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Mr. Bean

Hospitalized After Wrecking

Super-Expensive Exotic Car

8/5/2011 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. Bean
is a VERY lucky man ... because the guy WRECKED the hell out of his MILLION DOLLAR McLaren F1 sports car last night ... and was only hospitalized for a minor shoulder injury.

According to U.K. reports, the 56-year-old comedic actor -- real name Rowan Atkinson -- was driving in England around 7:30 PM last night ... when he lost control of the car, spun three times, ran into a tree and hit a signpost.

Bean was taken to a nearby hospital where he is being treated for the shoulder injury. His car wasn't so lucky -- the entire back end was absolutely crushed.

The worst part -- the McLaren F1 is so rare, there are only 100 of them in the world.

Rowan's rep tells TMZ ...  Rowan is "all fine and going home [from the hospital] soon."



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Who cares.

1140 days ago


That's what you get for driving (more likely speeding) around in a million dollar car that gets about 12 mpg. A-hole!

1140 days ago


First off to all the dumb ass's talking crap about someone or something they don't even know about.

He didn't just go out and buy it and wreck it. He has had that car for over 14 years and done like 40k miles in it.

"The standard F1 achieves 550 hp/ton (403 kW/tonne), or just 3.6 lb/hp. Compare with the Ferrari Enzo at 434 hp/ton (314 kW/tonne) (4.6 lb/hp), the Bugatti Veyron at 530.2 hp/ton (395 kW/tonne) (4.1 lb/hp), and the SSC Ultimate Aero TT with 1003 hp/ton (747.9 kW/tonne) (2 lb/hp)."

This is a super car and sadly just your foot slipping off the clutch or a clutch line break or a throttle sticking etc can send this car into a spin real quick.

So stop being pissed everyone has done something more in life than you who can afford these cars and you cant.. just shows your a a stupid fool..

1140 days ago


He was probably practising his face scrunching and couldn't see anything. This guy is so weird and so funny strange. You don't want to laugh at his movies but they're so freekin' stupid you can't help yourself. Glad he's ok.

1140 days ago


Only 99 of them now...just sayin'

1140 days ago


As the saying goes.....

Band "low" performance drivers.....not "high" performance cars.

I'm sure he will take it to McLaren & they will repair it for another million.

1140 days ago

Dave B.    

Uhm... Mr. Bean is a fictional character guys. Rowan Atkinson is his real name as you so clearly stated in the article. So your headline is kinda bizarre. Oh well, glad the guy is ok. Hey guys - how about your best Mr. Bean in a car accident jokes. I'll start - "He was giving Teddy driving lessons but he couldn't reach the pedals".

1140 days ago


Accidents happen with all kinds of cars. Good he's okay. I love Mr. Bean. His stand up is great too.

1140 days ago

E Connelly    

I would suppose that I could say sorry about the accident, but Rowan Atkinson just doesn't do it for me. I think Mr. Bean is one of the most sophmoric comedians I have ever had the misfortune to watch. My husband thinks he's funny, I just think he's stupid.

1140 days ago


Dave B,

Yeah, we know his name is Rowan Atkinson, but a lot of people simply refer to him as Mr. Bean. No big deal.

1140 days ago


Atkinson has had the car for over 20 years and drives it regularly. He also has a brilliant history of owing sports cars and writing for car magazines, so he's a lot more qualified to drive it than say, Pari******on and her LFA.
I bet some knucklehead in a Prius cut him off.

1140 days ago

fioo hoos    

F1`s an`t rare at all..only costly.And a clutch has nothing to do with the steering.Raining and maybe a dog ran across or what not speeding for sure bad traction too many HP`s per weight on a rainy nite on the wrong treads.It`s a over priced pile with a bean headed driver?

1140 days ago


Mr Bean is like a long lost and well loved uncle in our house.We love him dearly and hope he recovers quickly.Being a Britcom junky,his BlackAdder series is a staple here.
I second Mr Jongs sentiments about Ramhead's remark.Noone forced you to watch timeless classics like Thin Blue Line,BlackAdder and Mr Bean,yet you OBVIOUSLY did watch them.Sorry he doesnt do "Smack my ho up" comedy and perhaps that is more your cup of tea.Leave the cultural humor to those of us who truely appreciate it and STFU.Im certainly not trying to pidgeon hole,stereotype or racially profile you Ramhead.Tis not my job to do that.You seem to be doing a good enough job of it all on your own.That being said,I send cyber hugs to Rowan.We love you Mr Bean!

1140 days ago

3 wheel driver    

Take that Beano! Finally us 3 wheelers get our revenge! HAHAHA!

1140 days ago


Poor Rowan...glad to hear he's fine. I'm sure he's devastated about the car. He should have stuck to his lil yellow Mr. Bean car.

1140 days ago
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