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Ashton Kutcher


8/7/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tide is turning at "Two and a Half Men" after Ashton Kutcher's mega-trailer pissed off several crew members -- in fact, we're told, Ashton is quickly becoming extremely popular on set.

Filming kicked off this week -- and a source close to production tells TMZ, "Everything so far is smooth. A little too soon to tell, but Ashton seems very likable and professional. We're all very happy to be working with him."

As we previously reported, Ashton rolled into Warner Bros. studios recently with a MASSIVE trailer -- and some die-hard Charlie Sheen supporters on set thought it was way "over the top."

Ashton -- winning the hearts and minds.


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Demi is so desperate for any kind of work and to be seen sure she will stick her plastic nose in sooner or later. Her last getting on stage to dance at that concert was a joke , the old hag is turning i to a fame whore. Face it lady you are old enough to be a grandma - act your age. Assthon has to be hard up or can't get any one else that he is with a woman old enough to be his mother. Can't stand his baby acting.

1136 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This show is going to bomb.

IT was popular because you had a womanizer who conquered a lot of good looking females - lived a carefree drug friendly life - A character who lived that life outside the show.

Now you have this manboy who is portrayed as a "billionaire with a broken heart." WTF? You kidding me? A billionaire with a broken heart? Can you imagine Charlie as a billionaire? And this manboy! WTF - a manboy who is conquered by women - older women! Treated like a boytoy and guess what? He lives that life outside the set! He is a boytoy for a cougar!

Please, for all the Charlie haters - stop with the BS that you will "now watch the show." The show was good because of Charlie you dipshhhts.

This show is over!

1136 days ago


I just hope someone with TAAHM tells that bitchass emcee he's going to get fired if he keeps being mean to audience members to make himself feel special.

1136 days ago

Ghost Rider    

There are a couple of celebrities that will never get me to laugh and this guy is one of them, the other is Jack Black.

1136 days ago


i hope the show does well this upcoming season just so charlie can piss in his pants that the show didn't fail.

i have 0 sympathy for sheen. he brought this on himself.

1136 days ago


Why would the size of his trailer piss off the crew? I do understand that statment. Do these crew members have to clean or maintain that trailer for Kutcher? I could understand if one of the other actors was upset about Kutcher getting a larger trailer. However, I just cannot comprehend this mess that TMZ has been reporting all week.

1136 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Wish Ashton's Mother - er Wife Demi - would give him a bath and cut and wash his hair. He always looks dirty and stinky. He can't act, isn't good looking, so WHY is he on Two and a Half Men? Lorre, Warner Bros. and CBS defended Charlie Sheen for a long time - until he was too bombed to show up for work. Lorre is a Genius and probably has a new show in mind now because he knows 2 and l/2 won't last the entire season. Hope repulsive Alan Harper gets kicked out of Charlie's house permanently in the first episode.

1136 days ago


I really like the show with Charlie, is a shame that he si very unprofessional and lets his personal problems affects his job, so move on, good luck to Ashton, I also like his acting and his is very brave to enter a show with this situation, and as someone said the crew deserve to keep working the are very funny and good actors

1136 days ago


TMZ are you the official Three & Half men promoter?

Enough already, people are going to be sick of the show because of these silly postings before it even airs.

1136 days ago


I can see why they would be intiminated by a big screams DIVA, but sometimes, some people are just rich.

1136 days ago


Well I'm looking forward to the new season - For me Jon Cryer, Conchita, Holland, Angus and other characters like Rose actually ACTED! They all had to step out of their real lives to become the characters in the show - Sheen just showed up "or not" after a night or weekend of non-stop partying to "be himself" on set leaning on furniture and such -
Did I find some of the shows comical - sure - mainly because of the other characters - So now I look forward to a new fresh character which Ashton will play - To me he is young, handsome, smart, talented and a hard working professional - And I think Demi Moore is a beautiful woman so he chose well. The heart wants what the heart wants regardless of what the age difference is.
"Break a leg everyone!"

1136 days ago

some guy    

Hi, Ashton!

1136 days ago


Those die-hard Charlie Sheen supporters would be out of jobs if Ashton Kutcher, or another actor, hadn't replaced him. Charlie Sheen benders didn't just get him fired, it jeopardized the livelihoods of everyone else who worked for the show.

1136 days ago


"We're all very happy to be working (er....) with him."

1136 days ago


Ashton An ASS!

1136 days ago
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