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On Tape!

8/10/2011 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Batman is SUPPOSED to be a master of all things mechanical -- but last weekend in Toronto, some bat-impostor ruined the Dark Knight's good reputation ... when his replica Batmobile overheated on the side of the road.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, it wasn't the REAL Batman -- though the man's receding hairline bears a striking resemblance to Michael Keaton -- it was some Canadian superfan with a lot of time on his hands.

Where's Alfred when you need him?


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Holy BatS--t Robin!

1170 days ago


This Batman movie sounds like it's going to be an epic klunker. Do we really need another one? Is Val Kilmer going to play the Penguin this time?

1170 days ago


What a nice batmobile,but I prefer mobile games at

1170 days ago


Whats with the comment, "its some Canadian, with alot of time on his hands". If it happened in the U.S, could we say, "its some American; war monger, egotistical *******, with alot of time on his hands"?

1170 days ago


Cujeaux learn how to read you utter freaking fail human.
First off this "batmobile" is from the movies in the 90's not the current movies. Second, learn how to freaking read and maybe you'd realize they said its a replica someone made.
My god you're a fail.

1170 days ago


That's the replica that MTV gave it away back when the movie came out. It's just a fiberglass shell with no engine that as of last year when some TV show (I think Pawn Stars) tried to buy it still didn't have a motor. Apparently it has a motor now. It's had a million owners since it was made.

1170 days ago


@3storms It's not a replica that MTV gave away. This guy lives about an hour north of toronto and made it out of an old police car. Took him about 6 months once all the customized parts arrived to put it together.

1170 days ago


It must have been made by FORD.

1169 days ago


I live in the same town as this nutbar, and he really thinks he looks like batman.

1169 days ago

MJ FAN Loder is an A**Hole    

Go Glenn! Your an awesome boss and I don't think that your an imposter as they like to put it but a respectable fan. He actually built that car and the process is amazing! Glenn, You rule~ Marie

1169 days ago


lol too bad it wasnt broken down!! haha

1169 days ago


After seeing the video clip on TMZ, it would have been funny if it had been Michael Keaton being pulled over by that police officer seeing as the officer that was with him was an officer who rides a bike patrolling around Toronto (the only police officers who wear shorts are those who are on bike patrol)..

1169 days ago


JustADouche: I don't give a F* about the batmobile you nerd. If you knew how to read you would realize that I was referring to the MOVIE Sh*thead! I guess you can't expect much from an uneducated dork who's main source of reading material is comic books. Immature retards like you are the reason we all have to endure the glut of superhero movies at the theaters. You dream of the day when you can afford to see them at the theater and not wait for them to hit the dollar kiosk.

How do you know Tom Cruise isn't gay? Did he spurn your advances doughboy?

1169 days ago


LOL this is great. I own the car in question.... It was stopped during the Caribbean festival by the Toronto police. I told the officers, great cause it was so hot out we could get out of the car for a bit. Yes it was running hot but it was 38c out that night. The police actually stopped all traffic and requested we leave town due to the festival. Younge street was shut down with the number of people around the car. Nobody else has owned this car and we have driven about 5000km so far.

1169 days ago


The guy who built this lives in my town. I've seen it close up and it is breathtaking.

1165 days ago

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