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Levi Johnston's Sister

BLASTS Palin Family

8/6/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mercede Johnston Playboy
Mercede Johnston, the younger sister of Levi Johnston, unloaded on the Palin family -- saying Sarah Palin would have a "mental breakdown" if she were elected president ... and that Bristol Palin "prayed to God" Levi was not her baby daddy.

Mercede posed for the September issue of Playboy -- and according to the NY Post, she told the mag 70% of Wasilla, Alaska residents "can't stand Palin" -- and Johnston even thinks her connection to the family prevents her from getting jobs.

She explained, "People say, 'Oh, Mercede Johnston, I don't know if people are going to come in if she works here.'"

Mercede also reveals Bristol sent Levi a text message when she found out she was preggers that read, "Ever since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed to God you weren't the father."

A call to a Palin family attorney was not immediately returned.


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Well, well, isn't she classy? I wouldn't want Levi to be my child's father either. He's hot, but acts as dumb as a rock. I'm sure most people in Wasilla don't like the Palins. They seem annoying, the whole lot of them. Didn't Levi do Playgirl, though? Both of these families seem a more than a little whacked. The Palins are annoying and the Johnstons are deviants. Damn, Alaska, you scary!

1174 days ago


It's hilarious to hear another side of the story- Like mother, like daughter. Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah, to make that money. Talk about some successful capitalists- all body and no brains. See what they’re willing to do for the ca*****

1174 days ago


she is an uneducated immoral opportunist and liar- just like her brother
one one hand she says everyone hates the Palins
and on the other hand all the Palin haters won't give her a job...
does not compute!!
she can't have it both ways
maybe they won't hire her because her whole family, including her are low lifes
including her mom -who went to jail for selling drugs to an undercover cop!!
and just maybe it has nothing to do with Palin!!

1174 days ago


Bristol probably figured it was another Immaculate Conception. Only fitting for Alaska's holy family.

1174 days ago


WHy is it that white trash and welfare mothers name their kids after cars and name brands. Levi, Mercedes? Do they have anymore siblings like Gucci or Lexus?

I can't stand the Palin's or Johnstons - Wish they all stayed in Alaska and we neverhad to know who any of them are. Thanks John McCain!

1174 days ago


Levi's sister? Come on TMZ, Z list sister? At least stay with people D list and above.

1174 days ago


Could it be you can't get a job because your brother is a loser; your mom is a crackhead and you posed for Playboy? Don't hear anything about your dad, tho. Do you know who he is?

1174 days ago


Okay, she hates the Palins... I'd say the majority of America would share similar sentiments... but to blame them for the reason she can't get a job-and there may be some truth to that-BUT CHICK EXPOSING YOURSELF TO THE WORLD ISN'T GOING TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING HIRED AT MACY'S, HOOTERS MAYBE

CAN YOU REALLY BE THIS DUMB!!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE HER PARENTS. I think I'm getting a better picture as to why her brother is the tool that he is.

1174 days ago


I remember when Playboy had standards. Not sure which one has less class, the brother or the sister. I can hardly defend the Palins but they look like saints beside the Johnstons.

1174 days ago



1174 days ago


She must have a pretty awful body that Playboy is resorting to hinting you will discover more dirt if you buy the magazine or interview her to promote the issue. Otherwise they would be putting out sample photos. If she doesn't have the goods, then she shouldn't be in it. She would be more believable if she claimed she is pregnant and Levi is the father. Now that I could believe, or maybe she is saving that for the last 2 minutes of her 4 minutes of fame. Their parents must be so proud. Playgirl and Playboy children who are so uninteresting that the only way people will pay attention to them is by taking their cloths off of by throwing manufactured mud.

1174 days ago

faile 13     

Hmmm...missing the point here people-if Bristol prayed Levi wasn't the father, how many other guys could it have been??? Ooooh poor innocent Bristol, seduced by that cad Levi, after drinking underage on a coed camping trip. Wait-trip, Tripp hmmm....

1174 days ago


WOW, aint she the bitter little spiteful CUNΤ

1174 days ago


Mercede who??? Don't flatter yourself.

1174 days ago


Bristol and her mother would be great on the trashy Teenage Moms...although, I agree with Sarah in the context of her drunken cop ex brother-in-law. Click here to learn about cops having a higher percentage of hurting family members than most occupations.

1174 days ago
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