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Jesse Eisenberg

'30 Mins or Less' INFURIATES

Friends of REAL Bomb Victim

8/7/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Eisenberg
's new movie about a pizza delivery boy who's abducted, outfitted with a bomb, and forced to rob a bank ... is PISSING OFF friends of a man who was killed under VERY similar circumstances ... TMZ has learned.

The movie -- "30 Minutes or Less" -- is being promoted as a comedy flick. But back in 2003, nobody was laughing when 46-year-old pizza man Brian Wells DIED when a bomb strapped around his neck exploded after he tried to rob a bank.

Wells insisted he was abducted during a pizza delivery in Pennsylvania -- claiming the bombmaker locked an explosive device around his neck and ordered him to rob a bank.

Cops placed Wells in handcuffs ... but backed away from the guy when they realized the bomb was REAL. The bomb exploded while news cameras rolled ... and Wells was killed instantly.

Years later, federal prosecutors alleged Brian concocted the plan with several other people. One of the plotters insisted Brian was under the impression an actual bomb would NOT be used. 

TMZ spoke with one of Brian's closest friends who tells us he's outraged that Hollywood would mock Wells' death ... calling the movie "trash."

The friend tells us, "It's stupid the movie is even coming out ... producers can go jump in a lake for all I care!"
He adds, "Doesn't Brian have a right to die? They're blowing something up that should never have even happened in the first place and now they wanna make a joke out of it ... it's really tragic."

A rep for Columbia Pictures tells TMZ, "Neither the filmmakers nor the stars of '30 Minutes or Less' were aware of this crime prior to their involvement in the film."

The rep adds, "The writers were vaguely familiar with what had occurred and wrote an original screenplay that does not mirror the real-life tragedy. "


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I dont buy that the filmakers and actors didn't know this actually occurred. It was a pretty well covered story back when it happened and its the first thing I thought of when I heard this movie was coming out. The wikipedia page and IMDB page for the movie both reference the event. You can tell that the Rep couldn't even bring herself to deny that the writers knew about it as its such a weird even that obviously they based the movie on it.

1151 days ago


I was wondering when this would start to happen. CNN did a story about the Brian Wells yesterday and I thought it was a little odd they didn't mention the family's reaction to this movie. I think it's pretty ridiculous to make this movie and say that the filmmakers had no idea this actually happened in real life. I never watch the news and I knew about this when it happened...They're saying that no one on the entire crew ever mentioned having heard of this happening? I don't know if I buy that.

1151 days ago


BS they didnt know about this incident! I was like 16 when this happened (aka wrapped up in my own reality) and when I saw the preview for the movie I automatically thought of it!!!!

1151 days ago

Fat Mike    

That rep from Columbia Pictures is a lying POS. Of course they knew about this story. I've seen that footage of Brian's head being blown off and it's not something I would make a comedy about. I hope that rep from Columbia has a family member murdered one day, just so Chuck Lorre can turn into into a hilarious sitcom.

1151 days ago


I don't believe for one second they no one knew or were only "vaguely familiar" with the news story. You had to be living under a rock not to have heard of it. Just admit that the plot was based on the real story.

1151 days ago


As soon as I saw the promo for this movie I was disgusted. Its hard to say what the true story is about the pizza delivery man who got his head blown off...but that is nothing to joke about. Who would think that is funny? What a creepy idea for a comedy.

1151 days ago


Here's an idea. If you're offended by it don'*****ch it. Problem solved.

1151 days ago


Sorry the original guy was a bank robber who conspired to lie about an abduction, endangered others and robbed a bank, he died. He's NOT a victim.. well a victim of his own stupidity I guess. The family has no claims to this story what so ever.

1151 days ago


I will admit I never considered the movie being in poor taste until this was brought up and some of the commentors mentioned the suicide bombers and such. Good point. I don't think the film makers had that in mind though and chances are they did not deliberately set out to mock the poor guy that was murdered. The picture TMZ has up is really horrifying and in poor taste, imo. I had no interest in seeing the movie anyway but I hope the film makers reach out to the family of the guy and say something.

1151 days ago


Your friend has a right to die....but when someone does something that endangers other people, then itgets attention. We live in a society that deals with idiots by using humor. This movie will rock, and the guy that did this in real life isnt around to know either suck it up

1151 days ago


I call bu11**** on the actors and producers being unaware of the crime! It was only 8 years ago and it was national news. I remember thinking, wow, that's in really poor taste, when I saw the previews a few weeks ago. I guess anything to try and make a buck in Hollywood....

1151 days ago


I feel sorry for the man who got killed, but really movies are always being made from facts, or just fiction. You can't look at a movie and go OMG They are using my families death in it! It's total BS to do that.

1151 days ago


I see the connection but do not believe it is intentional.

Out of a crazy morbid curiosity I searched for this video.....

I found it rather quickly......

I watched it........

I regre*****ching it.....

I'll never get that horrible image out of my head and i'm not even easily bothered....

If you are curious, just leave it at that and move on, you don't need to see it..

1151 days ago


A. It looks like the original for the movie predates 2003. B. There are not one but TWO episodes of popular tv cop shows that feature a similar incident, both of those predate 2003, as well.
Come on, the guy was stupid enough to be part of a moronic plan to rob a bank and now his "friends" are going off about what a tragedy it is that this movie is out? What a joke! The guy deserves NO sympathy what so ever, doesn't matter if the bomb was supposed to be real or not. Sorry.

1151 days ago


Naaa- Pizza guy and a bomb. Absolutely no similarities there (insert eye roll). Screen writers these days couldn't come up with an original story if their own lives depended on it.

1151 days ago
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