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Lauryn Hill

Accused of Being a NIGHTMARE

Behind the Scenes

8/7/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauryn Hill
would constantly verbally abuse members of her band behind the scenes of her European tour in 2007 ... so says an ex-band member who filed a new lawsuit against the former Fugees singer.

Professional guitar player Jay Gore has filed new legal docs in his war with Hill -- in which he claims she stiffed him out of thousands of dollars after playing Hill's tour. 

In the docs, Gore says Hill was a total monster backstage -- claiming she "exhibited the type of behavior for which she had gained public notoriety which contributed to a hostile work environment."

Gore says, "After shows, Hill would demand that the musicians and road support personnel attend meetings where she would engage in a person-by-person critique and berating."

He continues, "At one point, Hill made a statement in front of the tour personnel to the effect that 'I can't believe I am paying you fools, you should be paying me.'"

Gore says he now wants more than $20k for his troubles. His lawyer, Nicholas Andrea, tells us, "We believe there are other musicians who have been mistreated by Ms. Hill in a similar manner who are reluctant to stand up for their rights and this lawsuit gives them a voice as well.”

Calls to Hill's rep have not been returned.


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Come on, you didn't know this?

1137 days ago


@dsjj251 you're the idiot. Even her own old band mates won't have anything to do with her. She's a talentless nutjob who's only actual talent is adding more illegit brats to the planet. She doesn't sing, she BLEATS like a f'g goat. She's off key, out of tune, and just plain SUCKS.

1137 days ago


She is a huge ****. My boss is a very successful Hollywood producer. Lauryn was interested in a part in one of her movies and came in for a meeting. Before the meeting, Lauryn's agent called and told my boss that everyone had to refer to Lauryn as "Miss Hill." We could tell the agent was embarrassed to even make the request. My boss has worked with much bigger stars than this bitch, and everyone is on a first-name basis. This is just one example of what a self-centered, disillusioned bitch she is.

1137 days ago


Demanding perfection from the people who work for you is nothing new, and it's part of being in this business. If you don't like it, quit. If you wanted to work in an office where everyone was sweet and nice and passive-aggressive all the time, you should've gone to Barney's and bought an expensive suit & joined the workaday. You're a musician -- people in this business are demanding, rude, obnoxious, arrogant, selfish and mean. Sink or swim, but get balls or hit the bricks.

Everybody's so damn strong, yeah right, yeah right. Everybody's got it goin' on, yeah right. Yeah Right Yeah right. The whole of the world is a hustle.

1137 days ago


To the person who said about white people being racist. That is wrong but because she is black she can be and say all she wants. Get over yourself it is wrong on both sides. You are why racism is still alive and well in this country. No one owes any body a living. No one is entitled to anything. Grow up.

1137 days ago


Mental instability more than likely has a lot to do with her attitude...

1137 days ago


she's also prejudice against white people....big time

1137 days ago


Oh come on people, this woman is incredibly talented. "Miseducation" played non-stop growing up and as I matured as a songwriter my appreciation for her talent grew and grew. She also blew me away in her MTV unplugged. But what I don't understand, because I don't have cable and RARELY venture onto these sites, is this behavior? She promoted herself as being so religious on MTV and ranted on and on about how perfectionism is no longer in her life and she didn't care about her voice being perfect.....bla bla bla. If this is true, it's quite hypocritical and obviously unacceptable and totally turns me off from her. And her looks have nothing to do with it, grow up. I'm so disappointed, she was a huge influence for me vocally. I feel sorry for her musicians.

1137 days ago


"You people" are hilarious! There are so many ignorant "whites" and "jews" commenting about racism, racists & racist comments being made and you people are the biggist racist of them all! You jews rally on the side of the whites, against the blacks, only because it takes the heat off your butts!! You white people are such hypocrites! You sit around and smile in the faces of non-whites (that you secretly hate)and are too cowardice to admit that you really despise them! Who are the real hypocrites hear? You whites are so afraid of the truth being told about your devilish ways that you attack aything and anyone you "think" dislikes your race! Or any non-white that displays a "hint" of racism. You think racism is unwarrented amoungst blacks and other non-whites?!! I just bet you people do! What about you nasty, incestuous, black-hearted mofo's?!! You people refuse to admit the racism that lays within yourselves! What about the horrors committed by your race of people towards Indians and Blacks (just to name a few). America was built on the blood, sweat and tears of African Slaves! And what about the land you people stole from the Indians for a few shiny beads (you sneaky freaks)?!! How 'bout how non-whites were mistreated & murdered by the hands of white men?!! You people have some nerve being upset about some BOGUS racist comment "supposedly" made by Lauryn Hill...which was probably started by racist white idiot!!! You whites fear the truth! Malcolm X said it best! He called you people out on your crap and your devilish ways!! You whites couldn't handle that either! You white people are known for trying to turn the tables and point the finger at others, when you lowlife dummies are the worst ones!! What's in your heart will come out of your mouths and show in your actions! I believe it would be safe to say that history speaks for itself as to the black heart you white people carry within your chests. Whites DO act like devils! By no means am I saying all whites are bad/racists...I personally know 5 that aren't. I don't condone racism, but for those of us Blacks that are racist....I understand.

1137 days ago

brown dynamite    

is this woman highly talented? YES, without a doubt.
is she also a well known self centered bitch? YES, without a doubt.

1137 days ago


As Mr. Gore's employer, Lauryn Hill had "THE RIGHT" to critique his performance as well as those of his band mates. If he's that "THIN SKINNED", perhaps he should find another line of work.

The entertainment business is full of very "SELF-CENTERED", "ECCENTRIC" personalities and Ms. Hill is BY NO MEANS THE WORST!!! If he's actually owed back wages, by all means she should pay the man but "punitive" damages for critiquing his skills or "LACK OF THEM", is just plain silly!!! It sounds as if this man has "SERIOUS ISSUES" accepting criticism from "WOMEN", in general!!! At the rate he's going, he won't be hired by many other "HIGH PROFILE" artists. They don't have the time for "CRY BABIES"!!!

1137 days ago

Cory von Chaos    

Opinions: Her music "sucks" and she's "butt ugly as sin".

Facts: She hasn't been an artist for 20 years (2 decades), her debut album won 5 Grammys, and has sold 7 Million copies.

Dislike the person all you want, but if you're going to make a semi-relevant point, don't use irrelevant logic.

1137 days ago


The guy (Jay Gore--probably not even his real name) is just a side man. Talk about self-important.... He's a hired hand, nothing more and he's paid to play whatever music she wants him to play. If he's so sensitive he can't take any criticism he should go back and play some more great music with Hilary Duff, yeah what a great talent he must be. He's lucky he's got a job. And listen folks, until you've walked a mile in someone's shoes--who the heck are we to judge Lauryn Hill? I don't think she's had an easy time of it and no one absolutely no one seems to be willing to give her a chance. That great record came from somewhere inside her--I'm sure there's going to be some more good stuff if we just lay off the heavy expectations and give her a chance to find hersel****ain. Brian Wilson's been nuts forever and he is so revered by everyone, why can't we get off Lauryn's back?

1137 days ago


she's a has been anyway; who cares

1137 days ago


Perfection does come with criticism...however, you don't have to be a biotch to be perfect.
BUT. why is it that these lawsuits always happen years later? it's 2011.....a 2007 tour? was this person so distraught that it took so long? That always makes it hard to believe.

1137 days ago
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