!!!

A real artist creates unique art. Lady Gaga should not be allowed to copy other people's songs. That's called stealing and it is wrong.

1173 days ago


BigSur: 20 hours ago
Everything can be bought with money (stage productions, clothes, magazine covers, video placement, even album sales) but the one thing you CAN'T buy is an artist's unique ideas. Now it turns out even "her ideas" aren't her own. Long story short: the industry could make anyone into Lady Gaga, but there will only ever be one Madonna, one Michael Jackson, one Elton John - Those are REAL artists. Her 15 minutes are almost up. Count on it.
Lady Gaga can create great music and she can be great if she wants but she got terrible marketing/music/fashion teams working for her. They turned the genius into a cheap copycat. Lady Gaga is losing her artistic genius because she cares more about being popular and pleasing her little monsters.

1173 days ago


Lady Gaga SUCKS. Everyone knows she rips off ALL of her music from other artists!

1173 days ago


Susan: 17 hours ago
I think it's possible that the musician who worked with Rebecca (and who now works with Gaga) might have vaguely remembered a tune he worked on with another musician and accidentally incorporated some elements of the 17 year-old song into the new work. Perhaps Rebecca does deserve some credit, but it is the musician who gave the vaguely remembered tune to Gaga (helped her shape it) who should be held responsible if he told Gaga it was something he brought to the table explicitly, especially if he didn't remember where he got the song's similarities. However, if they deliberately took the song thinking no one would notice, then they should both be held responsible unless something can be proven otherwise.
Lady Gaga needs to fire her team of music producers. They are thieves all of them. Even RedOne disappointed me. He sampled Loli Lux' song 'Wannabe' without her consent and gave the sample to Lady Gaga who used it on her song 'Judas'. That's wrong. Loli Lux has the right to sue. Lady Gaga should not be allowed to sample other people's art without their permission. The little monsters are quick to call Loli Lux dumb and stupid but the law will be on her side. And I hear Soraya Arnelas is suing Lady gaga who sampled her song Sin Miedo. Lady Gaga needs to stop with the copying. It's not fair.

1173 days ago


Who thinks that song is rip-off has no ear for music
And this Rebecca is crazy or just wants money

1173 days ago


It is not a rip-off because they have different lyrics and music. That and Rebecca's song sound like she's having sex with someone named Juda.

1173 days ago


Both songs are terrible! Lady Gaga's music sounds straight out of the 90's, soooo bad.

1173 days ago


That's ridiculous. They don't sound anything alike.

1173 days ago


Jesus this lady wants moneyyyy and saw the best opportunity... hey you rot yourself up...your song is awwwwfuuuuulll Lady gaga is teh best and unique! deal with it!

1172 days ago


This Rebecca trick needs to go somewhere and die. Gaga's song sounds nothing like that bs.

1172 days ago
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