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8/7/2011 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was spotted entertaining Teresita Cajas, a 10-year-old formerly conjoined twin, at a birthday party for her and her sister Josie in Malibu yesterday.

Gibson has been a long-time supporter of Mending Kids International, the charity organization that arranged for the $1.5 million surgery back in 2002.


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Thanks little aussie I learn something new here every day.

1142 days ago

little aussie reader    

It seems so Firefly. In England gangs are rioting, burning buses, buildings and looting. It's nuts!

1142 days ago


Now that's funny kkg.

1142 days ago


It's shameful when people pretend to a righteous anger which allows them to loot and senselessly destroy anything they choose. Didn't it all start over a wrongful death in which the police were involved?


1142 days ago

little aussie reader    

I believe it did Kathleen. I don't understand that mentality of vandalism and theft either. What's wrong with people that they can justify that? Wrong, wrong, wrong!

This was just a quick fly by guys - gotta get back to that pesky job of mine ;o)

Firefly - if you find out what the choppers are doing will you let us know please?

Take care you two - see you next time :o)

1142 days ago


sounds like the stupid stuff that happens here from time to time. It makes no sense. It just differentiates the civil from the savage.

1142 days ago


See ya Little, I'll be turning in soon. Talk to you later.

1142 days ago


Bye, Aussie. As always, its a joy chatting with you.
Goodnight, Firefly. It's time for me to head to bed. It was fun chatting with you too. We don't get to do it too often.
And goodnight anyone else reading or lurking. Sleep well if it's night, play nice if it's day!


1142 days ago


I like all our avatars it's like looking at National Geographic pictures compared to other threads where everyone is a red person. No individuality.

1142 days ago


Good night Kathleen.

1142 days ago


Hiya guys, sorry I haven't been able to bring the TMZ page up until now for some reason lol!!

I noticed some were worrying about me in the UK with the rioting - thank you, I am safe, double hugs for caring lol!
A father was shot by the cops in Tottenham, London on Thursday of last week. Cops in the UK don't carry guns unless it's a special squad btw. A cop was shot and the story from the cops is he was shot before they shot and killed the victim. The cop is still recovering from his injuries. For some reason this ignited a protest (which started out peacefully) outside the Police station, then violent with cops in riot gear standing all around the police station to protect it as it was fire bombed by the mob. The mob then started turning over cop cars and torching them, they attacked shops and started looting them. The nest day the fire bombing increased and 27 cops were injured and 3 civilians as the mob continued to crash store windows and loot them! We hadn'*****ched the news today because of other things going on, then Sam asked me if I was o.k and I checked the news!
I could not believe it, it's like OMG, holy hell! The fire bombing and rioting has now spread across London, has started in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol as a reaction to this shooting!!! It is absolutely unbelievable! London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester have massive gun crime problems and I'm not surprised there's rioting there It's like a chain reaction, the peaceful protest's always get infiltrated by these thugs with an agenda of their own it seems and before you know it half the city is in flames! Mindless, so absolutely mindless and terrifying for all of those affected by it! I've got the latest news link from the UK here and will post it so you can see what's going on!

I am lucky that I am in none of the big cities involved, it's getting closer but I'm hoping they will get it under control soon. 225 arrests have already been made!
Here's the link:

Left a couple of little comments in the replies lol, sorry to have missed you all but will be back tomorrow lol!
Night guys, have a good one!


1142 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Hi Greenie! Thank you so much for checking in with an update and link. Glad to hear you are ok (so far!)

btw: Lil' Aussie deserves credit for she is the one that put it together between you and the riots. I hadn't been following, she had.

That mob mentality--the stupid with knee jerk reactions. Much like the haters on Mel--only a much worse degree. When WILL people learn to think and look for real facts before they go on their hate sprees?

Hope all remains ok for you and yours. Keep us informed? Big hugs!

btw: I saw on a local program that the debris from the Joplin cleanup is expected to surpass the World Trade Center debris. Poor Fud!! And how lucky she and hers were!

1141 days ago


Sam Yeah the mob mentality has gone absolutely insane. However, it seems it's no longer about the man killed Thursday, that protest has been hijacked by the mob and the rioting and looting spread VIA a FLASH message sent out over the Blackberry messaging network ! Some of the looters are trying to use the financial situation to excuse the looting but they've now got every cop back on duty for tonight's continued riots!
The fact a FLASH message was sent at all has to mean someone or some group is behind it all. Apparently Blackberry network messaging has no tracer on it, and despite calls to shut down the service for now it's still up and running so Blackberry customers are not all penalised! It wouldn't matter they would just change networks anyway! There has been a suggestion of closing down all networking sites to stop any messages getting sent out, so if I should disappear at all it may just be the networking links have been closed to UK users until this is finally under control! Here is the latest link for those interested:

It sounds as if poor Fuddy and her son were very, very lucky to escape - hope she's still doing ok.

Take care guys, see you later!

1141 days ago



Injured boy mugged during disturbances in London

OMG, I couldn't believe what I was watching. A young man who had been mugged was on the ground when a bunch of young men came over and what first looked like they were concerned about him turned into another looting of his back pack and pockets. While the guy was bleeding and in shock. I started crying because I could not believe that another human being would do this to another. These were animals and I will never get that vision out of my head of what they did. Excuse me, I feel sick, I guess it affected me more than I realized.

1141 days ago


I wish we could see more good thing in an actor's life.

1141 days ago
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