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'Two and a Half Men'

The Secret Funeral PHOTOS

8/5/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two and a Half Men FuneralThe stage is finally set for Charlie Harper's funeral on "Two and a Half Men" ... which features a tribute to the iconic WARDROBE Charlie Sheen made famous on the show -- and TMZ has the pics!

Harper's trademark bowling shirt and shorts hang at the front of a what appears to be a chapel -- surrounded by flowers. There is no sign of a coffin or an urn.

The episode is scheduled to air on Sept. 19 -- and according to, the funeral will be packed with just about every memorable chick Harper nailed on the show since it began.


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The First Show of the Final Season of Two and A Half Men!

1176 days ago


The staging looks so dismal and depressing. Is the hanging outfit supposed to be funny? Or even a funeral in general? Lorre must be trying to freak Charlie out with the whole death theme. He's made enough remarks about Sheen dying already so I'm sure the last thing he expected was for Sheen to make a comeback on tv. Lorre chose to kill him off so he wouldn't have to deal with a public backlash demanding his return.

I hope the network who picks up Charlie puts his show in the same time slot as 2 1/2 and let the people decide who's more entertaining, Kutcher or Sheen. Hopefully Sheen's show won't be a continuation of his stage act and will have a good supporting cast. They can start by getting Berta and his mother on it.

1176 days ago

Matthew Brown    

a funeral with no casket=no body. falling ratings=charlie back from the dead. some story about faking own death or getting amnesia in a crash that's why there's no body. been done a 1000 times before.

1176 days ago


These should be Chuck Lorree's close hanging up, he's the one that's dipping the stake in holy water and driving it straight through the chest of this show. I'm not giving right to Charlie Sheen for what happened, one could see the physical change in him with each new episode but still his timing was perfect. This show was "The Charlie Sheen Show" kudos to the rest of the cast but sorry Chuckie "no Sheen, no Show" why couldn't you just put your school yard bully bull in perspective and like the great George Burns, just "say goodnight Gracie" the show was over when Charlie was gone. So, say goodnight Chuck!! I won't be watching.

1176 days ago


THis is dumb. With all the leaks lately i feel like i've seen this episode already. I was all set to watch it in Sept but now i know the story line, seen pictures of the set any reason why I should bother? to be honest i didn't like 2 and 1/2 men because of charlie sheen. It was the cast as a whole and the writers ability to write a good line. I've found the same dynamics on Big Bang Theory.

1176 days ago


You know, it's a SICK mind, a vindictive and miserable mind that comes up with something like this. That Chuck Lorre should be made go to rehab. He is SICK. I hope that he has a miserable and unhappy life where he is alone and friendless, that miserable, ugly, little weasel.

1176 days ago


lorre is a azzwipe,I'll be watching Charlie's roast.

1176 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I have watched the show since the first episode and I gotta say, it creeps me out to have that shirt, hanging up there.
I'm over the fact that Charlie won't be back, he wasn't as concerned about what his fans wanted when he made the choices that he did. I have worked on several Sit-Coms in the past and some have been way worse than what he complained about, but that's the past. The rest of the cast is talented and I am hoping Ryan Stiles will still be a big part of the cast, so I'll give it a shot. I gotta say that the funeral, where Jake lost his gameboy in the coffin was pretty damn funny, but, like I said, this just looks creepy......

1176 days ago


Chuck Lorre is a bitter man. He lost and can't get over the fact his show is now going to fail so he thinks he will humiliate Charlie by doing this pathetic funeral. It will backfire on Lorre. Good!

1176 days ago


2.5 ****

1176 days ago

Ron Page    

This photo is creepy. I can't wait for Charlie's new show.

1176 days ago


I'll miss Charlie. Ashton's a twerp. Lorne is just a crazy, old, egotistical fool. The show is done.

1176 days ago


This could all be a PR ploy. Won't really know until the show is aired. It could change a millions times.

Anger Management may be in the works but so far no one has picked up the show. The only thing is that Sheens Roast on Comedy Central is set to air the same time as 2.5 men in Sept. Those roasts are so bad it wont do Sheen any good.

1176 days ago


I find that a little macabre, somewhat disturbing, and completely unfunny. Never watched this show and never will. This little trick surpasses programming decisions and becomes personal; allowing such viciousness into my home is not acceptable to me.

1176 days ago


Everyone always complains because celebrities who don't think the same rules apply to them. Well finally someone cut one down to size and everyone here is complaining. Personally I'm glad. Charlie Sheen was acting like a 2 year old and Lorre said I don't care how much money we're making, enough is enough. I'll give the show a chance before I make any judgements.

1176 days ago
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