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'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans


8/9/2011 5:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans is in trouble with the law ... again ... after the 19-year-old was arrested for violating her probation in North Carolina yesterday.

Officials have not released any further details on Evans' arrest.

Evans was sentenced to 12 months probation after pleading guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia back in April.

6:20 AM: Jenelle's lawyer tells TMZ ... Evans had a meeting with her parole officer yesterday and tested positive for marijuana and opiates.

We're told Evans was arrested and placed behind bars on $10,000 bond ... but she was eventually released.

She's due back in court on August 24.


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I feel bad for the kids of these girls.... They were born into crappy situations to begin with and now they are stuck with these no-good idiots for mothers. Great role models they're being for their kids.

MTV should be ashamed for even glamorizing having kids at 16 and being parents as a teenager (not that ALL teen parents are bad, but it's never an ideal situation.. and THESE teen parents ARE bad!)

TMZ should be ashamed for keeping their names in the papers.

1110 days ago


What a piece of crap she is..get your **** together for your it that difficult for people to stop acting foolish once they have kids. Her so should be her first priority, over drugs,guys, anything..So many people want kids and can't have them and then there are idiots like her who don't give two ****s if they see their kids or not!! EFfing idiot!!

1109 days ago


Thanks for keeping us up to date on yet another piece of human trash.

Meanwhile, rioters and looters run amok in the U.K. with the PM putting 16,000 police officers on the strees tonight and prepping the military.

Oh, I'm sorry...did I just bring some real life into your pathetic lives of wanting to know what some lipsynching wh0re is wearing? What some lame actors thoughts on taxes are? Or which rap "star" was busted last night for drugs?

Sorry...maybe you will all wake up when your homes are on fire.

1109 days ago


White tra***** it's finest. Well done MTV well done

I feel bad for her kid

1109 days ago


Poor Jayce...poor little boy.

1109 days ago


I wish people and parents would wake the hell up and see what your kids are following as peers and idols...and we wonder WHY the kids of today are the way they are...These Teen mom programs are doing nothing but promoting young girls to have babies because they thinks it is the long run the parents end up raising the babies or end up on welfare because the teen moms are too young to work...Society needs to WAKE UP!!! MORALS FOLKS...TEACH YOUR KIDS MORALS!!

1109 days ago


Her mother has custody of her child, because Jenelle Evans has signed it over, hasn't she? Nevertheless, it's a shame! If her child grows up, what kind of mother does it see? If Jenelle continues this way she probably won't see her child grow up or her child sees a mother way down the drains.

1109 days ago


Oh wow....a shining example of motherhood. Idiot. Her kid needs to be taken away and put in foster care. Better than growing up with aaddict who will spend most of her days in jail or rehab with a revolving door of men when she is free. Poor baby will probably live in a house full of screaming, physically abusive "adults" with no positive role model. I thank GOD for loving parents and the security of a happy healthy childhood free from the stresses of immature adults (babies) in charge of the well being of real babies. Someone save this child now, please?

1109 days ago


Star? Really tmz? That is fantastically funny.

She looks like mr magoo's granddaughter in the mug shot.

1109 days ago


So we can expect to see her on 'Celebrity Rehab' next season?

1109 days ago

She's baaaack    

Whoa baby. She looks like she's been taking hair styling lessons from those FLDS ladies. She's a teen mom? Damn, she looks more like she's menopausal, like in her 40s.

1109 days ago

The PMG    

Look at that mugshot hahaha. Looks like she's used to taking them by now.

1109 days ago



1109 days ago


What a LOOSER she is. She does not deserve to have a child. What a waste of space!!

1109 days ago


she looks like she'd be the perfect poster child for those METH billboards

1109 days ago
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