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"Celebrity Rehab" Star

WEED Should Be Legal

8/8/2011 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One year after Eric Roberts completed a stint in "Celebrity Rehab" for weed "dependency," the actor is back on the pro-pot bandwagon ... releasing a new video in the hopes of legalizing the green stuff.

Back before he sought treatment last year, Eric's wife Eliza explained how the actor "quit drugs and alcohol in 1995" but still had an "interest in weed."

At the time, Eliza said, "He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription ... however, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn't want to be dependent on it anymore."

Now, in a new video for, Eric is making the argument that if booze is legal, weed should be too ... saying, "Alcohol has destroyed whole civilizations whereas pot has only made a few hippies happy."

He adds, "Pot remains illegal because no one has figured out how to make it profitable for the government yet ... it's political, not protective."

So we gotta ask ...


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You go Eric!!! Pot should absolutely be legalized!!! It would generate millions and millions of dollars into this broke-down economy our government has given us. It does NOT lead to harder drugs. It is MUCH better than alcohol for you and it will NOT change your personality or turn you into a thieving, lying, stealing addict. One day it will be legalized for all. I'm looking forward to it. I've been smoking since I was 16 years old and I'm 53 now.

1143 days ago

two cents    

He's absolutely right! How can the government tax it if people can grow it themselves? Enough.

Alcohol causes a lot of damage than weed ever could.

1143 days ago


Weed SHOULD be legal. The government needs the billions and the US needs to put those violent Mexican cartels out of business with legalized US-grown weed.

1143 days ago


Okay, if it's legalized then it will be okay for our children's teachers, bus drivers, daycare workers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. etc. etc. to be high while they are supposed to be taking care of our children. Then what about this little thing we call driving..................... We have had 11 people die since May in autos involving drugged drivers. In one instance it took out an entire family of four. All for what? The punk just wanted to get high. Yeah, legalize it in your town; my town has seen enough people die because of this crap.

1143 days ago


I know I'll catch hell for this but, back in the day,early 80's, my bestie and I shared an apt., we had a candy dish full all the time with rolled and ready, we didn't have a problem with it, however, my older brother, smoked all the time too, yet he doesn't remember graduating, or his first wedding, even to this day, until he looks at pictures, now, my daughter, she used to have the memory of an elephant, always on top of appointments for her kids, worked, and the past few years, has gotten heavily into smoking all the time, now, she can't remember sh*t! Has a no work ethic, and has a downright crappy attitude!! Recreational smoking is fine, but to make it your way of life? No!!! Thats the downfall of weed, don't let it run your life, you be in control. Smoke on!

1143 days ago


Hey Penny it would be treated like alcohol. People don't attend to kids or drive buses while drunk, while still holding full criminal accounting to people who try to drive or work under the influence.

Use some common sense.

1143 days ago


My biggest problem with legalizing pot is that the smell makes me sick to my stomach (I am not sure why this is since I grew up around it but it bothers me to the point that I throw up and feel ill). The smell would be everywhere... on clothes, pets, rugs, furniture, etc. If they can process it without the smell then I would be fine with it.

1143 days ago


Why not legalize it? I'm sick an tired of gun toting Mexicans up in our mountains around here in Fall. Too dangerous for us regular folk to go up there. Hopefully, if you take the illegal profitability out of it, there won't be so much of that.

1143 days ago

The Miz    

newsflash: if pot was legal everyone would walk around hi in broad daylight. unlike cigarettes and alcohol, you can get hi just from inhaling the smoke. Thus, a person's decision to smoke weed would inhibit the behaviors of the people around them involuntarily.

1143 days ago



1143 days ago


If we legalize pot, then what is next? Cocaine?

1143 days ago


God is great
Man is not,
Man made liquor
God made pot.

It's natural! Just think, there would be less crimes committed because everyone that wants it will have it and they will be like, "Hey Man, we need more munchies. Anyone want to go get some?" NO? OH well, pass the bong!" They will be to stoned to commit anything. LOL and the ones that just toke every once in a while are the ones who work all day to pay their taxes and they need something to relax but won't give them a hangover the next day. just weigh the good reasons to have it against the bad and there just isn't any bad. Ok, it cost too much! Not that I do it mind you:)

1143 days ago

Big Taters    

Puff, puff, pass bitches!

1143 days ago


I think it's time to legalize pot! The government can tax it like they do everything else. I think it would be good for the economy, no worst then cigarette's that cause cancer amoung many other issues. I know lots of normal people who have college degrees and careers that make good money & live in nice neighborhoods that smoke pot. They're not out robbing & killing people. They pay their bills, taxes,vote,pta meeting, kids sports activies ect... I have been to several funerals of friends & family that have died because they took to much of or combined another drug from their doctor perscribed meds!! Never new anyone that robbed,hurt, or died because they smoked a jay!!!! If the government takes over & legalizes pot no doubt rules will be the same as driveing while drunk or pain pilled up!

1143 days ago


Eric Roberts is a case in point for why marijuana should not be legalized. His addictions destroyed his career and all he can do now is advocate for other wake and bake stoners like himself. He thinks it helps him with his anger issues when all it's doing is destroying his lungs and brain cells.

Other countries are surpassing the US in education by leaps and bounds and people are talking about legalizing pot here? Legalization will allow more access to teens and adolescents who can't learn when they're high. It's a proven fact. Withdrawl can cause serious bouts of depression and anxiety. That's why Roberts can't seem to kick it, even though he knows it's had a negative impact on his life and career.

1143 days ago
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