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Levi Johnston's Sis:


8/8/2011 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mercede Johnston Bristol Palin
Levi Johnston
's little sister HATES Bristol Palin ... calling her "evil" and a "sociopath" in a new Playboy interview. Oh, and she also gets naked.

19-year-old Mercede Johnston (above left) just WENT OFF about the entire Palin crew -- calling Sarah Palin a bad mom who's "never there for [her kids]" ... adding, "She doesn't make her kids go to school. She'd rather parade them around and put on a show, at book signings or conventions."

As for Bristol -- "Everything is about her, her, her. She has to have her own way. She'll be supersweet and then she turns into the most evil person I've ever known ... Honestly, she is the meanest person."

Mercede adds, "I didn't know someone could be so vindictive and evil ...[She's] a sociopath. She doesn't think anything she could do or does is wrong."

Mercede also claims Bristol and Levi PLANNED their pregnancy -- saying, "They were trying to conceive for months."

And for good measure ... Mercede explains why Sarah would have been a TERRIBLE president saying, "I think she'd have had a mental breakdown if she was elected [president] ... She can't even answer Katie Couric's questions."


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Can't we make these people shut up? Including Sarah Palin? Please make it stop. Thanks.

1180 days ago


Bristol learns the best from her Mother. Sarah Palin is evil and I guess she passed this along to her daughter. Noy that Levi is any better. They all want their 15 minutes of fame.

1180 days ago


If Mercede Johnston hadn't agreed to get naked for Playboy...would we even know who she is?...probably not!

1180 days ago


She also can see the Playboy mansion from her trailer.

1180 days ago


Good job speaking the truth, Mercede! Bristol is very deceptive. What you see is NOT what you get with her. She's got a nasty, cutting tongue and is as sincere as a three dollar bill. Maybe not a sociopath, but two-faced for sure.

1180 days ago


jxtr is right. Nobody cares about this hillbilly feud.

1180 days ago

Who Knew    

Wow Harvey, got an axe to grind here. Second time you used the trailer trashes lies to put up an anti Palin head line. Harvey, time to grow up a bit. Find your big boy pants and put them on.

1180 days ago


As much as this reeks of attention whoring and a desperate grab at fame and the easy life, I have no problem believing what this girl says about the Palins based on what I've seen of their behavior in the spotlight. Especially the "sociopath" part.

1180 days ago


Maybe tomorrow Mercede Johnston will explain to us why Barack Obama IS a terrible president and has absolutely no chance of getting better.


1180 days ago


I am not a big Sarah Palin fan. But I think these people should just shut up. It seems the only way they can generate any attention is to say something bad about one of the Palins. It is in thier own best interest to make up & exagerate anything that will generate a headline for them about the Palins. They have not accomplished one thing on thier own. They just jump on the anti Palin bandwagon to make money & get some noteriety. Pathetic. It makes them worse than the Palins. Great lesson here for young people is to be very very careful who you get involved with!!!

1180 days ago


So she posed for Playboy big deal. I don't doubt she's right for a minute. Sara Palin is a politician and did all she could to cover up Bristols pregnancy scandle during the McCain Palin run. Backfired. Palin quit being Governor because she makes more money doing the Hockey Mom dog and pony show.

Weather Levi was paid hush money to keep his mouth shut who knows. Bristol is no prize. She tried speaking about being a teenage unwed mother wanted to get paid for that the student body turned her down.

Pushing 4 years later Sara Palin still doesn't have a clue.

1180 days ago


...and this is news why???? So the sister of the guy who knocked up the daughter of Sarah Palin opinion matters why??? Can anyone say "capitalizing on the fame of someone else"? From everything I have seen this Levi is a douchebag and I am sure his sister follows right behind.

1180 days ago


Another bimbo getting naked and while having her few minutes of fame spouting off at the mouth. Maybe she should keep her mouth and legs closed....

1180 days ago


This coming from a woman who accepted cash to show her body ?

1180 days ago


Really TMZ! Its amazing to me that so many people give the Palins so much power to feel so threatened. Get over the Palin bashing!

1180 days ago
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