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8/7/2011 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was spotted entertaining Teresita Cajas, a 10-year-old formerly conjoined twin, at a birthday party for her and her sister Josie in Malibu yesterday.

Gibson has been a long-time supporter of Mending Kids International, the charity organization that arranged for the $1.5 million surgery back in 2002.


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Sam Hiya, hugs! Great picture of Mel playing the tongue poking, funny face competition with this little girl, doesn't she look precious?
To the haters - Mel has been involved with helping kids and others for many, many years, it's not a new p.r stunt! He just doesn't let it be known in advance so fifteen camera crews and every pap in sight can turn up to film him being the big giver! We only ever hear about his good deeds after the fact, sometimes not at all - is it his fault that because of OG's lies and media circus every picture of him now doing good is now news?! He also has the humility to be able to behave not like a mega star but like any other human being with a heart would do and actually get down and play with these kids! Unlike some of these celebs who pose for a picture and are then gone as soon as the pic is taken - the list of those is endless lol!!
You have to give the man credit for the help he has given to so very many people, all of whom are so very grateful that Mel helped them when no one else could - or should I say would! The Mending Kids International charity is actively seeking Mel's continued support and aide, if THEY in any way believed OG's claims d'you really think they would expose kids who are vulnerable to him - hm?!

1138 days ago


He will go to a birthday party for one, but God forbid one wants to marry his daughter.

1138 days ago


Brief fly-by to deliver a message -

" I loved the Hug O' Mail! I got the biggest kick out of reading the nice posts from some of the regulars. What a bright spot in my day to receive that. I'm sending a big hug to ALL of you! Please be sure and let everyone know how much I appreciate their kind words, thoughts, and prayers." From our Fuddy :)

She and son are doing all right. Place is still a devastation. Some weather experts from Texas figured the winds to have hit 450 mph. Town is currently baking in heat - yet the workers still toil to clear debris and fix what can be fixed.

Of****ain. Tohidu.

1138 days ago


Curious Hiya and Hugs!! I always seem to miss you these days lol! Thanks for the news about Fuddy and glad she enjoyed her hug-O-Gram, lovely name btw lol!!

1138 days ago

A Fletch    

Every moment we able to take a breath is a chance to turn it all around.

1138 days ago


I have done so much research today on this organization and I am so impressed. It is one that I am going to contribute to. What they do is amazing!!!

1138 days ago


wait I thought Mel was racist... what did he want to try to dbl his odds of coming up with a racist joke that is funny or something?

1138 days ago


Take a look at this link I found on the Team site with the full story lol! Not only was Mel there so was Robyn, 3 of their kids and 3 of their grandchildren! Mel also gave a speech that praised his wife Robyn for all of the hands on work she had done with Mending Children International lol!! Here's the link:,,20516316,00.html

1138 days ago

little aussie reader    

Here's the story again with some nice pics:

1138 days ago


Sam Lol, oh I love that!

1138 days ago

ydbf gdvgvf    

Good work Mel Gibson. Keep it up. You are one caring schutzstaffel.

1138 days ago


Wow Maya's still a complete moron, but a happy one! And poor pathetic Sam is still answering comments that were not addressed to her! And Mel is still a racist dog. Somehow comforting that nothing changes.

1138 days ago

little aussie reader    

Em and Sam - isn't that last pic lovely? It gives me the warm and fuzzies to know he's doing good in the world. Especially in children's worlds. :o)

1138 days ago


I happen to know for a fact Mel paid for the separation of those twins with his own money. He's done millions of dollars worth of charitable work that he wants to remain anonymous. Think what you will of him, but he's extremely generous.

1138 days ago


Great moment. Great photo. Great story.


1138 days ago
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