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8/5/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nicki Minaj let one of her puppies out to play on "GMA" -- so will ABC be fined? We've got the legal perspective on TV nip slips (yes, there is one).

Plus, "Two and a Half Men" kills off Charlie Harper ... but where's his body? And someone in the newsroom is TICKED OFF about alleged traffic ticket quotas! Buckle up.


(0:00) John Brix teams up with Charles and Jason for today's show.
(3:45) Nicki Minaj lets a boob loose live on "GMA" this morning -- and Inspector Dax is on the case.
(9:10) ABC may get off scot-free -- because CBS still hasn't paid a dime for the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction!
(13:30) Why aren't man nips taboo?
(17:10) "Two and a Half Men" is shooting Charlie Harper's funeral -- and we have pictures from the set!
(18:30) Where is Charlie's body?
(29:10) NBAer Michael Beasley shoves a fan during a pick-up -- was he in the wrong or did the dude deserve it?
(43:00) NHL bad boy Sean Avery was arrested last night for allegedly picking a fight with cops ... Dennis the hippie has the details.


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listening to the staff justify breaking the law makes me furious. the first time one of them i***** by a car that's only going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit, my money's on the law. what do ya think?

1174 days ago


Harvey this one is for you since you are the Boss Man. Why are you hell bent on making Casey Anthony the next "Star" on Dancing with the Stars? No.....Really???? WHY?????

1174 days ago


How come they went soooooooooooooo hard on Janet Jackson but N.M. on a daytime television its all good?

1174 days ago

Flying Blind    

Obviously this Jong guy is on Crack everyday and wears out the board. Of course like others i'm sure you just pass by their post as quick as possible. There needs to be an "ignore" button. And don't bother commenting back as it won't be read.

1174 days ago


TMZ live ended abruptly mid sentence, no other video found to continue..

1174 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Im glad to hear Mike and Charles stand up for the people on the show today over the Ticket situation. Its little things like that we have to be aware of, and speak up early if we want to preserve our Freedom and Liberty.There are petty tyrants out there ready to take it all away from us in in increments if we do not stick up for each other because it is still is We the People.

1174 days ago


Really? All she did/does is bounce around yelling things you can't make out and making stupid faces and being a wise-a$$. Yawn get over it, it was done for publicitiy!

1174 days ago


Um, 5 second rule?? Are you people retarded! Do you have any clue how many people were recording that on their phones it aired or not, TMZ, Perez, MTV, all media outlets for that matter would still cover the story, the live audience saw it and YOUTUBE videos galore. REally people? Really. 5 Second delay wouldn't have prevented me from seeing her teet. lol. Good grief.

1171 days ago
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