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"Celebrity Rehab" Star

WEED Should Be Legal

8/8/2011 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One year after Eric Roberts completed a stint in "Celebrity Rehab" for weed "dependency," the actor is back on the pro-pot bandwagon ... releasing a new video in the hopes of legalizing the green stuff.

Back before he sought treatment last year, Eric's wife Eliza explained how the actor "quit drugs and alcohol in 1995" but still had an "interest in weed."

At the time, Eliza said, "He uses marijuana as a medication. He has a prescription ... however, a dependency is a dependency and he doesn't want to be dependent on it anymore."

Now, in a new video for, Eric is making the argument that if booze is legal, weed should be too ... saying, "Alcohol has destroyed whole civilizations whereas pot has only made a few hippies happy."

He adds, "Pot remains illegal because no one has figured out how to make it profitable for the government yet ... it's political, not protective."

So we gotta ask ...


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He is a perfect example of why weed should not be legal. I watched him on celebrity rehab, he is a mess and can't stop.

1118 days ago


Nobody can stop - you want it 24/7 from the moment you get up.

I was crawling around looking for some in my damn carpet.

I once had five bucks of it blow away in the wind -

And it devastated me.

1118 days ago


yerppi3: Eric is definitely back to his old ways after a short period of sobriety when he was meeting with Bob Forrest on a daily basis. He's definitely got daddy issues and turned out to be as unbearable as his father. Too bad b/c he was a good actor back in the day. He was a horrible influence on his stepson and his daughter wouldn't have been the success she is today following in that jackass's footsteps!

Jacksonfive201: I'm sorry but alcohol has no bearing on the argument to legalize pot. Just because there's something worse that's legally available it doesn't condone having another mind numbing drug in the marketplace. All we need is to have more doctors, pilots and oil tanker captions nodding off on the job! It will never happen, especially since ******gers prefer the drink.

1118 days ago


That's T and baggerz combined.

1118 days ago


He is a perfect example of why weed should not be legal. I watched him on celebrity rehab, he is a mess and can't stop.

1118 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Weed is bad for you. But so are cigarettes and alcohol. Either they all should be illegal or none of them should be. They are all highly addictive but there is one difference that no one can argue, Two make massive profits for the country. Can you guess which ones those are? Coincidence...

1118 days ago


If God texts me and says, Nof, you gotz 211 days to live - then, yeah -

I go out and I get me a brick.

1118 days ago


this ******* ******* went to rehab for weed!? get a ******* life. suck up that last 10 sec of fame you ******* loser.

1118 days ago

Shady's Lady    

OMG . Are we serious? Legalize it already!!!!!

1118 days ago


77% of you say YES, but do you support political canidates that want to end the war on drugs??? A war that has failed, cost taxpayers Billions, and imprisoned tens of thousand of non-violent offenders (often minorities and/or the poor) - ripping apart families. If you want real change support the Libertarian Party instead of being a pawn in the 2 party system.

1118 days ago


YES, everyone keep talking about money.This will be more money then anyone could think of cause everyone smokes weed an i have never heard of people doing anything bad when they are high. So WHAT'S THE PROBLEM......

1118 days ago


A great man once said...
"Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction."
From 2007 23,199 people died from Alcohol--While 0 died from cannabis/marijuana --- I think the great man was right

1118 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you know....for centuries, if not millenia, political/public/communal 'spokespersons' have periodically enforced 'legalization' of things that are harmful and even deadly when distributed upon the vast public, alcohol and tobacco included. using some romaticized bs about the 'all natural properties and health benefits' of some obviously addictive and serious illness causing drugs and narcotics is just some sociopathic loonie bullding. but then, those who will profit the most (i.e. make a golden palaced fortune) from this legalization, they and their children will be properly guarded and protected from the horrendous effects this drug will eventually have on society as a whole. guaranteed.

1117 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the guiding question for legalization, really should be: 'is it gonna kill my children?' and it is, for the most part. smoking weed is only a step away from smoking crack. but don't ask your doctor, he might disagree..................

1117 days ago

Johnny Choroni59    

MMJ is not truley legal anywhere in the U.S.A. according to the federal government! I hate this and can't stand the fact that I stuck my neck out on the line for 6 yrs. seving a country that treats the sick and old like crimials and ruin's their live's with jail or worse. I also have been through kemo and am still screwed up from it. People who think anyone can get MMJ for their ailments is ignorant of the whole situation! I put my faith in a man who I thought would change this wrongfullness like he promised when he was elected. Now he thinks it a joke! It's no joke when people have been beytrayed their live's threatened just because of political B.S. Yes we need the laws changed and MMJ, made legal it's the rite of the people.!!!!!!!!

1116 days ago
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