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Lindsay Lohan



8/8/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who believes Lindsay Lohan hired a hit man to kill her filed a request for a restraining order against LiLo in Minnesota last week ... but it was rightfully denied.

In the documents, Kathryn Marie Hinich claims she read an article on TMZ stating Lindsay was trying to kill her, but that it wasn't "just her [Lohan]" -- she says there is "some sort of conspiracy to kill me."

Most of the paperwork is handwritten and indecipherable.

It's easy to see why the words DENIED ORDER were stamped repeatedly on the document.


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Donata "Dina" (née Sullivan)Lohan

Donata, are you kidding me? Really? Dina's real name is Donata? It figures! As in she Donata thing to help her daughter when she was drinking, drugging, clubbing and....Oh wait! She is still doing that, and Mom does nata!

1142 days ago


wow, the comments are more entertaining than the actual story. Love the baby satin btw, totally into satin worship.

As for the actual story, that has nothing to do with LiLo besides having her name listed, obviously the woman who filed has metnal problems and that's a shame. Mental problems are not entertainment.

1142 days ago

the Seeker    

500 points and counting @Izzy/lucky is a douchebag but she knows a good economic collapse when he sees one.

so what will you Nimrod whorshipers do when your dollars are worth less than Iraqi Dinars?

1142 days ago



Welcome!!! You'll fit right in here... Satin Worship, gotta love it!!!

1142 days ago


@ILG seriously, hes bald and he's obsessed with Teeth. I think he would tell you he shaves his head, but you can see where the hair line is and lack thereof if you catch my meaning.

@seeker, if by samurai sword I hope you mean Katana. Please get your words right if you even try to be witty or sarcastic.

1142 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lindsay is all about, building a brand and so am I. That's why I've come up with a brand new screen name. It won't be revealed until it's registered at every conceivable website I might post at.

And THOSE do***ents, will be posted on squib in the next few days! Stay tuned, MORE will be revealed!

1142 days ago

help this young woman    

Ya know what? Even the remote idea of someone mentally unstable being associated with Linds is just not to be believed.... what's this world coming to? Hogwash.

1142 days ago


RW. Why is Linds no longer in Gotti now? It has nothing to do with her "brand" does it?

1142 days ago


Harvey was just spotted in Minnesota!

1142 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I really tried to read this restraining order again but I for the life of me cant read that writing. It just keeps goin. Never knew you could file a restraining order for someone taking your picture, I wonder why Lindsay never tried filing her restraining order against the paps as if we didnt already

1142 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

WHO called the FBI?? GOTTI get to the bottom of this!


1142 days ago


Lindsay sure attracts the weirdos. Must be a case of like attracting like.

1142 days ago


Congradulations Lohan Inc !!!!

You have managed to turn this comment strain into a mud-slinging, filth throwing party for all and distracted the comments away from you paycheck....are you happy ???

Course it still don't change the facts..does it....She is now a has been and will never be anything other then a media whore......

Disgusting...completely disgusting....

1142 days ago


Little Miss Strawberry Snortcake probably hired her meter reader to do the job after Kathryn blocked off her own driveway with a cone.

1142 days ago


One last thing........
Someone's religious beliefs, what ever gods they worship have absolutely no reason to be brought up on this comment board....we all have the right to worship whom we please in this counrty and I am dam sick and tried other people using religion as a whip in any argument that comes up on this board......It is None of your business , NONE at all ...You want to cry foul, will how do think we women feel when you drop down in the gutter with you male spank the meat comments or clam comments....We cry foul on you every one of you...Wash your mouth out and keep it clean...
Hell....she ain't worth this aggrivation anyway....

1142 days ago
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