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Adam Scott

Wins Golf Tournament

With Tiger Woods' Ex-Caddie

8/7/2011 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Scott won the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational this afternoon with former Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams on his bag ... while Tiger finished tied for 37th.

Afterward, Williams called it "
the best win of my life."


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Loved this moment!! Adam has class something his former boss Tiger Woods does not have!! Karma came sooner than I expected and it's great!!

1136 days ago


Tiger owns nothing to his past caddie. He was employed by Tiger and let go by Tiger. He made millions as a result of working for Tiger. "Best win of his life" how shallow and ungrateful can he be.

1136 days ago


It just goes to show no matter how rich or better you think you are then other people Karma is a bit**. Love this story

1136 days ago


WHY IS THIS ON TMZ? Isn't this better suited for The Golf Channel. There is NO scandal here. No sex, No cheating, Nothing.

1136 days ago

mike green    

Dude - you hump a golf bag. Try hitting a shot - it's a little harder. Dbag.

1136 days ago


pfft this so called friend of Tiger's went on TV and talked smack about Tiger and he's shocked he got fired?? the moment after i heard what he said i would've fired his ass instantly. in what reality do you diss your so called friend on TV and expect to stay friends and still have a job? What a **** acting like he did nothing wrong.

1136 days ago


WHY IS THIS ON TMZ? Isn't this better suited for The Golf Channel. There is NO scandal here. No sex, No cheating, Nothing.

1136 days ago

Mike Delgadillo    

Who knows? Maybe a having the caddie that knows how to win majors DOES make a difference. Hope Adam has his greatest year.

1135 days ago

Deno Lorenzo    

A good Caddie definately makes a difference. However, they don't hit the presure-laden shots that win or lose a tournament. Tiger made Stevie a very wealthy person. Tiger became a multi-multi millionaire! Tiger would have become one of the wealthiest athletes ever without Steve. Would Steve made nearly as much money working for someone else other than Tiger? I think not!

Stevie should thank GOD he was lucky enough to hook-up with Tiger and keep his mouth shut and not say ANYTHING NEGATIVE about Mr. Woods!

1135 days ago


CHEATING ON HIS WIFE IS NOT THE ONLY THING TIGER CHEATED ON-THE BELL CURVE OF GOLF-USING CHEATER GOLF CLUBS - As for Nike keeping Woods -they know the the gobomint feedbaggers with the welfare checks will keep riding the bus to shop at foot lockers and are the people buying the hundref fity dolla shoes...

1135 days ago

Deno Lorenzo    

I don't condone Tiger's indiscressions. Many prominent affluent people have done the same and no one ever said a word or cared. Look at all of the college graduate polititions. The most famous being Harvard Grad John F. Kennedy. During that era people (Secret Service and media)didn't run out and publisize what they were doing. The fact is Tiger wasn't the first and he won't be the last! Yet the cat was let out of the bag on Tiger almost 2 years ago and the man is still being crusified by media and the general public. What gets me is how people are saying he's washed up and has lost his desire. Most of these "Linksters" probably shoot in the 90's and 100's and can't hit their driver more than 185 yards! ANYONE who has gone through what he has gone through the last 2 years would probably have left Dodge and went out and bought some exotic island where he could live in peace. I wish him well but I hope he doesn't break Nicklaus' record of winning 18 Majors. The reason has nothing to do with Tiger and it would take way too long for me to explain why I feel as I do about that topic!

1135 days ago


Samantha? I guess you don't know much about golf..but the caddy is almost as important as the golfer..

I like stick a fork in Tiger, he's done!! Along with those who say Karma..and Karma has bitten Tiger in the butt.

He is and always has been a spoiled rotten brat, self centered and arrogant..totally unappreciative of his fans..Poor sportsmanship on the golf course..

Pretending to be a family men for several year's and then got caught with his lieing pants down around his ankles..

1134 days ago
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