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'Two and a Half Men'

The FAMOUS Funeral Guests

8/5/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's gonna be a Full House at Charlie Harper's funeral service on "Two and a Half Men" ... because one of the stars in attendance will be none other than Uncle Jesse himself ... John Stamos!

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Stamos -- who was once rumored to be Charlie Sheen's replacement on the show -- will say a couple of words at the service ... raunchy words.

We're told Stamos' character will reveal he and Harper were CLOSE friends ... the kind of friends who once three-way'd a chick together.

Sources tell us Jenny McCarthy will also be at the funeral -- she famously played one of Harper's ex-girlfriends who broke up with Charlie after she got tired of having sex with him.

Melanie Lynskey will also return as "Rose" -- who was last seen going to Paris with Harper in the very last episode featuring Charlie Sheen.



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IT won't be the same without charlie,but i'm willing to give it a's amazing how quick some people are forgiven compared to others.i read more fans on charlie's side.he cost himself the job,plain and simple.alcholism,losing money to hookers,showing up late for work,a variety of drugs...go ahead and forgive him.we accept's about his life go ahead,drink somemore. anyone else they'd get called every name in the book.there would be protestors and's a double standard.

1177 days ago

Susan Jones    

There's a new book out called: NICE BIKE By Bruce S. Maybe, Charlie Sheen could benefit from it. A Minnesota author/speaker wrote it. OK book.

1177 days ago


Thanks for showing me that because that is all of it I will see. I will NEVER watch this show. Sorry John. Lorre ruined it for everyone.

1177 days ago


I am not planning to watch the new Two and a Half Men. I prefer Charlie Sheen.


1176 days ago


I will still watch I think what they should do is have police come to Charlie's house with search warrants and Charlie isn't there is car comes up having gone off a cliff blew up and burnt leaving no body to be found. shortly after the funeral and Alan believes he gets the house ect.. and lawyer comes up with a new will written the day before the death leaving every thing to the new character. he moves in and from time to time does something that makes Alan feel it could be Charlie maybe he had surgery to go incognito due to the warrants. it would make it fun to keep guessing.

1176 days ago

Jack Ferguson    

Sorry, but Charlie is the show...Wont be watching the new show...only reruns of old shows

1176 days ago


Charlie was the show and I agree they will need to dig a bigger hole to bury the rest if they kill of Charlie and don't leave themselves an option to bring him back when it flops after the first few shows.

1176 days ago


might as well cancel the entire show,,it wont be the same without charlie!!

1176 days ago


Charlie was right. The last 2 seasons of men were bad. Charlie hooking up with that bad actress and acting like he was in love. It was boring and not 2 1/2 men. Thank goodness for re-runs, that's what i'll be watching!! Charlie you might be a crack head, but you made 2 1/2 and now it's over!! With you or without you, the shows over!!

1176 days ago


KILL OF THE MAIN PERSON CHARLIE AND THE SHOW IS DEAD FROM THE START. All of Charlie Sheen fans will stick by him. Not giving in to the new two men and half show replacement. Turn your TV sets off when the new season begins by supporting Charlie Sheen all the way. He made the show were it is today and stopped it when he got fired.

1176 days ago


I think ( although I never watched one episode of that show) ( my husband did - it was his fave) anyway-I was hoping that Charlie's character went to rehab-that would leave an opening for the show to bring him back or for a visit-you never know-and everyone should forgive-come on:)

1176 days ago


Sheen ruined his life. I think it's fitting he fall off a platform in Paris and get hit by a train. Pity he grabbed so many people and pulled them down with him.

1176 days ago


I still think Tim Mathison, should have been asked to replace Charley...he could have played some lecherous uncle that still had the hots for his sister-in-law Ma Harper!

1176 days ago

Jeff Heise    

If he ever did come back, they would probably have to pull a "Patrick Duffy," like they did on DALLAS some years ago-the show never recovered from that. Oh, well, the ratings will be huge for this episode.

1175 days ago


I don't see the point in killing "Charlie" off the show. Why not just send the character away? There could be a million reasons why he'd be away. Career, women, drinking, having fun... Or they could've even had "Alan" be the one that moved out of Charles. You know stop being a leach and get his own place.
Going to miss you Charlie Sheen! You are the one that made me laugh!

1175 days ago
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