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Charlie Sheen

'I Think Ashton's Gonna KILL IT'

8/9/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen says he's "just as curious as everyone else" to see the new Charlie Harper-less version of "Two and a Half Men" next month ... insisting, "I think Ashton's gonna kill it."

Sheen was in L.A. with his pal Chuck Zito yesterday ... and though he insisted he'll be "rooting hard" for the new version ... he quipped, "It'll be nice to know that they get some carryover ratings from people being sorta curious about what happened to their guy."

Sheen also pointed out that the new "Men" premieres during the same night he'll be the target on the "Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen" ... saying, "It's gonna be a big night for everybody."


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That whole exchange was to get his plug in for his Roast. He could care less about Kutcher...or anyone else for that matter, just himself.

1137 days ago

meire jane    

chalie harper is died. this new moment.

1137 days ago


Still can't understand why they picked Aston Kutcher, of all people.

1137 days ago

meire jane    

charlie harper is died. this is moment new.

1137 days ago


Is it me or is Charlie looking pretty physicaly bad lately.
maybe too many drugs? Just a thought

1137 days ago


Here's a funny animated version of Charlie Harper's funeral and Ashton Kutcher on the new Two and a Half Men" show:

1137 days ago

The Real Voice    

Give the guy some credit, he is looking about the sobberist (sp??) he has in a long time, a little skinny, but talking and acting more human then when he came crashing in to the media last year, I know most of you are to good to give credit wehre it is due, so I will ignore you, but I think he is doing a hell of alot better these days, no matter what you other clowns say. As for the show, I will watch, it is entertainment and it sure beats all that reality crap like big brothers and who wants to marry a hottie...

1137 days ago


Charlie Sheen needs to get his ego out of his ass. He got his own butt fired. Sheen didn't expect to be fired and when he was...Charlie Sheen goes on a public rant (without me there is no show crap). Months of publically badmouthing Lorre, CBS and WB for what Sheen did himself that got him fired. ETorpedo of truth

When Sheen started badmouthing Chuck Lorres kids and family, the gloves came off.

Had enough. Put out a public statment 'Why Charlie Sheen was 'fired' from Two and a Half Men' right down to his contract, dates times, production shutdown, cast and crew and so on.

Sheens torpedo of truth tour bombed. All of Sheens big mouth has backfired on him.

1137 days ago


Charlie wants this show to be successful like he wants a bullet shot to the head. He would just love the opportunity to rag the creator of the show and extend his "I am indispensable' tour. When he says he thinks Ashton is going to 'kill it' he means he's going to kill the show lol. Oh, that Charlie, what a witty guy. Oh, I mean witless.
For those of you crying poor poor Charlies, you wouldn't want him to work for you either, unless you have no balls. Charlie doesn't think there is anything wrong with himself, so he's unlikely to change. He's a grown man and no one can make him. So, he just have to live with the consequences. Who would let that ******** run over them, even for money. Lorre probably has all he needs. lol
I love Two and a half Men and will continue to watch the reruns. Yeah, Charlie made the show, but he had to go, so I'm not crying over that. You can't reward extremely bad and destructive behavior.

1137 days ago


Sweet compliment, or wishful thinking, Charlie? Methinks the latter.

1137 days ago


STFU Charlie....if anything you hope Ashton fails and you know it.

Everybody know what happen to "their guy". The fool lost a million dollar + a WEEK paycheck, plus but hundreds of others out of work, because he was too high from going on a drug and alcohol binges to remember his lines and do his job correctly. Then "their boy" wanted to talk shyte about his boss because his boss was trying to get him into rehab to save Charlie's sanity and his job.

So you need to keep your mouth shut crackhead and work on getting your new project on the air though I don't know who would want to take chance on you.

1137 days ago


Few can take the hit Charlie Sheen took five months back, and come out of it smelling like roses.

That's a special kind of strength few of us know -

I admire Charlie even more now - because I sense/can imagine how much that must have Hurt.

It's like they say in sports, "Great players make great plays."

1137 days ago


That's mighty white of sheen.

1137 days ago

John T.    

Most of the real actors have got wagers on how long before Demi tries to take over and be there sticking her plastic nose in. She hasn't had a offer to do any thing in years. Her toyboy was not forst choise even second or third, they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get some one to take the spot. The guys that had real talent turned it down because it was a big spot to fill and Charlie was the show. Bets are on that Toyboy will last 5 weeks and the ratings will be bad. The guy is a childish acting fool.His hair is another story.Maybe Demi doesn't give him enough allowance to get a hair cut.

1137 days ago


Funny how I hope everyone I see on TMZ dies tonight.

1137 days ago
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