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"Celebrity Rehab" Star

WEED Should Be Legal

8/8/2011 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One year after Eric Roberts completed a stint in "Celebrity Rehab" for weed "dependency," the actor is back on the pro-pot bandwagon ... releasing a new video in the hopes of legalizing the green stuff.

Back before he sought treatment last year, Eric's wife Eliza explained how the actor "quit drugs and alcohol in 1995" but still had an "interest in weed."

At the time, Eliza said, "He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription ... however, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn't want to be dependent on it anymore."

Now, in a new video for, Eric is making the argument that if booze is legal, weed should be too ... saying, "Alcohol has destroyed whole civilizations whereas pot has only made a few hippies happy."

He adds, "Pot remains illegal because no one has figured out how to make it profitable for the government yet ... it's political, not protective."

So we gotta ask ...


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I have never known anyone who uses pot to be mellow, most are belligerent useless idiots. I had a co-worker who smoked once in a while and would come to work stoned she was useless. I wish they would have given her a pee test and fired her on the spot. Another pothead a knew would get into fights because pot would make him belligerent. I smoked when I was in my late teens but I grew up and out of such stupid stuff. I don't need drugs or alcohol to deal with my problems or pain. I have the support of great family and friends to get me through the tough times. People need to toughen up and stop relying on a pill, drink or smoke to get through life. Deal with it!

1139 days ago


Okay, if it's legalized then it will be okay for our children's teachers, bus drivers, daycare workers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. etc. etc. to be high while they are supposed to be taking care of our children. Then what about this little thing we call driving..................... We have had 11 people die since May in autos involving drugged drivers. In one instance it took out an entire family of four. All for what? The punk just wanted to get high. Yeah, legalize it in your town; my town has seen enough people die because of this crap
how is making weed legal saying it's ok for bus drivers,teachers,doctors,nurses to use it on the job. There not saying it's ok for them to use on the job like alcohol but you know what im sure alot of those people with those jobs drink when not working. I know for a fact i've seen a couple of my old teachers wasted at the bar. I know I would rather have a pot head doctor doing surgery on me then a drunk doctor with shakey hands haha.How do you know weed was the sole factor in those 11 accidents and not texting while driving,drunk driving ,or on some other drug. Please post some articles where it says that in your town. I think thats kind of bs.

1139 days ago


Eric Roberts is a case in point for why marijuana should not be legalized. His addictions destroyed his career and all he can do now is advocate for other wake and bake stoners like himself. He thinks it helps him with his anger issues when all it's doing is destroying his lungs and brain cells.

Other countries are surpassing the US in education by leaps and bounds and people are talking about legalizing pot here? Legalization will allow more access to teens and adolescents who can't learn when they're high. It's a proven fact. Withdrawl can cause serious bouts of depression and anxiety. That's why Roberts can't seem to kick it, even though he knows it's had a negative impact on his life and career.
ummm his coke and alcohol addiction is what messed up his carrer.Since he stoped coke after he got arrested in ny he has pretty much stayed out of trouble while he kept smoking. Withdrawl from weed compared to alcohol is like walking in a nice park. People die all the time from alcohol withdrawal. How many have died from weed withdrawal? 90% of people will tell you they had none to very little withdrawal comming off weed. 99% of people that are alcoholics will tell you comming off alcohol was the worse thing they ever went through and they wanted to just die. How many people do you know where alcohol messed up there lives and how many people do you know where weed messed up there life.

1139 days ago


you the man Eric,keep on plugging for weed, thank you

1139 days ago


I read a report that the drug laws over the past forty years have been totally ineffective, has cost this nation 70 billion dollars in enforcement and incarceration, and lost untold billions in productivity since many of those convicted felons were unable to get employment upon their release. Most relied on social services which in turn made their kids dependent upon the tax payer.

Why can't the people rise up and simply DEMAND a change in the law - Because America is full of uninformed *******.

1139 days ago


The ONLY people that want pot legalized are POTHEADS.

1139 days ago


So says the pothead who has ZERO control of his life. He keeps himself doped up long enough to prevent his own suicide.

1139 days ago


So what's next - they legalize it and then have to start government programs to supply weed for all the pot heads like the talented Mr. Roberts who quit having any responsibility to toke it up 24/7. Weed Welfare!

1139 days ago


Wait - that website is cool. TellDC -Can anyone post a video to their congressman? can we ask anything? Do congressmen actually respond? do they monitor it? I guess not if they let this guy on it! ahaha! but it looks cool. 2012 election anyone?

1139 days ago

Jerky Shore    

Smoke it up, Eric. Legal or not. If you need it all the time, then retire, like "for reals" retire, and do it up for the rest of your days. If not, you might end up like woody. or martin sheen.

1139 days ago


I've been off of weed since 18 Jan 1988, and I don't miss it.

1139 days ago


My ex told me she could take-or-leave weed.

Would drive 100 miles to score a dime.

Was high, goofy and listless whenever she scored.

This is why she's my ex.

1139 days ago


What would be the ad campaign and slogan for legalizing this?

"Pot - It Makes You Nice." ?

Love Eric, he's a great actor, but hate pot.

1139 days ago


Will people stfu about pot being legal already. "Legalize it!!" is what I hear constantly. WHO CARES if it's legal or not? ANYONE can get some, EVERYONE knows someone who has access to marijuana and everyone who does pot does it now illegally. So would legalizing it change a damn thing? NO. Legal or not people STILL do it. So stfu and smoke your pot

1139 days ago


Cujeaux, I agree.

I find it rather hypocritical of Eric since he was on Celebrity Rehab solely for a POT addiction. He was dependent on it, it ruined hi family relationships and his career. So my guess is he fell off the mary jane wagon and is using again. He said on Celebrity Rehab that he smoked all day long and never did anything but live in his room smoking weed. Yet is now claiming it only "makes hippys happy". Really eric? Because you didn't seem to happy.

1139 days ago
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