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Lindsay Lohan



8/8/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who believes Lindsay Lohan hired a hit man to kill her filed a request for a restraining order against LiLo in Minnesota last week ... but it was rightfully denied.

In the documents, Kathryn Marie Hinich claims she read an article on TMZ stating Lindsay was trying to kill her, but that it wasn't "just her [Lohan]" -- she says there is "some sort of conspiracy to kill me."

Most of the paperwork is handwritten and indecipherable.

It's easy to see why the words DENIED ORDER were stamped repeatedly on the document.


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the Seeker    

crazy @izzy U at it again?
Hey jizzy ready for the market collapse this week ??
zombieland coming to a town near YOU !!!

1143 days ago


Seriously though, I hope this woman gets some serious mental medical attention.

1143 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

My theory on the H8rs has been proven over the last two Lindsay stories! When they're not given something BAD about Lilo, they refuse to comment. But when it's bad, they won't shut up!

H8rs gotti H8!!!

1143 days ago

help this young woman    

When Linds wakes up tonight, there's gonna be hell to pay. I better go pick up a few cases of champagne glasses and a new mop. New lawsuit should be in the works, I guess.

1143 days ago


LMAO not sure how he managed to get my reply deleted but I told RW that he should just give up trying to insult me or the baby, it's not funny, witty, or even INSULTING. You fail miserably dude.

1143 days ago

john smith    

At least one of the haters has exposed their mental problems. This lady probably goes by the moniker 90291!!

1143 days ago


lol RW needs to stop acting like he's pulling an experiment when his antics fail. it doesn't cover your ass dude just makes you look even more like a retard.

1143 days ago



That goes along with what I wrote in my reply:
Ah... I knew Rogue would say that it was intentional.
Just like he did with the "rode" lizards, even though prior to his misspelling, he always spelled it properly:
• Rogue Warrior 14 days ago
Much Later road lizards.
Once he misspelled it, and someone called him on it, he said it was intentional, and now always misspells it.
So, Jeebus, your baby will now be forever known as Baby Satin. Has a nice ring to it!!!

1143 days ago

the Seeker    

'rode' hard and put away wet U lizards.
A good christian doesn't conjure demons by using their names. so having said that go blow a bowl tweakers...

1143 days ago


@ILG lol yeah I just saw that now.. baby Satin has a very nice ring to it!! lol I like it

@seeker, Not christian buffoon and not afraid of demons either.. so lets see, BELIAL, BEEZULBUB, LILLITH, MEPHISTOPHILES and any other you can think of...

1143 days ago


Awww I skurred the po little tink tink. Demons only have power when you give it to them you jack ass.

1143 days ago


crazy people tend to attract crazy people.

1143 days ago


This person clearly is not mentally sound. Why post this and put their name out there like this?

1143 days ago


Lindsay putting a hit on a woman, she may or may not know. yeah right. can someone say escape goat.

1143 days ago


i did say i called this story bogus and honestly felt kind of bad for lindsay but her supporters, yeah kind of made me lose all sympathy for her.

Oh I can name a few more for you scaredy cats : abbadon, Azazael, baphomet, and the list goes on. I hope you realize that most "demons" of christianity were actual Gods of other religions that Christians changed into demons in order to convert pagans. its a well known fact.

So get over yourselves please. I have no problems with Christians, I only have problems with idiots that like to shove it down others throats, call upon them themselves in an attempt to insult innocent children and then in turn get upset when someone else says the names. hypocrits.

1143 days ago
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