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The Monkees

Don't Blame US for

MAJOR Tour Screwup!

8/9/2011 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Monkees ain't too busy to put anybody down these days ... because they're coming out swinging against the people they blame for screwing up the rest of their concert tour.

Earlier today, the band announced they would be canceling the remaining 9 dates on their U.S. tour ... but they wouldn't explain why.

Now, TMZ has spoken with a rep for drummer/ lead vocalist Micky Dolenz -- who tells us, "Management had booked a number of dates with the venues without running them by the group first ... so we had to cancel the remaining dates."

The rep adds, "Micky is disappointed but his solo tour is still going strong for the rest of the year."

There are rumors that the tour was canceled because Micky had checked himself into rehab for a substance abuse problem -- but the rep tells us it's total BS ... saying, "It has nothing to do with any sort of substance abuse whatsoever."

We tried getting in contact with the main person responsible for booking the tour -- but we were advised by his company that the man "no longer works here anymore."



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hey hey we're the monkees..... minus one

1114 days ago


I'm very sad to hear about the Monkees tour cancellation. I'm 33 years old and have been a fan of the Monkees for 25 years, since I happened to see a rerun of the show on MTV. I was lucky enough to get to see them in Atlanta earlier this summer, and the show was absolutely amazing! They played for almost 3 hours, and did a wonderful job! I feel badly for the people who bought tickets and were looking forward to the shows that were cancelled.

1114 days ago


I saw the Monkees show in L.A. this summer..what a treat! What a shame that the rest of the tour has been cancelled.

1114 days ago


The Tour was actually doing very well and got great reviews from all including Rolling Stone.Now you know why Mike never gets involved to much BS. Davy is a tool

1114 days ago

jank brock    

What a crock of lying ****, overbooked a ******* Monkee's tour????? What a lame insult. People had tickets to the shows it was on all the sites what the hell? Act like the 60 yr old ***** you are and own up to what the real issues are the fans deserve it especially the ones you stiffed! You ignorant *****, Screen Gems absolutely picked the worst 4 kids they could for that project!!!!!!!

1114 days ago


I cannot believe all of these negative comments. The Monkees were and still are awesome! They put on an amazing and fun show and if you think they couldn't play their own instruments then you know absolutely NOTHING about the group. Kids today have no respect for the artists of the past.

1114 days ago


since with has Micky Dolenz been lead vocalist...
and shut up stupid kids the The Monkees are great

1114 days ago


It's obvious by reading these comments that there are alot of people posting comments that have no idea what they are talking about. The Monkees 45th Anniversary Tour was a huge success, selling out most of the dates. In fact, the first day tickets went on sale, they crashed the phone system in Atlanta. They put on a 2hr plus show. Performers half there age don't do that... and for the record... NO LIPSYNCING! They never did. They used ghost musicians, but it was ALWAYS their own voices. If you don't like The Monkees... fine, but don't TRY to be witty and come off foolish. You are probably better than that... or, maybe not.

1114 days ago

Rachel Strong    

Interesting comments. The straight scoop is that a St. Louis area show that was announced in August was the straw that broke these Monkees' backs. Within 24 hours of that announcement and just days before the first tickets were to be sold for the venue, the band cancelled the tour. They decided to do the Monkee walk before the rest of September was filled with more dates strewn about North America. Given the 2.5 hour show they do and the number of outdoor events, they probably made the right decision.

1113 days ago

Shauna Payne    

since the tour was unavoidably and sadly cancelled, would the Monkees like to come to our kick ass anniversary party in L.A. sat. Aug 20th... not to play, but enjoy...our parties are infamous in the L.A. area... We are a big group (100+ and counting) of 40,50 and 60- year olds who grew up with them. Paul Downing(of Stendall's fame) is a personal friend who will be attending as well as alot of other industry professionals. Be orginal and make this party one all of us will never forget!!

1111 days ago


It's a shame .. I really wanted to hear what they could do with "Auntie Grizelda" live.

1110 days ago

Steven Dunetz    

Micky looks dead to the world. Davy looks good! David stopped eating red meat. Their is no energy in the group ( one of them (Micky)looks like he don't want to work!) He is missing on some of the songs they are singing on stage! Does Micky think he is better then the rest of the group with a large ego! He has done this before, not want to play the drums. He wants to be in front of stage and sing only! I had problems with him when I met him at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas years ago. He is out of control with his ego!

1110 days ago

Bobby Viola    

Cancelling the tour is such a bummer!!!! I wanted to be Davey's cuddly toy!!

1108 days ago


To all the people dissing the Monkees, why don't you post who you go to see so everyone can make fun of you.

1108 days ago


your freakin majesty maybe you should get your head out of your royal bum....every singer today lip syncs to their music on talk shows ect.. do you really think they all stand up there and sign when half the time they have people backing them up on songs and when they are singing on lets say the today show or goodmorning america it's only them but yet you hear the back-up singers where are they in their pocket?

1103 days ago
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