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Jesse Eisenberg

'30 Mins or Less' INFURIATES

Friends of REAL Bomb Victim

8/7/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Eisenberg
's new movie about a pizza delivery boy who's abducted, outfitted with a bomb, and forced to rob a bank ... is PISSING OFF friends of a man who was killed under VERY similar circumstances ... TMZ has learned.

The movie -- "30 Minutes or Less" -- is being promoted as a comedy flick. But back in 2003, nobody was laughing when 46-year-old pizza man Brian Wells DIED when a bomb strapped around his neck exploded after he tried to rob a bank.

Wells insisted he was abducted during a pizza delivery in Pennsylvania -- claiming the bombmaker locked an explosive device around his neck and ordered him to rob a bank.

Cops placed Wells in handcuffs ... but backed away from the guy when they realized the bomb was REAL. The bomb exploded while news cameras rolled ... and Wells was killed instantly.

Years later, federal prosecutors alleged Brian concocted the plan with several other people. One of the plotters insisted Brian was under the impression an actual bomb would NOT be used. 

TMZ spoke with one of Brian's closest friends who tells us he's outraged that Hollywood would mock Wells' death ... calling the movie "trash."

The friend tells us, "It's stupid the movie is even coming out ... producers can go jump in a lake for all I care!"
He adds, "Doesn't Brian have a right to die? They're blowing something up that should never have even happened in the first place and now they wanna make a joke out of it ... it's really tragic."

A rep for Columbia Pictures tells TMZ, "Neither the filmmakers nor the stars of '30 Minutes or Less' were aware of this crime prior to their involvement in the film."

The rep adds, "The writers were vaguely familiar with what had occurred and wrote an original screenplay that does not mirror the real-life tragedy. "


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And the rep from Columbia Pictures is a LYING piece of doodoo.

When I first heard of this movie I was surprised that any movie studio would think this was a funny premise but hey if they want to throw money away thats fine with me.

The box office receipts will show whos right but there is no doubt that Columbia Pictures hires reps that LIE.

1140 days ago


"Neither the filmmakers nor the stars of '30 Minutes or Less' were aware of this crime prior to their involvement in the film." hahahahaahahahahaaa Are you Kidding me. What an obvious LIE. If you believe that then you will believe me when I say... The Sun doesn't give you a Tan. What a Dumb LIE.

1140 days ago


Wow some guy got a bomb strapped to his neck and died, so hollywood can't make a movie about people having bombs strapped to them, because it may offend this guys "best friend" LOL come on

1140 days ago


....Truth be told, no ones death is that big of a loss in the Grand Scheme of Things....Artfowar

1140 days ago


It's a movie people. They aren't making fun of anything. Everyone is so sensitive about everything these days. And sensitive about the wrong things. This douche who actually thought his "friends" wouldn't realy use a real bomb is the stupid guy. Yeah. He deserves to rest in peace he did it to himself. Were his friends ever arrested for killing him? They aren't real friends to begin with. Get over it people. Good grief.

1140 days ago


I remember watching this unfold and not then nor to this day do I believe Brian Wells set his own self up to die in that way.
It was and still is a tragic event and I can't think of any way someone could find humor in it.

1140 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

hilarious man, can't wait to see it.

boo hooo.... screw his friends, he deserved what he got, IDIOT.
I'd love to see real clip.

1140 days ago


I'm sure they got the idea from Brian Wells's story but I see nothing wrong with making this movie. People are in dramatic situations and die all the time in movies. Most of those situations could probably be shown to be similar to real life events. The only thing that makes this unusual is a collar bomb is fairly rare so the real world comparison is more obvious.

1140 days ago


It is ridiculous to suggest that no movies can be made if they are similar to a real life scenario.

1140 days ago


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1140 days ago


Law and Order did an episode with the same plot, no backlash then was there? Looks like these "friends" are exploiting his death, the way MJ's family exploited his

1140 days ago



1140 days ago

julia Gonzalez    

we take evrything so serious now...

1140 days ago


My heart goes out to Brian's family. I remember his story. It was so horrific. I cannot imagine what he and his family went thru. I do not recall any reports that he was involved in the scheme. I agree with those that say this movie is in poor taste. It sure seems to be...

1140 days ago


I have seen many movies and TV shows with this or a very similar plot back to the 1970s. Then it happens in real life. I think this is life imitating art, not the other way around.

1140 days ago
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