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Tom Cruise

The Sneaky Katie Holmes

ASS GRAB ... On Tape!

8/10/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise really put the squeeze on his wife Katie Holmes last weekend in L.A. -- copping a SNEAKY feel of her ass at a Katy Perry concert -- and TMZ has obtained the hands-on footage.

Katie got the pat-down Sunday night at Nokia Theater -- and we're told, Tom's hand remained steadfast for most of KP's performance.

Side note: never invite Tom and Katie to your party ... we're told the couple's entrance delayed the concert a solid 15 minutes.

And watch closely -- standing next to the touchy-feely couple is none other than Katy Perry's hubby ... Russell Brand. What a handful.


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Kimberly Berger    

I would really like to know WHO is in charge of censoring and running the TMZ FB page??? Who can many who have been deleted and removed for simple questions that the ego-maniac paid bloggers for TMZ CAN'T intelligently answer voice a complaint! Thanks.

1171 days ago


Tom just creeps me out. Please. No more Tom movies. He was cool in the 80' he is just freeky and sad. Makes you notice he is also scrawny, short and has a really crooked nose. I'll take a roll in the hay with a real man over this douche any day, he aint got enough money to make me want to be a stepford wife.

1171 days ago



1171 days ago


that is probably only thing he is grabing, he wouldn,t do it other wise , he knew the camera was on him. guess he has to prove his sexulaity, doesn,t everyone know but that he is gay. he is as gay as liberace was. the kid isn,t even his , i guess he has to prove his manlyness. i wish he would come out of the closet, everyone knows , tom

1171 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

For Xenu's sake, can't a guy just check his old lady's Thetan level when he feels like it? Sheeesh...

1171 days ago


Riveting stuff. Absolute first rate reporting and VERY professional camera work. Get a life you a$****s. It's the guy's wife - how is it "sneaky"? Losers.

1171 days ago


No, Tom wasn't playing "grab ass" with Katie..It is obvious he has his finger tucked in her back pocket..

I have heard for year's that Tom Cruise is gay but as hard as people have tried to prove it..they don't get the job done..Hasn't he sued one or two persons that claim they did the deed with Tom and Tom won!!

Cujeau..I think your friend is BS-ing you about Cruise giving him the cold shoulder..Tom Cruise has spent his money on complete strangers..i.e. year's ago a young girl was injured on the streets and he saw she got to the hospital and paid her hospitial bill as she didn't have insurance.

I would be more apt to buy that Travolta is gay than Cruise..Travolta has this feminine sweetness about him..Who cares..They are good people, they do good for those who need help and I wish people would find something more productive to do with their time than to spread "rumors" about these two fine men..

1171 days ago


If you're saying all these things about him (being gay, etc) maybe it's coz you're jealous of his success. Because what's the point saying these things about him in the first place? No need to be such a hater (or whatever) of any celeb.

1171 days ago


And anyways, none of you have met him so none of you know him! I could say you are gay for pete's sake! Next time you grab ass or put your thumb in your love's jean pocket, well, ALERT! Your gay and maybe you just don't know it! You're unconsciously trying to make people think you're straight when you're not!

1171 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

we all know he loves the ass but not on a woman. she is just "workin' for her money"

1171 days ago


That was only because he knew the camera was on him. That was strictly for show, he could care less about a female ass.

1170 days ago

Jack Steen    

Teeny Tom with his dirty HairClub4Men weave-wig and his Chiclet teeth...he's as gay as cat**** on a wedding cake !

1167 days ago


Get a life, who cares in this day an age who is who isn't.

1167 days ago


Can you blame him? Katie Holmes is HOT as hell! I'd be all over her and be damn proud to have her by my side.

1166 days ago
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