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Charlie Sheen

Ashton SAVED My Career!

8/8/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is extremely grateful that Ashton Kutcher replaced him on "Two and a Half Men" -- telling TMZ, if Ashton hadn't taken his old spot ... Charlie would never have been able to kick-start his career.

According to Charlie, his funeral on the show just adds some closure to the story -- telling us, “I have always been told that I have 9 lives, so it is going to be amazing to witness my own funeral which is clearly a win/win situation because Ashton has just given me a 10th."

As we previously reported, Charlie is making a huge comeback after "Men" -- announcing his brand new TV project based on "Anger Management."

But something tells us, Ashton won't be getting a "Thank You" letter in the mail.



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Tammi...that's very true. Sheen couldn't care less what he did to the cast and crew and the money it cost for his BS antics. Until Sheen got himself fired and the money came out of his pocket. Now it's a whole different story. The public rants began. Like it's their fault he finially got his butt fired.

Kutcher or anyone else was never a replacement just a new character, why is that so hard to understand. Weather the show works or not remains to be seen.

Forget the big boys. Just look what Sheen put his cast-mates and crew through. Do we or don't we still have a job, do we look elsewhere. He's trying to make it sound like he's such a great guy. No he's not because it's all about Charlie. Good news is they are back to work.

Sheen tends to forget or never acknowledged that without his cast-mates and the writing the show wouldn't have worked. He prooved that himself with the torpedo of truth tour which was a major bomb.

You publically pull the crap Sheen did, talent goes right out the window. Sheen poking fun at himself is old, overdone.

1174 days ago

some guy    

Brooke: "Charrllieee... you ever gonna get up?"

Charlie: "Shut up, Brooke, and help me clean out the rest of the folds in my fat."

(Brookes smokes more meth, begins cleaning Charlie)

1174 days ago


Charlie Sheen may have a drug issue and may be suffering from mental issues but hes far from washed up. His take from residuals will leave his pockets lined for years to come not to mention his tour while many said it was a failure he sold out many places on the tour . In my opinion the only fools where the idiots who bought the tickets in the first place ergo giving more money to Mr Sheen. I feel sorry for his kids both parents are messed up and i don't see why they aren't being handed over to the Sheen's and Charlie being forced to go to rehab for good.. I do think somewhere down the line he will either die or make that comeback. I don't think Ashton will make this show a success as many predict. I just cant take him as a serious actor and in comedies he does the same old thing. I wont be watching drug addict or not Sheen was a large part of the success of the show and i don't see it being on the air long

1174 days ago


Sleezy is sooooo stupid. He doesn't realize we're not laughing with him, we're laughing at him. Proof that dope doesn't do a body good.....

1174 days ago


Why does TMZ keep posting Charlie's ramblings like they are reality?

1174 days ago


Does Chuck Lorre have naked pics of the TMZ staff? Why eles does TMZ write pro-Lorre articles every other hour?

The New 2 1/2 men = primetime poison. Kutcher is a one trick pony, who peaked long ago. The show will be cancelled after this season.

1174 days ago


Yeah, I guess you gotta put some kind of spin on Ash replacing you Charlie - after all you DO look like the biggest a**hole in hollywood after what you have done to your own career. Jerk**f!!!! And NOBODY is going to watch your new show, (I cant believe anybody would put your rambling a** back on TV), because everybody is so OVER you and your juvenile lifestyle and antics. Just go away. Oh yeah, I hope your new show tanks in a couple weeks. ROCK ON ASH!!!!!!!

1174 days ago


Quote of the day "As we previously reported, Charlie is making a huge comeback after "Men" -- announcing his brand new TV project based on "Anger Management."

Hello, I think "announcing a brand new tv project" is a far cry from a huge comeback. Save these fluff articles for when he actually has a sitcom that is airing on a major network. Until then, it's just Charlie Spin.

1174 days ago


You people have so many negative comments to say about Charlie Sheen, but yet you're the one reading about him and he couldn't give a damn about you. Oh and he still has more money to you and will continue to make more than you, so what is the point of all the insults. Who really has the last laugh, not you....

1174 days ago

Winning! not    

You do know that TMZ is being sarcastic. Charlie Sheen, there is no need for you to always comment on 2.5 men. We get it. Show sucks, you are better without it, AK sucks, you are the best, you are winning, biwinning...... We are begging you to please move on with your career with that "HUGE COMEBACK."

1174 days ago


You can watch Charlie's reaction on this animated version of Charlie's funeral on the first Two and a Half Men episode with Ashton Kutcher:

1174 days ago


Strange connections this Kutcher has:

Kutcher: “I pledge to be a servant to our President…”

1174 days ago


Chuck, Chuckie, Chuckles, Chuckamenia, get yourself into a "facility" now. No, not the kind you see on VH1 with Dr. Drew and Bai Ling running around making goo-goo eyes at one another, go to a facility where you will spend the first day or seven in a new jacket that they will give you, and in a residence that is padded for your comfort.

1174 days ago


NOT BUYING IT, CHARLIE!! Besides, your career is still in "stall" mode--and few believe it will ever change. There has been no comeback.

1174 days ago


Is something happening to Ashton Kutcher? He went off on some political rant at the Teen Choice Awards. If Ashton goes on another public political rant, I don't think I'm going to like him very much anymore, especially since I don't agree with where Ashton is coming from.

Stick to your lines Ash, before you make yourself history before you even begin.

1174 days ago
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