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'Two and a Half Men'

The FAMOUS Funeral Guests

8/5/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's gonna be a Full House at Charlie Harper's funeral service on "Two and a Half Men" ... because one of the stars in attendance will be none other than Uncle Jesse himself ... John Stamos!

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Stamos -- who was once rumored to be Charlie Sheen's replacement on the show -- will say a couple of words at the service ... raunchy words.

We're told Stamos' character will reveal he and Harper were CLOSE friends ... the kind of friends who once three-way'd a chick together.

Sources tell us Jenny McCarthy will also be at the funeral -- she famously played one of Harper's ex-girlfriends who broke up with Charlie after she got tired of having sex with him.

Melanie Lynskey will also return as "Rose" -- who was last seen going to Paris with Harper in the very last episode featuring Charlie Sheen.



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I've seen Webster's movies & he does a pretty good job at those but for him to come back into a situation comedy, well, I don't think its going to work. I'm afraid that he will bring back his character from that 70's show. That will kill off Two & a half men..........

1146 days ago


This is wrong and you all should be ashamed. I dont care about your dispute with Charlie, or what he has or has not done. He has small children that will hear or see their dad dying and his funeral. That is not fair to them when they are little. if they were at least 10 than they could understand. because they are little thay are going to think their dad died. Make it hard for his little kids to understand this is tv not reality, when they hear people talking about it or the see the reruns or the show they will think their dad died. You all should be ashamed. CBS you promote you care, BS you like the buck!!!

1146 days ago


@mom - I think you must be confused - No one is killing Charlie Sheen the person who has small children - I'm quite sure due to the raunchy nature of his show it was not something they either watched or were interested in at the age of 2 - so they are unlikely to watch this show either - their nanny can change the channel!
Yes their Dad worked on a show as a character Charlie Harper - he also worked as a soldier in war shows and a baseball player - please don't confuse real life with a TV show or a movie -

People die in real life - that is something to be upset about - not a make believe character in a TV show - get a reality check please!

1145 days ago


Without Charlie this show is going to stink....just saying

1145 days ago


Doesn't matter how many stars or names you get to do little cameo's, it just means you know how weak the show is going to be and are using all the names you can find to try and get people to watch!! When you need all these little cameo's and you need the p.r of announcing them so far ahead of time it makes Lorre look desperate - the show without Charlie is nothing! It was his character who made the show and no one else can play the part - end of!!
You could invite anyone you like to cameo, still won't bring in the viewers, getting rid of Charlie, getting rid of the housekeeper and mummy too means the show has NOTHING to bounce off of anymore comedy wise and Ashton Kutcher couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, much less make me laugh lol!!

1145 days ago


john stamos is amazing but way too random for this...never even been on the show before?

1145 days ago


i'm surprised if anyone showed up!

1145 days ago


I've never, ever been a fan of this show, but I'm so excited for the premiere! Is it wrong that I can't wait to see it simply because Charlie is dead?

1145 days ago


Portraying characters like this always reflect badly on the actors. It really just shows their own lack of morals when they agree to play these parts.

I really don't see the humor in all this. Just the same jokes over and over and over. BFD! Next!

1145 days ago


John Stamos on another show! WTF! Why not have Gary Busey come on the show as the crazy friend!

1145 days ago


to "2 and 1/2 fan" Your the one who should do your homework. Courtney (Jenny McCarthy) returned to the show not too long ago and was Charlies girlfriend for a while. Thus, the above article is correct.

BTW: I can't wait for the new season to start!

1145 days ago


Charlie Sheen and the rest of the cast is what made this show so funny. His interactions with his mother, brother, nephew and Rose where very funny. I think another network could have picked this show up and showed life with Charlie and Rose married and the family visiting, they could have hired the housekeeper to keep her on the show too. This show worked because the actors characters clicked, and together they made us laugh. I am willing to give the new season a try, but I must admit, the ghost of Charlie Harper will be unseen by many who are watching!! Good luck Ashton, you may just be able to pull this off, I for one will give you a try....

1145 days ago


It'd be hilarious if we all got "Punk'd" and Charlie is returning to the show. E.g. Charlie Harper is coming to his own funeral, meaning the dead guy is someone else. This would be like the biggest shocker in Sitcom history.

1145 days ago


I'm not interested in watching slap stick one liners (bada bing)about Charlie.
Bury him at sea in the first 2 minutes and get on with the show, lets see what you got without him.

1145 days ago


Charlie Sheen's life has always been the true basis for this show...that's why it worked so well! The powers that be are basically jumping the shark by trying to bring in Ashton at this point. Without Charlie, 2 and 1/2 Men is realistically dead. Ashton is nothing but sloppy seconds for this show and pretty much an "ambulance chasing" actor by even signing on for it.

I'd rather watch reruns with Charlie in them than this new crap being peddled, mainly because What's His Name behind the show couldn't man up enough to let Charlie continue on the show by letting bygones be bygones.

Foolish decision...a very foolish decision

1145 days ago
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