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Dr. Conrad Murray

Takes His Family to

The Happiest Place on Earth

8/7/2011 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray was looking more relaxed than ever yesterday -- the same week a new lawsuit alleged close Michael Jackson confidante Dr. Arnold Klein might have gotten MJ hooked on drugs in 2009 ... Conrad took his baby mama and their young son to Disneyland.

Enjoy the ride.



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Or maybe the other way around...someone is paying big bucks to stupid Murray to keep his mouth shut and Murray is paying ugly Alvarez. Both of them look like they got slapped with the ugly stick right after birth.

1082 days ago


I see HOE-WELL is still here. Still hoe'in with Deb?

1082 days ago

Mary Sue    

Happiesy place on Earth? Whats that?

1082 days ago


Really? If you need a proofreader, give me a call. That or use this thing called "spell check" with which the new fangled computers come loaded.

1082 days ago


i'm beginning to think perez hilton wrote this headline.

1082 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray was looking more relaxed than ever yesterday

1082 days ago


Jury selection begins for Michael Jackson trial


(CNN) - Jury selection is gearing up for the September trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's former personal doctor who is facing charges in the singer's death.

The process for picking jurors for the manslaughter trial starts with a 30 page, 117 question do***ent, which lawyers from both sides came up with a few months ago.

Answers that prospective jurors give to these questions will be poured over by the attorneys and their jury consultants.

Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, who's made a career of picking juries dating back to the OJ Simpson murder trial, looked over a copy of the questionnaire.

"Holy Cow, I'm just looking at the medications," she said.

In a case like this, Dimitrius said there will be people who may lie to get picked.

"The sad reality is that people have a hidden agenda, whether they want to write a book or they want their fifteen minutes of fame," she said.

The questionnaire lists 136 potential witnesses including Jackson's parents, brothers and sisters and his three children.

It also asks if, and even why, and individual saw the film about Jackson's last performing days, "This is It."

The prosecution is planning to show a clip from the do***entary because they said it proves Jackson was in good health days before his death.

Potential jurors are also asked about their familiarity with a laundry list of 27 different prescription drugs, including propofol, the drug tied to his death.

"The juror who has a lot of personal experience and knowledge of the drugs and medications that are going to be talked about is going to be a better defense juror," Dimitrius said.

She said the defense also wants jurors who think Jackson was an oddball. She said prosecutors want the opposite - someone who's a Michael Jackson fan and believes the singer was manipulated during his life and wrongly accused of child molestation.

Ultimately, she said the best jurors are those who can stand up to pressure in the jury room.

"You want somebody who's strong who's not going to back down no matter what," she said.

It's likely that at least one question will be added about the Casey Anthony trial. Lawyers on both sides may want to know how much individuals followed the trial.

Murray's lawyers said they're concerned about the amount of publicity that Anthony received, suggesting that jurors might have to be sequestered to ensure Murray gets a fair trial.

Copyright 2011 CNN. All rights reserved.

1081 days ago


First of all - that chick he slept with - that is one ugly face she is making? And how old is she? He looks like her babies Grandpa!!!

Second, think how popular Charlie Manson would be right now if TMZ had been around when he got caught murdering people. I guess Charlie and 'the doctor' would be going to disneyworld together cause TMZ would certainly be implying that Charlie was innocent too and that would have helped a bunch of braind dead jurors let Charlie go free. Seems to be TMZ's plan for Murray.

Third: I honestly hope someone, somewhere puts a bullet in doctor murrays head. Not only is he a murderer but come on people, this man has filled his quota of illegitimite children already. Off with his head or balls or whatever!!!


1081 days ago

ydbf gdvgvf    

Is the janitorial staff providing copy editing on the weekends?

1081 days ago


holy ******eriously either send your staff to spelling lessons or FIRE the idiot who can't get it right

1081 days ago


Which one is the son?

1081 days ago

Barb. A.    

Hey TMZ, are you smarter than a fifth grader? Oh by your spelling I guess not. LOL

1081 days ago


Happiesy? How can you overlook that typo in a huge headline? Doesn't anyone proofread?

1081 days ago


baby mama ? dont blacks know how to get married ? it is a shame ! the only message that is being sent to his child is
: your mom is good enough for me to have sex with, but I dont love and respect her enough to marry her. i just shake my head !

1081 days ago
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