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Mr. Bean

Hospitalized After Wrecking

Super-Expensive Exotic Car

8/5/2011 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mr. Bean
is a VERY lucky man ... because the guy WRECKED the hell out of his MILLION DOLLAR McLaren F1 sports car last night ... and was only hospitalized for a minor shoulder injury.

According to U.K. reports, the 56-year-old comedic actor -- real name Rowan Atkinson -- was driving in England around 7:30 PM last night ... when he lost control of the car, spun three times, ran into a tree and hit a signpost.

Bean was taken to a nearby hospital where he is being treated for the shoulder injury. His car wasn't so lucky -- the entire back end was absolutely crushed.

The worst part -- the McLaren F1 is so rare, there are only 100 of them in the world.

Rowan's rep tells TMZ ...  Rowan is "all fine and going home [from the hospital] soon."



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It's too bad high-end automakers like McLaren don't require potential owners to prove that they can actually drive the vehicle before they buy one. Also -- what do you suppose poor little Mr. Bean is compensating for?

1141 days ago


Amazingly, it's not his first wreck in a McLaren F1. Atkinson and Ron Dennis (McLaren boss) were among the first people famously destroying F1s in the late 1990s. So he either got his rebuilt, or found another one.

They never even built the total 100 production run. From what I remember back then, they built about 65 based models and the rest were race cars, some of which have been reconverted to street.

1141 days ago


Right after being on Top Gear...

1141 days ago


Fashion designer Ralph Lauren's McLaren F1-LM is one of the most exclusive cars on the planet. Only 5 in the world...painted McLaren orange. It's still the fastest naturally aspirated car on the road today. A gorgeous "beast"!

1141 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

it was that three wheeled car that got all the brunt of all his Mr Bean jokes getting its VENGEANCE!

1141 days ago


"The worst part" is that a rare care was totaled? Who gives a **** about some stupid car. You need to re-evaluate your priorities in life. I'm glad Rowan has been released and wasn't seriously injured or killed. THAT would have been a REAL tragedy.

1141 days ago


That's what happens when you drive with a turkey on your head

1141 days ago

First time commenter    

Which proves, once again, that you may have enough money to buy anything (even a McLaren F1) but if you're a dbag loser, it's gonna show. That won't buff out.

1141 days ago


That is actually the second time has wrecked a Mclaren F1. I don't know if he got the original repaired, but he wrecked the first one very soon after he got it.

Little known fact: Rowan is a huge fan, and actually wrote the forward in the book about the production of the McLaren F1.

1141 days ago


Its the second time he crash with a mclaren. I heard the same story couple years ago. Give that guy a Mini cooper.

1141 days ago

low battery    


1141 days ago

fioo hoos    

It was a DOG-legger so no wounder he bent it again it was bent years ago and was`nt all that rare and as a bender it sin`t worth spit,Tahts why he was driving a F1 one the street in the fiurst place.A tanked one on the tsreets wiiuths the rare real one at home in the bank.550 Hps ant much horses but the power-weight at 3.6-Hp isn`t a streetible car in the first place as tractions could`nt be had in all settings and surfaces.I would drive the 1984 mosler with the turbo four and in carbon fiber with only ONE being built before I would run the F1 as it is streetible but rarer still and cheap or the 1986 mosler or later models that are rarer but cheaper and a better natch4 the steets.But a suki has a better weight-hp and only two wheels to bend and cost less than 10garndes MR.bean has no balls and was cutting the beans when he mashed them

1141 days ago


FAKE PHOTO..the car just went off the road and hit a signal pole.

1141 days ago

Noble Izuagbe    

Good to know that Mr. Bean is doing good, I love to watch more laughtips from him soon.

1141 days ago

fioo hoos    

I`d run the american built super car a 2009 mosler MT900 GTR hybrid nick named the LANDSHARK with a after market hybred muti fuel twin turbo vette engine that make 2500 HP`s and can run in the car pool lanes of LA due to it`s muti fuels.Let old BUG eye bean pick thoose bugs from his FUpped up engish thooses.TMZzzz don`t know cement from concrete so they supp it Up thiert yangs4 a livin

1141 days ago
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