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"Two and a Half Men"

'Charlie' is Dead

and NEVER Coming Back

8/6/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The season premiere of "Two and a Half Men" will leave NO DOUBT -- Charlie Sheen's character is dead and gone ... for good.

TMZ has spoken with sources on set for last night's taping of the premiere. Now, we don't want to be douche bags and give it all away -- so we'll just say that in one brilliantly written scene, the producers make sure there's absolutely no way for 'Charlie Harper' to return to the show in the future. 

Although ... he definitely leaves his mark on the episode.

As for Ashton Kutcher's debut -- we're told he and Jon Cryer had good chemistry ... and he went out of his way to interact with the audience.  At one point Ashton even snuck into the crowd and surprised a woman with a back rub.

At least one audience member said Ashton seemed dry and didn't quite own the character. Can't please 'em all.

Oh, and our spies didn't spot Demi Moore or Chuck Lorre -- but it's a good bet Chuck was there to finally say sayonara to Charlie Sheen Charlie Harper.


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"At one point he snuck into the crowd and surprised a woman with a back rub."

Could he suck up more?

1177 days ago

Master Po    

Ashton was very very flat at the taping from several accounts. I hope for his sake he gets better cause they said it was like watching a piece of cardboard act.

1177 days ago


I think he should die this way "two blonde bimbos who are obviously gold digging hookers, crash their car into a liquor store where Charlie is shopping, the crash causes a bottle of Coke to rocket off a shelf and smack Charlie in the head"...the end.

1177 days ago


Autoerotic asphyxiation is clearly the best way for him to go out.

1177 days ago


Russell Gantz from SURVIVOR would have been the best replacement - the show was bad before it's got nowhere to go but a complete nosedive in week 3.


1177 days ago


This is the last season for this show..******* Kuthcher sucks, is not a credible actor and has no business in the business..

1177 days ago


Jesus, give the show a chance before you write it off. I never watched the show because of Sheen. I tried to watch it when it first started. I didn't find it funny. I'm not a Kutcher fan, although I loved That 70's Show, but I didn't like it right off the bat. I didn't find it all that funny, but it grew on me, enough to end up a favorite. But, I'll give the show a shot before I say anything negative about it or bitch and moan like everyone else...

1177 days ago


I for one hope this show dive bombs. Charlie sheen made it for what it is. Kutcher is douche-bag and its plastic at acting..very dull guy.

1177 days ago


I would be watching this show only online wont be watching this on tv so the ratings wont go up, Oh yah CL put your ego down and bring Charlie back, DUH

1177 days ago


I enjoyed this show but didn't really watch until about a year or two ago. Now I'll watch one last time just to see the parade of pu&$y coming through for the funeral and then I'm done with it. I've never liked Aston Cooter. Punked was one of the dumbest shows I'd ever seen. Takes a real winner to remake the stupid candid camera show and he thought he owned everything related to it and he was the king of the show. All his characters have really been a self portrail in my opinion. So I won't be watching this d-bag.

1177 days ago

some guy    

Was Charlie Sheen in the seats as a mystery audience member?

1177 days ago


WTF? This coverage still reeks of kissing Charlie Sheen's ass because that's all the TMZ cares about -- who gives a **** how Charlie died but Charlie? Who gives a **** if one lone person didn't like Ashton but Charlie at this point. PlEASE. I'm sure he dies by gagging on Tiger Blood.

1177 days ago


I loved ashton in that 70's show.. But there is only 1 charlie sheen. I just won't be watching the show . I will watch re runs. Lorre is an ass

1177 days ago


I hope the rest of the cast starts looking for work cause I think more funerals will come once the show starts to tank. Why have Charlies family around with no Charlie? This cast should have seen this coming and backed Charlie up- unity is power.

1177 days ago


I am hoping that Lorre will make Ashton shave that god awful sloppy ass beard- he looks like a bum! He is a handsome guy but he will be losing a lot of the sex appeal they are going for with that gross stubble and dirty looking hair. Charlie always looked handsome and sexy-clean cut.

1177 days ago
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