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Adam Scott

Wins Golf Tournament

With Tiger Woods' Ex-Caddie

8/7/2011 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Scott won the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational this afternoon with former Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams on his bag ... while Tiger finished tied for 37th.

Afterward, Williams called it "
the best win of my life."


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...and just maybe Woods, with his lazer focus was a little intense/moody/demanding etc. to be around during the tournaments
by comparison maybe Scott's personality and disposition a better fit for Williams
if so-that in part could explain Williams comment
also having a job when he thought he would never caddy again -and then winning- had to be a sweet feeling for him
perhaps that is what his comment referred to
and FYI for those who didn't know-the caddy makes 10% of the golfers win, so Williams made very good money with Tiger
but the bulk of Woods wealth comes from his endorsement deals of which the caddie gets zero

1140 days ago


@Samantha: about a minute ago
"Tiger said he fired him face to face in the locker room at congressional"
you may be right abut that
I don't know
but my first thought at reading your comment was to chuckle and think to myself
yah- right, we all know what a "truth teller" Woods is
I know...shame on me huh

1140 days ago


One of the best stories from last week. Williams enjoying being with a WINNER, one who doesn't throw tantrums and clubs while Woods plays like an old man Loser!!!! Love it!

1140 days ago


What some of you are missing is "HOW" Tiger let Steve Williams go. Tiger didn't fly out on his private jet and sit down with Steve and tell him how great their time together had been and then told Steve he was going to let him go. Tiger simply called him on the phone and fired him and then started posting about it on his web site and twitter.

1140 days ago


Its about Scott, not Williams.

1140 days ago


Steve Williams made a point to say it was the best win in 32 years of caddying. He also said that Tiger had fired him via phone. In the press conference before the tournament, Tiger was asked if he fired Williams face to face. Tiger said "yes I did." Guess who is lying?

1140 days ago


This is awesome news. What goes around comes around Tiger.

1139 days ago


What caddie? Adam Scott is HOT.

1139 days ago


Tiger will never come back to what he was.
He can't get it out of his head that we know all his secrets and the fact that he's not in control of that affects his game.

1139 days ago


As for Tiger, - people who follow him are on automatic. He peaked a long time ago. Players half his age are winning now. He doesn't have Daddy to steer his career,- he'*****ed by most women in America-he should just bow out gracefully.

But, he won't. Because he's a one-dimensional person. Golf is the only thing he knows how to do. He doesn't even know how to be a good friend, husband or father. He's a total failure as a human being - no matter how much money he has.

There's two things you can't get back once they are gone.

One is your virginity,the other, your good name. Bye, bye Tiger.

1139 days ago


This caddie is a LOSER!!!! He carries golf clubs for a living. He had nothing to do with this win it was the golfer. He's a disgruntle employee who should not be trusted. He's writing a tell all bcz he's bitter?! HE CAN'T BE TRUSTED....LOSER!!!!!!!

1139 days ago


Most of you people are idiots. Do you really think a guy that has won 14 majors and has pretty much ****tered any professional golfers records is gonna just fade away into the abyss? The guy had major issues with his legs which are the sounding board o*****olf swing and then he is out of golf for 3 months. Not sure what golf tourneys you been watching but he did finish seconds in a major while being hurt and watching the last tourney besides his driver letting him down he was solid. I have a feeling that this last tourney and steves comments are gonna be the fuel to fire woods back to game shape. You don't hold the number one spot in golf for as many weeks as he did without knowing what got you there in the first place. It's like riding a bike to premier athletes, once they get the taste of wins again it becomes a habitual pattern. Watch for another streak soon to come and then watch the endorsement companies line up. I agree karma is a bi&tch but I also think that if you really are working hard at making up for your mistakes you get rewarded for that too. Woods messed up but that doesn't mean Stevie gets a perma victim card to be an ass the rest of his life .

1139 days ago


Scott doesn't appear to be that thrilled by the big huge. I think Williams appears to be a bit too much drama. Scott's like, whatever....
I can't believe Williams though for his comments. Tiger is a d0uche & he seems to have tossed Williams under the bus with no thought. Not the first person he has done it too either.

1139 days ago


HA HA! Best move for Williams getting fired by that lowlife.

1139 days ago


Tiger Woods tosses underlings from mistresses to caddy aside at his pleasure.

Now it's the Caddy's Pleasure to WIN without Tiger Woods.

Revenge is best served cold. Mission ACCOMPLISHED!

1139 days ago
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