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"Two and a Half Men"

'Charlie' is Dead

and NEVER Coming Back

8/6/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The season premiere of "Two and a Half Men" will leave NO DOUBT -- Charlie Sheen's character is dead and gone ... for good.

TMZ has spoken with sources on set for last night's taping of the premiere. Now, we don't want to be douche bags and give it all away -- so we'll just say that in one brilliantly written scene, the producers make sure there's absolutely no way for 'Charlie Harper' to return to the show in the future. 

Although ... he definitely leaves his mark on the episode.

As for Ashton Kutcher's debut -- we're told he and Jon Cryer had good chemistry ... and he went out of his way to interact with the audience.  At one point Ashton even snuck into the crowd and surprised a woman with a back rub.

At least one audience member said Ashton seemed dry and didn't quite own the character. Can't please 'em all.

Oh, and our spies didn't spot Demi Moore or Chuck Lorre -- but it's a good bet Chuck was there to finally say sayonara to Charlie Sheen Charlie Harper.


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I didn't think Sheen was that funny near the end. All his lines were flat. Alan's the lovable schlep. The kid's obnoxious since he grew up. Berta's my favorite and I like Herb, the ex-wife's husband who I see isn't in this picture. I'll keep an open mind, but these switches usually don't work out. It's all up to the writers.

1174 days ago

some guy    

Yeesh... that 'evil eye' avatar I sometimes use creeps me out if I stare at it for awhile. Think I need a drink.

1174 days ago


Ashton Kutcher always looks like he needs to take a bath and wash his hair. Dirty is not sexy to me.

1174 days ago


I hate the show and have never watched a whole episode.

1174 days ago

to me Ashton Kutcher has that face that says "Punch Me!"

1174 days ago


I think Berta, Alan and the kid make the show. Charlie got gross and offensive over the years. I lost interest in him. Not a big fan of Kucher tho. Will see how this pans out.

1174 days ago


He seemed dry and didn't own the the character because he's a ****ty actor. I guess blowing Satan pays off in the short term.

1174 days ago


'm feeling a 81% suck factor with this show. But on the same breath, change is good. The show has gone from Charlie Harper (RIP) Charlie Sheen/Carlos Irwin Estevez. The super playboy who's life many men do have and then there are those who wish they a life like that and there are those who lie about having a life like this. Depending on the camera angle, Charlie Sheen looked like a young Bob Hope with the Libido of a Bob Duggar and the nervous system of a squirrel. Now changing focus to Ashton, who's a model type with a good on screen presence. I hope it works out but there are two many people still devoted to Charlie Sheen and a number of seriou*****ers. And these are people working on this show. I think when ratings dip, Charlie Harper will make a ghostly cameo.

1174 days ago


So glad it is coming back. It is not the Charlie show to me I love the whole cast.

1174 days ago


We should all learn that in TV land anybody can come back. Between dream scenes and ghosts there is always a way to bring them back from the dead.

1174 days ago

A viewer    

Jon Cryer looks like a puppet with a bad set of false teeth, the fat kid isn't fat or funny anymore, and Ashton looks lost.

1174 days ago


Kutcher jumped into the audience and rubbed a woman's back for her?! Lololol!! Was Demi there?! Lol! Jeez, talk about trying to suck up to the audience!! Sounds STAGED actually when you think about it - wonder who they arranged with in advance to be happy to get a back rub from Kutcher lol! Yeuck, looks like he needs a bath, ooh barf, what about dirty finger nails too - eeeewww!! Lolololol!!

1174 days ago


ok there is always i way to bring back Charlie the new season will do so bad this show has been built on Charlie Alan and Jake take one out the show isn't the same funny great show we all love Charlie needs to comeback understand thi*****ers

1173 days ago


either way, like both guys a lot. will miss charlie but ashton's cool too. it'll all work out

1173 days ago


What's with all the haters?! I, for one, am really excited to see this show continue, ESPECIALLY with Ashton Kutcher stepping in! I love all the movies he's been in. I find him to be quite talented, not to mention pretty brave to be game enough to take this on! I wish the show GREAT success & will definetely be watching!

1173 days ago
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